BodyTech is a supplement brand sold exclusively by The Vitamin Shoppe. BodyTech products have been available from since 2005.

The BodyTech brand is one of at least eight owned by Vitamin Shoppe Industries Inc. and sold on Others include Thrive, Plnt, True Athlete and ProBioCare.

According to the manufacturer, the BodyTech brand focuses on “the science of performance” to develop “best-in-class solutions”. The BodyTech Elite sister brand specializes in products aimed at gym goers who have spent time “mastering advanced techniques from the pros”.

The Vitamin Shoppe website states that all BodyTech and BodyTech Elite products meet “industry standards for quality”. To achieve this, all products undergo a “rigorous testing process” to give users confidence in the products. It goes on to say that the entire range is “tested”, “trusted” and “guaranteed”.

The testing process involves analyzing for “purity and potency”. It also uses “detailed product specifications” to ensure each bottle’s ingredients match those on the label. The brand also states that it studies the “scientific evidence” to “support every claim”.

As part of its claim to be “trusted”, the BodyTech range meets FDA guidelines and observes “strict adherence” to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Like all products made and sold by The Vitamin Shoppe, the BodyTech and BodyTech Elite ranges are covered by a 30-day guarantee.

BodyTech products are designed to help users achieve specific goals. For example, to help users “gain weight”, the manufacturer make and sells Prime Mass (high protein weight gainer), as well as Creatine, Critical Amino XT (intra-/post-workout and Flash Point (pre-workout).

To facilitate “growth and recovery”, the brand also sells Hexatein (a sustained release protein blend). This product is said to “stack well” with Pre-Effect XT (pre-workout) and (Ultimate BCAA).

To make “better-tasting products”, the brands says it uses a “new Zooming® process” to help retain more “flavor molecules”.

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