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Creatine is a Creatine Blend manufactured by Muscle Pharm. It features multiple forms of creatines to take advantage of the various features of the different creatines. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +423
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TROOPer Level: 27
  November 2, 2016


I was interested in trying a creatine blend supplement and against my better judgment I made an impulse buy while at the store. About three weeks into using this product I started doing my homework and realized I bought a supplement that was not working for me and one that I will never purchase again. It did intrigue me since it was a blend and it required no loading.

Ingredient Profile

Here is my first issue and one I should have realized right from the start......Creatine Blend without full amounts of each ingredient disclosed.
5g of Creatine Blend
Creatine Monohydrate
CreNitrate-I have not found a study yet that proves the effectiveness of this ( I am interested to know if anyone else has)
Creatine AAB- This is Creatine Alpha-Amino-N Butyrate which has anti-catabolic effects and is derived for the amino acid Leucine.
DiCreatine Malate-Combination of Creatine and Malic Acid
Creatine MagnaPower-AKA Magnesium Creatine Chelate which provides both Creatine and Magnesium
Cinnulin PF-Helps support healthy glucose levels. This is a proprietary water soluble extract of Cinnamomum Burmani. Aides in the transport of energy to your muscles.
The problem here is you don't know how much of each ingredient you are getting. Under dosing runs rampant with blends that do not show full disclosure.


Mixed and tasted fine. It was unflavored but I mixed it with various other supplements and it did not impact the taste at all. I was at one dose per day as the label states.


I did not notice any improvements from this product since the time I started until the time I ended. I was expecting to have a little push at the end of some of my sets which I feel this product did not do. I expected to see a slight physical difference with this product and it did not deliver. I felt no strength gains while using this product. I was making gains but based on my history I feel I would have made the same gains without this product.


Value was good. This product was cheap at $17.49 from The Vitamin Shoppe. $0.29 per serving. I rated the value as a 5 above since I paid for a product that did absolutely nothing for me.

Side Effects

None. there was no bloating.


I would strongly suggest looking elsewhere for a creatine product. I bought this because I wanted to try a blend and it did not require a loading phase. Going forward I have learned my lesson. I am going to stay away from blends for my next couple of creatine products but will come back to a blend. This is not saying all blends are bad. I want to try some other types of creatine and see my results. I am on to a Creatine HCL supplement and I will see how that works.
  • No Loading
  • Dirt Cheap
  • No Water Retention/bloating
  • Effects Lack Considering Ingredients Listed
  • Little Effectiveness
  • Amount Of Each Ingredient Is Not Listed
Rep: +18
Trust: 23%
  June 9, 2013

First, I have to say that this is the first creatine product I have ever used so my review will be based on my experience of this product and not a comparison to others.

Taste/ Mixability: 9/10 - The stuff is absolutely flavorless. I used the recommended 3 scoops a day on and off workout days. I used it every morning in my morning coffee and it mixed perfectly with nothing settling at the bottom. I felt it was the best way to take the product for me and my daily routine. I typically workout 3-4 days a week.

Effectiveness: 8/10 - This stuff has showed amazing results in a short amount of time. For most of you that have interacted with me on this site know that I try and research and ask you experts for advice before changing my workout or taking new products. I have always been fairly cut but need some bulk ecspecially in my chest. This product really showed major improvements in about 3 weeks. To the point now that I ran out and have been off of it for about a week and a half its killing me that Im off it. I notice harder workouts, more weight, more reps, and satisfaction when looking in the mirror. I plan on getting my next fix very very soon.

Value: 9/10- This was one of the enticing factors of this product. The price was definitely right. I paid like $19 for a container that held 60 scoops. The value compare to the results made it an amazing deal.

Overall: 9/10- When you compare taste, results, and affordability Creatine by Muscle Pharm definitley met and exceeded my expectations. I am by no means an expert in terms of analyzing products but I can see results and there was no doubt in mind or the people in my everyday life that results were evident.

P.S.: Did I mention no loading phase? That was another huge selling point for me.

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  • Dirt Cheap
  • Strength Gains
    Rep: +58
    Trust: 92%
      December 29, 2012

    Value- 8. This stuff is always pretty affordable $20-$30, and for 60 scoops you will get your money's worth.

