Nutrex (or Nutrex Research) was founded by Jens Ingenohl in 2002.

The founder’s experience in the supplement industry goes back to 1993, when he started BMS in his native Germany. He has also written books about performance-enhancing substances.

On his company’s About Us page, Ingenohl says that Nutrex went through serious “hardships” to achieve success and growth. Now a big player in the supplement industry, the organization operates out of headquarters with 80,000 square feet of space to accommodate its large workload.

The large Nutrex product range is split into four “series”: #UltraFit, Clinical Edge, Black, and Basix. The brand mainly focuses on a wide range pre-workouts, fat burners and other weight-loss products, but it also makes and sells protein powders, mass gainers, testosterone boosters, “recovery formulas” and vitamins.

All Nutrex products adhere to current GMP requirements as decreed by the FDA. In an interview on, Ingenohl says that following such strict guidelines has made innovative developments, such as the “fast-absorbing” liquid capsules, more of a challenge.

Despite this, the CEO says that “a lot of diligent research” allowed Nutrex to find ways to test and develop its liquid capsules. The company now has a “long-term partnership” with one of the only FDA-approved laboratories for testing liquids AND powders.

Many Nutrex products have also been tested by Informed-Choice and the relevant bottles now carry the “trusted by sport” stamp.

The Outlift pre-workouts are among Nutrex’s best-known products. This line includes Outlift Amped, which uses three forms of caffeine to “promote intense workout energy, power and strength”, along with the original Outlift.

While the Outlift products boast decent to glowing reviews across the web, Lipo-6 Black Ultra is perhaps Nutrex’s top-selling product. This “all-out fat-burning formula” is designed to “activate metabolism and burn extra calories”.

Members of the Team Nutrex endorsement program include – or have included – Larissa Reis (IFBB Figure Pro), Anton Antipov (IFBB Men’s Physique Pro) and Gerardo Gabriel.

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