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  1. Eagle80

    Worth a try if you’ve never tried a testosterone booster before.
    I found out about because I wanted to find out what products to take. I do not want to read the product and see all the fantastic things about the product, I want to see the honest pros and cons for the products I’m wanting to take. I wanted to write this review because I want to post an honest, non biased answer for if you should take this product or not. A little about me, i’m 28, 6 foot 2, anywhere between 220 and 230 depending on what I have eaten that day. My goal is to bulk during the winter months and cut during the summer months to try and get the best body possible. My workout weeks usually consist of 5 to 6 days with between 1 to 2 hours in the gym. I take my workouts very seriously. I have tried a lot of products and I will be reviewing all of them with the most honest answer possible. I will try to make my reviews detailed but short because I know everybody is looking for a quick answer.
    It’s pills so there’s not much taste involved but you do have to take 10 pills at a time. For some people it may be a little too much, which is understandable, but after a while it just turns into a regular habit.
    From the first day of taking it and not skipping any days and not changing anything such as workouts or diets all the way until the last day, I honestly gained almost 10 pounds in one cycle. I couldn’t tell if my strength had changed that much but my body did look bigger after taking one cycle.
    Compared to other testosterone boosters, the value of Stak is cheaper than most of the big name brand boosters and lasts right at a month.
    —-Side Effects—-
    I didn’t notice any side effects while taking this product. Once I cycled off of Stak I didn’t notice any decreases in strength or appearance.
    This was the first testosterone booster I ever tried and overall I was satisfied with it. I would recommend it to anybody thinking about trying one. If you stick to the plan and take it as prescribed, after the cycle you will have gained weight; it is up to you to see if it is fat or muscle. I give it a 7 out of 10.

  2. YoungGorilla

    It won’t put pounds on your bench; it puts pounds on your plate!

    I took Animal Stak as directed, for the entire 21 days and there were a few surprises. Some good and some, not that great! The product instructs to take one pack of pills per day either before training or before bed. It is recommended to be taken with Pak, which I did. The big question everyone has is will it really increase testosterone? My answer is maybe! It’s hard to tell without blood work. I’ve seen mixed results from others taking this product. Will it increase test enough to make you much stronger? Probably not. I squatted 475 in single ply suit on this product, which was a good PR. I pulled raw 535 on it as well. These numbers are improvement but they are numbers I expected to hit without the supplement. In fact, toward the end of the 21 day cycle I started feeling very lethargic and low sex drive! My testicles never atrophied on this product but they got very sore upon stopping the product. I figure it’s because the testicles need to work harder to return to their original state. I didn’t experience a drop off in strength after the cycle. But why do I recommend it? I received a few positive results from taking this product. It increased muscle size and tone, probably more effectively than a lot of pump products I’ve taken. It increased overall appetite, which is very good. It does increase sex drive, for the beginning of the cycle. Here’s the catch. I don’t take it as instructed anymore. I take it after training, only on training days. It works for me like a charm. I don’t see any reason to take it right before training, in light of the effects I’ve listed. After training you’ll want increased appetite, increased sex drive, lower cortisol, higher test, (you’ll want better blood flow training as well but that can be accomplished with other products). If it increased test enough to make an impact on strength then I would take it before training, but it doesn’t. It improves recovery which in turn improves strength! The product is $32 dollars on All Star Health. I think it’s worth the price if a) it works better for you or b) you take it just on training days to assist recovery. I don’t plan on taking this product long term so I’m not worried about it impacting my budget too much. But if I didn’t have other things I want to try then I would feel good about adding it to my regular supplement stack. (that’s creatine, fish oil, pak) In conclusion, it doesn’t directly impact your training to make you stronger but it isn’t useless! Use it to aid your recovery. Now go eat something!!!

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