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Weight loss pills are becoming more and more popular in the modern day, and with an obesity epidemic it’s no wonder. Unfortunately this increase of demand means an increase in supply, with many companies relying on the publics ignorance in this complicated field in order to sell off their coveted snake oil.

PhenElite is an unfortunate example of this, and this is evident immediately via the label proclaiming “Extreme weight loss and appetite suppression aid”, which is not only the most 90’s marketing we’ve seen in a while, but is also completely and unquestionably false. In fact, this extreme weight loss and appetite suppression aid has manage to earn this self proclaimed title despite not containing any appetite suppressants other than caffeine, of which the appetite suppression effects is a rather minor supplementary effect. To put it simply, no-one includes caffeine as an appetite suppressant, and more commonly include stronger appetite suppressants such as Glucomannan alongside it.

Read on if you want to see us break down each and every individual ingredient, but for those of you looking for a simple and quick answer: We do not recommend this product.

Instead we would urge you to check out the vastly superior Hourglass Fit, which instead of simply being marketed as a weight loss pill designed for women, it’s actually designed to work with women’s bodies from the ground up. How they’ve done this is they’ve looked at the differences in what methods work best/ what challenges women and men face individually, and focused on providing a product to both maximise weight loss and minimise difficulties. The most obvious example of this would be appetite, as it’s an area women suffer more than men due to more extreme hormonal fluctuations during hunger. To combat this, Hourglass fit have paired Glucomannan, the most potent appetite suppressant, with 5HTP, a mood stabiliser, providing an extremely effective way of getting food cravings under control.

Pair this with ingredients such as cayenne pepper to boost metabolism and green tea extract to boost lipid metabolism and you have an extremely potent formula for weight loss. Click the link below to check it out for yourself, as we’ve barely scratched the surface as to what makes Hourglass Fit such an effective choice for your weight loss needs.

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Proprietary Blends

One thing we need to touch on before getting into the thick of it is proprietary blends. They’re most typically common among the cheaper brands, though you do still see them with some of the more premium weight loss pills. The most surface level explanation is that it’s essentially the company hiding the exact dosing of their formula as though it’s some magic secret that can’t be allowed to fall into competitors hands. Beneath the surface however, what you’ll find is that it’s actually just a way for these brands to get away with, to be charitable about it, stretching the truth when it comes to how effective their formula is.

Let’s give an example and take some budding young company about to start designing their first fat burner. They need to keep costs down as much as possible so there are resources left over for marketing and ofcourse, maximise profit margins. They want to include all of the best ingredients but they can’t quite afford to dose them correctly, what can they do? Well this is where proprietary blends come into play, as since the dosing information is obscured, how will anyone know the ingredients haven’t been dosed correctly?

There’s a silver lining however, as there is still a way to infer the dosing, though there’s still no way of knowing for sure. Thankfully it’s mandated that, although the use of a proprietary blend can hide individual dosing, these companies have to list their ingredients in order from high doses to low doses (top to bottom). As consumers, we can use this to our advantage to figure out what’s more worth your money, but honestly if a company has decided a proprietary blend is necessary, it’s most likely because they’re hiding the fact that their product simply isn’t worth your money.

Ingredients Breakdown

1,200mg Proprietary Formula –

African Mango Extract (Irvingia Gabonesis)

As we stated in our previous section, being at the top of the list means that this is the most plentiful ingredient included in Phenelite, so have they put their best foot forward? No they have not. During our research here we were quite surprised when skimming through the trials, as there was a lot of positive results coming from them. We couldn’t help but wonder why this ingredient wasn’t more popular, as this is the only diet pill we’ve seen use this ingredient, so we kept digging to see what was going on here.

It turns out that though these trials had positive results, they weren’t exactly conducted to a very high standard. This was substantiated for us when we found a systematic study, which essentially is a review of trials conducted, which reported that of the three trials that qualified, they all failed to report appropriate randomisation or allocation concealment. They failed to report that outcome assessors were blinded as well, but all three showed incredible positive results, with reported weight loss differences as high as 12.8kg to 0.7kg. This led these researchers to conclude that, before any high quality trials are conducted , African mango extract can not be recommended as a weight loss aid [1].

Raspberry Ketones

Despite being called Raspberry ketones, it’s actually referring to an aromatic compound that is found within most red fruits and berries, and has long been used as standalone, over-the-counter weight loss supplements. Unfortunately however, this remains an incredibly controversial weight reduction product as it’s mechanisms are largely unknown [2].

Not a great start for phenelite when it’s two most abundant ingredients have poor scientific evidence for their use-case in a weight loss pill. Doing the maths if each ingredient was dosed the exact same, that would give each ingredient 150mg to play with, but it’s far, far more likely that instead these top two are cheap ingredients and have bulked out the majority of the formula.

