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    February 1, 2013
    Overall: 1 | Effectiveness: 1 | Value: 2


    Reviews: 7

    Age: 49

    February 1, 2013
     Hey Supplementors,

    I'm a father of three and husband of one :) and often need to find a cheap product to fill in the gaps of my budget. Six Star never seems to get a consistent reviews from this site or others, but it got pretty good reviews on the Walmart site, soooo I thought I would try it. As an overview, it was pretty rough to deal with.

    -----------------Taste N/A/10----------------

    Two small pills, not coated, but smooth edges per serving. There was no chalkiness, grit or after taste when taking them.

    ----------------Dose/timing 8/10-------------

    Dosing was easy, two in the morning and two before bed. Pretty much a no brainer. I have found that I get the best results from most of my supplements if I take them on an empty stomach and that's what I did with this product.

    -------------------Effectiveness 2/10--------

    I gave this product a 2 because it at least gave me one thing...hard nips. I wasn't going for that, but that's what I got. In fact, I had to be careful what shirts I was wearing or they would get irritated (gag). I've never experienced this with any other supplement. I also seemed to be retaining water as my midsection blew up, and my mood was a roller coaster. There was no morning wood, no alpha male feeling, no fullness of muscles, no leaning out, no good sleep and libido tanked. All the great things I've experienced with other testosterone boosters, I didn't get with this one. And in case you're wondering I took the full bottle which only lasts two if you do the math for a month's serving you're paying almost the same price as a container of D-Pol, now that's a no-brainer.

    ---------------------Content 8/10------------

    I'm cutting and pasting this from the Wally World site since this product is not worth my time typing this list...

    Supplement Facts


    45 MG
    386 MG
    2.7 MG
    100 MG
    -----------------Value 1/10------------------

    If you want to have headlights through your workout wear, buy this product...That's all I got to say about it.

    Here is the hard part...I would love to drop $50 on a bottle of T-blast or other such T-booster. I can't. I don't have the money. I would also love to do reviews on new products and how they effect older athletes, can't do that either. So I apologize for reviewing only nominally important products. However, the reasons why I do it is because I know there are others like me with little funds, great families and are older, always looking for that “next” great supplement to help them achieve pr's. I love this site and will continue to participate. Thanks for the encouragement, workout music and honest opinions from all of you.

      • Not Effective
      Reply #1:

      Joined: 2/2010
      Reviews: 3
      Reputation: +20
      a couple months back i stacked this with d-pol. I ran a 1 month cycle at 1bottle per week, 6 pills a day. 4 bottles total. I experienced crazy morning woods, strenght and vascularity, mood swings and alpha male..

      i though it was the effects of d-pol but right now im almost done with a two month cycle of dpol, battlefuel and clomadex and im not having the same good results..
      Maybe it worked for me because i dosed it high...

      Good honest review!

      Reply #2:

      Joined: 3/2010
      Reviews: 27
      Reputation: +768
      Thanks for the review
      moral of the story you get what you pay for.

      Reply #3:

      Joined: 5/2012
      Reviews: 7
      Reputation: +42
      Superbeasto, I'm glad it worked for you. I ran this alone with only creatine and whey powder. Maybe it needs to be stacked. Chefneilde, I have noticed exactly what you're saying. However, I've often wondered with the incredible sales some sites have on supps, what the markup is on some of the stuff we buy. It does make me hesitate before spending the big bucks...even when I get some extra cash...

      November 10, 2012
      Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 10


      Reviews: 1

      Age: 31

      November 10, 2012
       easy to take, take 4 in the morning to get full effects. After one week i felt great, i hadnt been taking anything except protein, so when i took it i gained 2 lbs in the first week alone... and i jump on the scale all the time, so i know! Really liked this product and keep seeing great results.

      i posted this because i havent seen any good reviews about it.
      • Increased Energy
      • Builds Muscle
      • Good Value
        Reply #1:

        Joined: 10/2010
        Reviews: 17
        Reputation: +627
        Still arent any good reviews about it

        Reply #2:

        Joined: 7/2012
        Reviews: 15
        Reputation: +316
        @bnichols25 Ha! Got 'em!

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