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Energy Supplements > Bars

MRE Bar is an Energy Bar manufactured by Redcon1. It helps fuel your body by providing extra calories to increase muscle performance and endurance.

See all 9 products in:
Energy Supplements > Bars

  June 14, 2018

  • Amazing Taste
  • Cheaper Than A Meal
  • Very Filling
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value


    Protein bars have nearly become a mainstream source of snacking in 2018, branching out well beyond your local supplement store or that tiny little section collecting dust in your little one stop shop. To see companies such as Quest & Lenny and Larry's creating new and unique spins on their stable products exclusively for companies like 7-Eleven show them trying to widen their market wider than the local gyms "meathead" (as people in my town call people like us). Everybody wants the best tasting product though, willing to sacrifice some of the healthy benefits a good protein bar can deliver. So, while companies keep slapping cupcakes & brownies on their packaging to sell a product full of sugar and filler with a taste nothing like the packaging delivers, others take the time to craft the perfect on the go protein bar.

    In steps Redcon1.

    Redcon1's MRE Bar is a damn near perfect meal replacement bar. Packing 20g of protein from a wide array of whole food sources & making it taste great seems like a challenge, but one they took on and completed. This isn't a bar heavy enough to bloat you, make you feel uncomfortable in the gut or ramp up the desire to grab something that actually tastes good to make up for the blandness of what you just ate. Instead, MRE Bar leaves you feeling perfectly content with yourself and doesn't have you running for fast food while out running errands or wasting some of your pre-workout picking up snacks on your way to the gym. I always say there's something better but, have you seen this ingredient profile?!

    Ingredient Profile

    Beef Protein Isolate, Salmon Protein, and Chicken Protein kick off our "Protein Blend", being followed by Egg Albumin, Brown Rice Protein & Pea Protein. The average person might be thinking, "that's too much protein!". In your typical protein bar, the "Protein Blend" is made up of Milk Protein & Whey Protein Isolate, which is okay. There's nothing wrong with that, but every protein source in your MRE Bar is derived from real sources with different rates of absorption and digestion. Following up the protein blend is Gluten Free Rolled Oats, and a Carbohydrate Blend packed from sources like Dehydrated Yam, MCT Oil, Sweet Potato, Pea Starch, Blueberries, Goji Berries, and that's about half of them to name. The objective of these packed out blends is to assure the body is getting all the nutrients it possibly can, using different sources to create a complete, and whole product that doesn't short itself in nutrient delivery.

    Breaking down all of these ingredients, you're looking at 260 calories. That might seem like a lot from a bar, but considering how much is jammed in here and all of the sources, it's impressive. You're also looking at 9g of fat, 29g of carbs and 20g of protein, which when treated like a meal is a lot better than most of the things you're probably going to eat while on the run.


    While I was able to try all of the flavors available in the store, I ended up bringing a box of the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip home simply because it seemed the easiest for me to enjoy at any time. The flavor profile here is delicious, and it feels more like a layer baked treat than a protein bar. The bar would fall apart with every bite, making it insanely easy to eat down quickly without spending so much time chewing. I didn't deal with any of the bar sticking to my mouth or leaving any sort of strange aftertaste which was amazing considering exactly what's in the product.

    I was given a few samples of the Blueberry Cobbler to try in store, and the taste was incredible, there was no change in consistency or texture and the blueberry taste really tops the bar off well!


    For the sake of testing out the true ability of the bar, I used it as a pre-workout snack following an eight hour fast. I ate the bar during my drive over to the gym and started training nearly a half hour after finishing the bar. Surprisingly enough, I was hungry after my 90-minute session, but nowhere nears feeling the need to rush home and scarf down some food. I felt satisfied enough to make a few stops on the way home before that hungry feeling kicked in full effect but that's pretty impressive for a protein bar. I felt good energy from the carbohydrate sources & never felt like I was lugging around a meal's worth of food in my gut. Outside of the gym, the bar has come a perfect mid-workday snack when my lunch break seems to far away to even think about. It supplies me with the feeling of satisfaction and kicks my energy levels up a bit, the complete opposite effect of some other big name brand bars. I never once felt the need to eat anything else after the MRE Bar for quite a while, and it never left me craving something that tastes better.


    $34.99 will get you a box of twelve if you feel the need to keep these in bulk, but for an average price of $2.69 at your local supplement store, it's a damn good value for what is essentially a meal. Of course, you may not have the enjoyment of spending $8 at your local burger joint, but you'll help your wallet a bit and you'll feel much better about yourself once you realize how good these bars leave you feeling. Plus, if you're like me and sometimes can't leave your job for a lunch break, these are the perfect snack to keep in your locker or glove box for those errand emergency hunger strikes.


    At the end of the day, many people aren't going to be too confident about a protein bars ability to leave you feeling satisfied. People have found success in other brands, finding that it leaves them satisfied, but how many bars can claim to be packed with real food ingredients ready to leave you feeling as good as the ingredient label. It's an impressive entry in the on-the-go protein snack industry and one that may be the driving force for other brands to start including more whole food based ingredients in their products. While the idea behind the MRE Bar isn't new, it's stand out product for its amazing taste, texture, and how well it actually works. If the macros scare you a bit, try actually replacing a small meal with the MRE Bar and see how it leaves you feeling, it might just be the best new thing.
    • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip : 8/10
    • Blueberry Cobbler: 8/10

    COMMENTS (6)

    • Clipper83
      Rep: +4,298
      10 days ago

      I've found boxes of these for $25 around my area. Tastiest bar I've ever had

    • Wis3guy
      Rep: +2,676
      10 days ago

      Nice job, I will have to try these out.

    • FRIDGE
      Rep: +548
      10 days ago

      Nice review, hope to try these bars soon! On my wish list for sure

    • DaSlaya
      Rep: +2,266
      10 days ago

      I just got the peanut butter cup flavor and those are a treat. Yeah a lot more filling than you would think. Nice review

    • Reaper61
      Rep: +860
      9 days ago

      Good review, I am hoping to try them soon.

      BTW when was the last time you had a real MRE? Chilli-mac is pretty hard to beat lol

    • workoutguru
      Rep: +5,339
      9 days ago

      These look pretty good and have been wanting to try them. I may have to look into getting them if they don't show up on the trooper list.


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