Acai Fruit Extract

Most commonly known as a slightly bitter fruit that is in that one summer Starbucks drink, Acai is actually heralded as quite the superfood by health guru’s and the like. It’s packed to the brim with antioxidants, containing more than even cranberries, and is thought to help reduce swelling, improve blood sugar levels and stimulate the immune system [3].

Now that all sounds amazing, but it’s the third most abundant ingredient in a weight loss supplement, how does it help us get rid of stubborn belly fat? Well, it doesn’t. Unlike the previous two ingredients that have controversial results for weight loss, there’s simply no independent trials that substantiate claims that Acai can promote weight loss [4].

Caffeine Anhydrous

For billions across the globe, caffeine would be considered the best start to any day with coffee being a cultural phenomenon the world over. In the world of weight loss however, caffeine is an incredibly effective and potent tool, in fact being one of the most effective under specific circumstances. Let’s go through some of the effects caffeine can have on your weight loss journey.

First of all let’s start with what we’re all familiar with, and that’s caffeine’s ability to increase our focus, alertness and perception of energy. It may be a little strange tow wrap your had around, but as much as it might feel like it does, caffeine doesn’t actually provide your body with any energy – Instead caffeine increases your brains perception for how much energy we have. This can have the effect of increasing the intensity of workouts and exercise routines such as lifting weights or going on a run, which of course increases calories burned and weight lost. This is why it’s so common to see caffeine as an ingredient in pre-workout products [4].

Secondly, let’s discuss a bodily function known as thermogensis. It sounds intimidatingly scientific, but it can essentially be understood as the process our bodies use to stay warm. this is ofcourse a simplification, but generally speaking what this process involves is our muscles burning calories in order to generate heat. Caffeine can boost this effect, which in turn increase energy expenditure and resting metabolism, resulting in a significant increase to calories burned day-to-day [5].

Finally let’s look at the relationship between caffeine and appetite, or more accurately stimulants and appetite suppression. Going back to our first point, caffeine has the ability to increase our perception of how much energy we have, but this has an interesting knock on effect as our brain is driven by what it understands the body needs. Therefore if you increase your perception of how much energy we have, the brain reduces the need to search for energy sources as a priority, making caffeine act as an appetite suppressant. This has been observed clinically, with researchers concluding that ingesting caffeine anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours before a meal reduces the amount of calories eaten [6].

Ofcourse all of these incredible effects are squandered here in Phenwelite, as there’s not a chance that caffeine is dosed even remotely close to effective, with effective dosing starting at around 100mg, there’s just not the room for it.

Resveratrol (50%)

At some point or other it’s likely that you’ve heard someone long lived answer that the secret to their health is a glass of red wine every night. It’s one of those things that seems like maybe it’s supposed to be a bit funny or might just be an old-wives tale, but there’s actually some truth to it. This is because red wine contains many strong antioxidants thanks to it’s abundance of polyphenols. Arguably the most potent of these is resveratrol which has a lot of scientific evidence advocating for it’s advantages to health, leading to it being included in a variety of dietary supplements, from joint health to nootropic and ofcourse, weight loss pills.

It’s use for weight loss is more controversial than it’s other use cases however, with just as much evidence for as there is against it. This has been observed in an assessment we found that collated data from 7 separate trials that were selected for their likeness to one another. Although a handful of clinical trials showed a positive reduction in body weight, others demonstrate no influence on body weight [7].

Ofcourse we’re so far down the list now that it hardly matters anymore, at this point it wouldn’t be surprising if doses were nearing microgram territory.

Apple Cider Vinegar (Powder)

It’s a little while ago now that apple cider vinegar was all the rage – there wasn’t an office in the world without at least one guy swearing by it, taking a shot a day or sometimes even more. Can’t really blame people, the ludicrous idea of “detox” products is still pervasive even today even though it’s a word completely devoid of meaning. People just want to feel like they’re following a healthy diet, and even if that effect is mostly placebo, it’s still good be be health conscious, though a proper diet can serve you much better in that regard.

Searching for evidence that consuming apple cider vinegar was about as difficult as you might expect, although the amount of articles from health webzines and blogs advocating for it were uncountable, with one even claiming that somehow apple cider vinegar destroys fat cells. It doesn’t, by the way, and the only slither of hope for apple cider vinegar came from an animal study in which it was observed to suppress obesity-induced oxidative stress in rats [8], but this has yet to be replicated since the article was originally published in 2018.


There’s no denying that for the vast majority of us, adding kelp to our diets would be largely beneficial. Not only is it high in antioxidants, but also rather nutritious, having high levels of iodine, potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Sounds wonderful, but this isn’t exactly what we need to weight loss, so is there anything else kelp can do for weight loss specifically?