    Effectiveness- 7. Great blend of all different forms of creatine and no loading stage. I was using a scoop pre and a scoop post, 1 scoop in the morning on days I didn't train. I was using this + 5g micronized Arginine + EXT GO for my pre workout stack. Pumps and strength gains were definitely noticeable. Lifting endurance increased as well.

    The reason I gave this such an overall low rating is because about a week into my tub I started noticing horrible bubble guts about 30 minutes after my workout. These along with the ***s would last all day long, making work very uncomfortable. This is probably the 10+ creatine product I've used so it was the last thing I expected. I tried everything: changed my pre workout meal, post workout meal, stopped drinking whey, used 1 scoop instead of 2 and nothing seemed to work. I took 2 days off of using and it what do you know?! Nothing went on in my stomach. Took the last scoop this morning, and work is now miserable....

    My only guess is that some of the forms of creatine in this could be converting to creatinine rather than my body using it efficiently... This sucks because i was noticing good gains with it. If you can get it as cheap as I did (store credit from my boss for christmas) give it a shot, but if any creatine product has done this before I wouldn't try it. Kre alkalyn is still my favorite
    • No Loading
    • Strength Gains
    • Reasonably Priced
    • Horrible Stomach Ache And Diarrhea
    Rep: +4,007
    Trust: 100%

      July 7, 2012

    Ah creatine. One of the most studied supplements for athletes. I took this one late last year but never got around to the review due to school. Looking at the profile, I was excited with glee to try it out. Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations.

    Dosing: I took this while bulking.
    Training days- 3 scoops pre workout, 3 scoops post workout.
    Rest days- 3 scoops once daily.

    Profile: 5g creatine blend consisting of Creapure, Creatine AAB, DiCreatine Malate, Creatine Nitrate, Creatine HCL, and Cinnulin PF.

    Effectiveness: 5/10.
    I wasn't particularly impressed with this product. I've been taking creatine for years and I did not experience the same increased endurance, pumps, and decreased fatigue during my workouts and my hockey games as I did with other products. I did notice an increase in performance but it was not up to my standards.

    Taste/mixability: 2/10
    This stuff is unflavored. I don't mind that but this stuff was quite possibly one of the worst tasting products i've taken, mostly because of how it mixed. It is extremely gritty and even with a blender bottle and massive amounts of water it does not mix worth a damn. Creatine itself isn't the best tasting but usually if it mixes well, it can be easily masked with other supplements and/or water. Not this one. I was at the point where I was just tossing 3 of the tiny scoops it comes with into my mouth and chasing with water.
    *Taste should not make or break a product. It's just the icing on the cake. This is simply explaining my experience so those of you who do prefer taste can get a feel.*

    Value: 6/10
    I got this for about 23 bucks (I believe from It lasted me just over a month with my dosing protocol which was a little bit higher than recommended but when I'm bulking I find 10g on training days to be a bit more beneficial. The price wasn't bad but considering my results I didn't really get what I paid for.

    Overall, I do not recommend this creatine. It seems this formula may be dusted with fillers. I also believe creatine products work best when taken with side support products such as betaine and Taurine.
    Not to mention, I've heard several stories describing the powder to be of completely different texture and smell in different tubs.

    For creatine supplements, I recommend Universal Storm or Controlled Labs Green Magnitude.

    ~ Stay big
    • Cheap
    • Little To No Bloat
    • Bad Mixability
    • Bad Taste
    • Little Effectiveness
    Rep: +1,250
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 38
      June 1, 2012

    First straight creatine review for me.

    - Only took on days I worked out.

    - Would sometimes mix in my PWO before working out, other times would mix in with a powerade/gatorade after a workout depending on which PWO I took and it's creatine ingredients.

    Profile - (???/10) - Surprise, Surprise MusclePharm products are a prop blend. Are you getting 4.8 G of Mono with .2G of the other blends? Possible, maybe even probable. Yea, I know, "reps" have been disclosing the supposed profile on other websites...but if that information was accurate...why not put it on the bloody label? However, you are getting 5 grams in three scoops of some "blend" of creatine per serving. Decent in concept, failed in disclosure.

    Mixability/Taste - 7/10 - Opening the product and taking a whiff, you get a cinnamon'y type of smell. It does mix relatively flavorless but does change the flavor of my sports drink slightly. There is some settling at the bottom of the glass with this product.

