Nutritional Performance Labs Test Surge Reviews

Test Surge Reviews
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About Test Surge

Test Surge is a natural testosterone booster made by Nutritional Performance Labs (NPL). It is formulated to provide “lean muscle gains” and “quality sleep”, while also improving “performance”.

This product features zinc (3.6mg), magnesium aspartate (55mg) and vitamin B6 (1.3mg) – a blend sometimes sold as ZMA®. Together, these ingredients are said to help boost stamina, increase muscle strength, aid recovery and improve sleep quality.

Test Surge also contains Tribulus terrestris (750mg) which has been used to raise testosterone and enhance the sex drive since the 1970s.

There are 100 capsules in each bottle, which translates to 25 servings. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, Test Surge should be taken 15-20 minutes before bed.