Well there is evidence for it, but not very much. We found a 2021 study that was high quality, and the researchers observed that boiled kelp powder enhanced weight loss and improved body fat percentage in overweight male subjects after 8 weeks of supplementation (3,000mg daily)[9].

Obviously the dosing is a bit much for phenelite, so it’s extremely unlikely to yield anything close to similar effects, but this is just one study. There needs to be more studies like this one to substantiate these results before anyone can confidently claim it’s efficacy as a therapeutic weight loss tool.

Grapefruit Powder

Just like apple cider vinegar, grapefruit is an extremely popular topic of discussion in the pseudo-health blog/ webzines that litter the internet, but unlike apple cider vinegar, there’s at least a slither of truth, however slim it may be. Just to clarify, there’ll be no detox effects observed as detox is a modern myth, but there’s legitimate clinical evidence to advocate for grapefruit as a weight loss tool.

In a review of anti-obesity effects of polyphenol intake, the researchers looked at some trials evaluating the effects of grapefruit on weight loss and had this to say, “Grapefruit is rich in citrus flavinoids that have emerged as potential therapeutics for the treatment of metabolic deregulation. In obese humans, half a grapefruit eaten three times daily for 8-12 weeks reduced body weight and waist circumference. Grapefruit should be further evaluated in the context of obesity” [10].

Customer Phenelite Reviews

When it comes to looking at customer reviews online, it’s important to take things with a grain of salt as it’s so easy to write in fake reviews that it’s almost mandatory to stay competitive at all. To be fair, the vast majority of people only leave reviews on products they’re dissatisfied with, at least unless there’s some sort of incentive to write a positive review, but typically speaking there’s more fake positive reviews than there really should be.

Look at the amazon reviews, Phenelite certainly seems like no exception on this front. They have 11,000+ global ratings netting them a reasonable 3.4 out of 5, but when you see a score like that with 41% 5 out of 5 reviews, it becomes somewhat less believable. Let’s take a look at what some people had to say:

Page, verified purchase, USA:

“This products nothing close to phentermine they don’t smell, taste or look good and it don’t give you energy, don’t suppress your appetite AT ALL and dont help you loose any weight even with excercise and dieting, it just don’t do anything it says. The only thing iv gotten from taking these is really nauseated and sick to my stomach even with food and drinking plenty of water I don’t recommend wasting your money on these.”

Beth Weedman, verified purchase, USA:

“I hate to say this did not work for ME, but It’s NOT the products fault. I had to have my thyroid ablated 8 years ago and since that date I have never been able to lose one pound. I knew it was a longshot but after reading all of the raves I decided to try. I was even given a second bottle for my opinion so I really tried. I don’t want to dissuade others from trying it, but if your thyroid is shot,…..’ The product says “Money back Guarantee” but I don’t see how to do this. I would’ve willing to try a different product made for thyroid help if I had some direction…..

UPDATE: I returned the FULL bottle of this “100% Guaranteed” product, and was told “You got it free so we aren’t refunding your money.” So basically, I bought one and got one free, I used it for a month and it didn’t work, but the free bottle was already here, so I sent the fmostly full bottle back, wanting to give it a fair chance, and they just emailed me and said “Too bad.” So this product is NOT “100% Guaranteed.””


So how well has Phenelite stood up to scrutiny? Not very well at all. As is usually the case with products employing proprietary blends, Phenelite fails in almost every way a weight loss product might succeed. It’s best ingredients are the least abundant, leaving the majority of this product to be fad-baiting. It’s quite unfortunate the way they’ve included so many “health-foods”, it’s clear the demographic they have in mind and they’ve forgone all credibility in order to shoot for the moon with them. It wouldn’t be all too surprising if their next product was homeopathic for all the good phenelite acheives.

This is just one of those products that seemed far more focused on a target demographic than it was on providing a quality product, and it’s practices such as this that give weight loss pills a bad name in the public eye. It’s almost coercive in design, hiding the most vital information from their customers in the hopes that they don’t look any deeper and filling their product with ultimately useless, but for some reason relatively hyped and popular ingredients that just don’t work.

It’s for these reasons and more that we recommend you instead try Hourglass Fit. It’s a top contender for one of the best weight loss products out there, and you can see that right from the start. First of all, looking at the label, you’ll see every single ingredient is listed alongside it’s dosage as clear as day, showing a confidence that their formula is strong enough to sell itself, and sell itself it shall. There’s also no wasted space in Hourglass Fit, each ingredient is carefully selected to push you towards your weight loss goals by both providing powerful effects and synergising the boost the entire formula into the stratosphere.

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