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Genius Joy Reviews

By: The Genius Brand

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Genius Joy is a Nootropic manufactured by The Genius Brand. It is natural supplement that supports increased mental focus and concentration.

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  June 29, 2018

  • Increased Mood
  • Better Overall Wellbeing
  • Less Anxiety
  • Calm State Of Mind
  • Increased Energy
  • Not Enough Servings
  • Too Expensive


Whats up SR community! Let me start off by saying that I just turned 30. I'm married. I have two children (one is 2 years and the other is 7 months). To say I have some stress in my life is an understatement. But that isn't even the tip of the iceberg. For years I have been on prescription medication for anxiety. Now, I'm not talking take one every day prescription, more so a "take one as needed." I also have a prescription for Lexapro which I have not yet taken because I'm too worried about the sides (Try to figure out that conundrum - having anxiety about taking an anxiety med). Regardless, I started doing some research and came across Genius Joy. Before that, I had never heard of the product or the company. On Amazon it had a bunch of good reviews, so I figured, "what the hell, why not." The Genius Brand markets this as a "Mutli-benefit life hack supplement." Although I'm not completely sure what that means, I will say that it hacked out some anxiety from my life.

Ingredient Profile

The Genus Brand has very straightforward ingredient listing with no prop blends which is an added bonus. Everything is fully disclosed.

Start with a whole complex of B Vitamins
Vitamin B1 - 1.5mg
Vitamin B2 - 1.7mg
Vitamin B3 - 20mg
Vitamin B5 - 10mg
Vitamin B6 - 2mg
Vitamin B12 - 6 mcg

Vitamin D3 - 1000IU

SAMe - 1000mg - Found naturally in the body. The body basically uses SAM-e to regulate key functions in living cells. Evidence on oral SAM-e has been inconclusive but studies suggest it can help with a number of different things ranging from depression and anxiety to osteoporosis.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine - 350mg - An acetylated form of L-Tyrosine (Which helps with absorption). L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid. NALT is needed for the production of Dopamine. Dopamine is often associated with feelings of joy.

Rhodiola rosea (as Rhodiola5Plus) - 300mg - An adaptogen that helps the body deal with physical, mental, and emotional stressors. Helps the body relieve stress by regulating the body's stress-response system. Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to release chemicals such as serotonin.

Red Panax ginseng powder - 250mg - Taken by mouth to improve thinking, concentration, and memory. Sometimes labeled as an adaptogen (see above) when used to cope with stress.

Griffonia simplicifolia (as HTPurity) - 100mg - The largest source of 5-HTP. 5-HTP is an important building block for the body to form serotonin. It is a naturally occurring amino acid and chemical precursor. In this instance, it is a metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of serotonin. It is used as an anti-depressant, appetite suppressant, and sleep aid.

NeuroFactor Coffea arabica extract - 100mg - Very commonly used for energy.

L-Theanine (as TheaKalm) - 100mg - L-Theanine helps to moderate the negative effects of caffeine. It is also used to improve mood. There are many other benefits as well, but we'll stick with mood for this supplement.


Taste and Mixability - Absolutely none. These are capsules. Very easy to swallow. I was able to down 3 in one drink. No after tastes. No chemical burps. No pills suck in throat.

Dosing - Per the label, take one pill upon waking on an empty stomach and monitor tolerance. If tolerated, take a second pill in the afternoon on an empty stomach. This is the suggested use for the first 3 days. After three days, continue at the optimal dosing of 2 pills in the morning (on an empty stomach) and two pills in the afternoon (again on an empty stomach). These are delayed release pills which should provide a prolongated benefit. I myself tried experimenting with doses. Many times I would forget the second dose, yet I didn't feel "down" simply because of the underdosing. I was, however, extremely consistent with the morning dosing. Every morning - wake up - take pills - go on with the day. On my second bottle I decided to switch it up a bit and take 3 pills in the morning and no second dose. This still worked fine for me. I never really noticed any type of leveling off effect where if I didn't take 3 pills I would be anxiety-ridden. I felt good - whether it was 2 pills one day, 3 pills, or the full dose. But I rarely (maybe once) missed a day.


Brothers and sisters, this either works or I am in massive placebo mode. I've bought this product twice now if that tells you anything. As stated in the intro, I was taking some prescriptions sporadically for anxiety and I will say that while I was on this supplement I only had to take that prescription maybe once or twice which I felt was pretty darn good. I did make sure to take this every day, whether it be 2 pills or the complete dose of 4. I never felt "down" when I was taking this. And it didn't really matter if I took 2 caps or 4, I still felt pretty good either way. No this didn't give me laser focus or anything that a powerful nootropic might provide, but I did feel calm and less irritable. I still had some stress and day to day anxiety but it was much much less then when I wasn't taking the supplement. I was actually extremely impressed. Again, maybe its because of some odd placebo effect, but I would highly doubt it as these past few weeks I've been in a much better mood. Now I just hope I don't become a grinch without it.


Amazon has Genius Joy listed at $59.99. Yes, a VERY hefty price. Especially with only 100 total capsules at the full dose of 4 a day. You're looking at a little less than a month per bottle and a whopping $2.40 a day. To be honest, a bit ridiculous if you ask me. I did, however, stretch it out the best I could and made sure that a bottle would last me at least a month. This last bottle I did 3 caps per day which bought me about an extra week. Granted, not everyone has 60 bones to throw down every month for a "happy pill." Again, I would say that this is definitely their biggest pitfall. If they could get the price down to about $40, it would still be expensive, but slightly more manageable.

Side Effects

I experienced a minor headache the very first day I took it. I can't really attribute that to this product but never had a headache again with any further dose.


Stress is a normal part of life and there are, without a doubt, many times where stress can build up. Stress was a big source of my anxiety, and I'm happy to say that Genius Joy helped me to manage some of that stress and anxiety. I just ran out and I am seriously considering buying again, but that price point makes my wallet shiver. I would say that if you have the extra money sitting around, it would definitely be worth it...but $60 can buy a lot of groceries which might be able to keep you just as happy.
Until next time!


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