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Testosterone Booster Reviews

By: Six Star

Testosterone Booster is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Six Star. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.
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  August 15, 2017

  • None Found
  • Not Effective
Like the review title says, I'm 39 and I'm starting to feel myself going down instead of up. Everyone keeps telling me that I need a testosterone boost or shot. The shots were too expensive so I decided to try the pills. The cover of the tub states that it will boost testosterone as soon as 7 days! The question I have is, would this testosterone pill help me?

Ingredient Profile
The first section the Anticatabolic Complex which consists of Rhodiola Extract at 386 mg and Ginkgo Extract at 2.7 mg. Rhodiola is a perennial flowering plant. It grows naturally in wild Arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. Rhodiola a traditional Chinese medicine herb which is to promote physical/cognitive vitality. It claims to cut fatigue and exhaustion. Rhodiola is also neuroprotective (which affects the nerves) and has been known to help longevity. Ginkgo is a large tree with fan-shaped leaves. Ginkgo is found in Asia and grown in Europe and the United States. Ginko is one of the most used herbs because of it for memory disorders including Alzheimer's disease. Used for conditions that seem to cut blood flow in the brain, especially in older people. These conditions include memory loss, headache, ringing in the ears, vertigo, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, mood disturbances, and hearing disorders. Some people use it for other problems related to poor blood flow in the body, including leg pain when walking and Raynaud's syndrome (a painful response to cold, especially in the fingers and toes).

The second section is the Free (Active) Testosterone Stimulator which consists of Boron Citrate at 100 mg and Supplying 5mg Of Active Boron. Boron is a dietary mineral which is to increase testosterone when supplemented at doses higher than from food. Boron is found less in the food we consume due to the farmers growing different products that fail to use Boron. After a 10 day test done on subjects that were taking Boron, the scientists compared their subjects blood results to other subjects that were not taking Boron and found out that: free testosterone levels had increased by 28%, free estrogen levels had decreased by -39%, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels rose by 10%.

Other than ginkgo, I question the ingredients. As most testosterone or boosters supplements, they usually contain questionable products from Asia. Little to no evidence to prove that these Asian herbs will produce what they claim to. As far as the ginkgo, it seems a good supplement and is easily found in pill form. I am not sure that the ginkgo is going to help with testosterone.

There's good amount of scientific evidence speaking for the health benefits of boron. The ability to increase testosterone levels in healthy human men. That is, why people recommend taking a boron testosterone supplement. A dose range that can increase testosterone levels (without becoming toxic) falls in between 3-25 mg/day. The question here is that this testosterone booster is at 100mg so, is this product becoming toxic? The boron only pills I found online are in the 3-25 mg. Boron is a good product but other options available that can help boost testosterone.

No taste as because of a pill. Instructions say to take 4 pills a day (2 in the morning and 2 at night). The tubs come with 30 servings (a serving was 2 pills) so it would last 15 days.

This is the problem part. At no time did I feel that the testosterone booster helped. I know that it takes a while for testosterone to change and despite what the logo says on the tub (as quick as 7 days to feel the boost) I tried it for a while. I was actively taking it as prescribed and I tried it for 2 months. After 2 months of taking it, I decided to stop because nothing was working. I have tried some different testosterone boosters since trying this one and most of them have at least given me a boost (not for sure if that was due to the caffeine in it or not). The only thing for me to try to help is trying the shot. I would not recommend this to have effectiveness.

The cost was $10 per tub and one tub would get you 15 days so you would spend $20 for a month supply. Testosterone pills or shots can get high (some I have found start at $100 for a month supply or shot). So, for the cost, cheap but if ineffective, a waste of money.

Side Effects
No side effects noticed.

I have recently had blood work done and the testosterone level is in the middle range of having enough and getting lower. I do feel that I need to have a boost in testosterone to keep my goals. Multiple micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that give to testosterone synthesis, such as vitamins A, C, D, K2, zinc, magnesium, iodine, calcium, etcThese items are not found in the Six Star Testosterone Booster. The Six Star Testosterone Booster only has 1 ingredient (Boron) that seems to help with Testosterone Boost. The problem with the Boron in Six Star Testosterone is that is at such a high level, hurting more than helping. Boron is a proven product to help with testosterone increase, but a lot more options to help. The research I have seen a list of 5-10 ingredients that can help with testosterone boost but Six Star Testorenoe Boost only has one. A person can have a testosterone boost without "feeling" the boost. I would not recommend Six Star Testorenoe boost because I did not feel that it helping, especially with feeling younger, more energy, and sex drive. Find a testosterone boost that has more nutrients and more testosterone ingredients.

  February 1, 2013

    • Not Effective
    Hey Supplementors,

    I'm a father of three and husband of one :) and often need to find a cheap product to fill in the gaps of my budget. Six Star never seems to get a consistent reviews from this site or others, but it got pretty good reviews on the Walmart site, soooo I thought I would try it. As an overview, it was pretty rough to deal with.


    Taste N/A/10


    Two small pills, not coated, but smooth edges per serving. There was no chalkiness, grit or after taste when taking them.


    Dose/timing 8/10


    Dosing was easy, two in the morning and two before bed. Pretty much a no brainer. I have found that I get the best results from most of my supplements if I take them on an empty stomach and that's what I did with this product.


    Effectiveness 2/10


    I gave this product a 2 because it at least gave me one thing...hard nips. I wasn't going for that, but that's what I got. In fact, I had to be careful what shirts I was wearing or they would get irritated (gag). I've never experienced this with any other supplement. I also seemed to be retaining water as my midsection blew up, and my mood was a roller coaster. There was no morning wood, no alpha male feeling, no fullness of muscles, no leaning out, no good sleep and libido tanked. All the great things I've experienced with other testosterone boosters, I didn't get with this one. And in case you're wondering I took the full bottle which only lasts two if you do the math for a month's serving you're paying almost the same price as a container of D-Pol, now that's a no-brainer.


    Content 8/10


    I'm cutting and pasting this from the Wally World site since this product is not worth my time typing this list...

    Supplement Facts


    45 MG
    386 MG
    2.7 MG
    100 MG

    Value 1/10


    If you want to have headlights through your workout wear, buy this product...That's all I got to say about it.

    Here is the hard part...I would love to drop $50 on a bottle of T-blast or other such T-booster. I can't. I don't have the money. I would also love to do reviews on new products and how they effect older athletes, can't do that either. So I apologize for reviewing only nominally important products. However, the reasons why I do it is because I know there are others like me with little funds, great families and are older, always looking for that "next" great supplement to help them achieve pr's. I love this site and will continue to participate. Thanks for the encouragement, workout music and honest opinions from all of you.

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