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Health & Wellbeing > Essential Fatty Acids

CLA is an Essential Fatty Acid manufactured by Optimum. It contains fats that must be obtained through diet. They serve a wide array of critical roles including cardiovascular, mental and joint health.

See all 14 products in:
Health & Wellbeing > Essential Fatty Acids


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +10
Trust: 0%
  February 24, 2011

Alright, this a tough one to review because I have been taking them for a week and half only. But I am discontinuing the use of this product. I have no idea if it works or not to help you lose fat, I haven't been taking it long enough for me to know this. This review is to warn other about a side-effect of these pills.

I was taking these along with Flaxseed Oil, whey and casein. After a while I started to get a lot of acid reflux and heartburns. Now, this is important: I have a history of stomach problems, such as gastritis and acid reflux. But it was under control for a long time. Then I started to feel it again.

I thought it was probably due to my eating habits, but I tried to find where I was eating wrong, and I wasn't. I was following a healthy diet, sometimes eating some ice cream, but I wasn't abusing it. So I went to the review pages and started reading about the products I'm using.

Sure enough, an user there posted that he was getting heartburns while taking CLA, and when he stopped taking the pills, the heartburns stopped. So I started noticing. I took the pills and then 20 minutes later I'd get this awful acid reflux and then BOOM heartburn. Awful, awful feeling. I took it alone, without taking anything else, and it certainly is due to the CLA.

I was intrigued by this and opened one of the softgel capsules with a knife, to taste the contents. I was expecting something extremely acid inside, but to my surprise it tasted like oil, like the oil from a nut. It didn't taste acidic at all.

The other day I tested it again. I took 2 pills. 20 mins later, acid reflux, BOOM HEARTBURN! And if you have acid reflux, you know that when you're feeling the acid burn your esophagus, you usually burp a lot. Well, when I started burping, I suddenly recognized the faint smell of the oil I had tasted the night before, from the capsule.

So this is it, folks. I don't know if this works. I know it has a CLEAR, BAD side-effect for people with acid reflux. So if you're one of those people, you've been warned. It hits pretty hard on the stomach, I'm not kidding. And I'll tell you, training while feeling acid reflux is HORRIBLE. Your motivation drops to near zero, the pain is VERY uncomfortable.
    • Causes Heartburn
    Rep: +26
    Trust: 23%
      December 16, 2010

    Optimum CLA, CLA is scientifically proven to trim those unwanted fats into muscles, before this I was at it with Hydroxycut Advanced to boost my motabolism and it kinda work, it was costly so decided to change to CLA;

    Taste: N/A - No taste, but the softgel is almost half your thumb, so Im not sure what other opinions will be.

    Effectiveness: 8/10 - CLA does work overtime, stack it with either Flaxseed Oil or Fish Oil so the Omega 6 doesnt get too much in your body as you gotta have even amount of Omegas 3 6 9 in your body. It worked for me after 2 bottle, I started noticing those so-called 'surfer's abs' appearing after 2 months of cardio, sit-ups and etc. With the correct diet and exercise regime, this does work overtime.

    Side effects: N/A - No weird burp taste.

    Value: 8/10 - Its worth the money if those other weight loss product is too expensive, I recommend you get 2 bottles of it or if theres the 180 softgel, get that one.
    • Builds Abs
    • Good Value

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