    Effectiveness - 7/10 - In terms of strength/size gains, this product does great. I was noticably bigger while running this and reasonably stronger. It did work FAST too, did not take a couple weeks to set in. Unlike others, I did experience a LOT of water retention especially in my gut. The product literally inflated me everywhere, shoulders, arms, legs...and gut. This was never a problem with other creatine products I've used.

    Price - 8.5/10 - I paid $18. Overall, I feel this is a good value for the product. Yes, I know that mono can be had for $5 a lb and such, but for an MP product that did work relatively well and had a few "different" blends of creatine in it, I think it's a fair price.

    Overall, I'd recommend this as a try if you are a non-responder to straight mono(as I am). It did help me in the strength and size department but did also chunk me out a bit. The price is decent considering the brand's "hype" and effectiveness of the product. Shame on MP for their prop blend junk.
    • Reasonably Priced
    • Strength Gains
    • Grainy If Mixed Wrong
    • Bloat
    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
      May 28, 2012

    So first of all, I'd like to say that this was the first Creatine supplement that I have ever taken. I was hesitant to buy it, however; Muscle Pharm has really produced a product that I would recommend to all. So some of the positive things that I have noticed when I first started taking this product.
    (1) I am not one for sweets so in the morning I would just mix the creatine with 8o.z of water.
    (2) Over the course of maybe about a week or so, I realized that I was able to add on about ten extra reps to my bench press. Bringing it up to 18 reps.
    (3) Biceps- Due to my Genes my arms are scrawny, I am not afraid to admit that. Since I started taking this creatine I realized that I had some increased size in my arms, especially my biceps. I was only able to bicep curl up to 50lbs. before and only get out about 8-10 reps. After about two weeks I was banging out 12-15 reps on 60 lbs. - 80lbs.
    (3) I train abs 2 times a week, spending no more than 30 minutes on them. With the added punch of creatine, I was able to have more efficient workouts, making every rep count without getting fatigued as quickly as I used to.
    (4) Since I am only 16, going on to 17 I highly reccomend this product to teen bodybuilders and even grown men or women. I didn't have to load on this product and I didnt have to worry about side effects such as cramping and things of that sort.

    In the end I give this product a 10 out of 10
    Since I am trying to become a fitness model, this product is one that I will continue to use on my path to Success.

    "Get ripped or die trying" - Zyzz

    Thank you
    • No Loading
    • Average Strength & Endurace Increase
    • Dirt Cheap
    • Strength Gains
    • No Water Retention/bloating
      Rep: +1,339
      Trust: 100%
        March 22, 2012

      First off let me start by saying that I believe MP is a good well rounded company that will soon be toppling over some of the huge crappy companies in the near future. However, I have some issues with this product that I need to address. So comrades, let's begin my review of MP Creatine.


      Ingredient Profile


      300 grams Unflavored
      Serving size: 5g (3 scoops)
      Servings per container: 60
      Creatine Matrix(Prop blend)

      Creatine Monohydrate
      Creatine AAB
      Creatine MagnaPower(Creatine Magnesium Chelate)
      Con-cret(Creatine HCL)
      Cinnulin PF

      Cinnulin PF is a trademarked water soluble extract of Cinnamon. Cinnulin contains an active ingredient known as hydroxychalcone, which mimics the effects of insulin. Hydroxychalcone also boosts the release of insulin as well. So by imitating and boosting insulin, Cinnulin is used to enhance the amount of creatine driven into muscle cells. Which in turn can lead to more muscle and strength gains. The recommended dosage is 100-250mg taken with 2-5 grams of creatine.

      Now unto to creatine which as you can clearly see, MP uses several different types in this formula. Including the basic and standard creatine mono all the way to the higher end ones such as Con-cret. For those of you who don't know, different forms of creatine all basically do the same thing. But, some have different benefits in terms of absorption and other aspects over one another. For sake of not writing a whole scholarly essay describing the different benefits and downsides of each one. I'm just going to simply tell you to research them on your own if you're curious. There are several fantastic threads in the creatine section of the forum that goes over everything there is to know about different creatines. It's also a great place to go research if you are new to the benefits of supplementing with creatine as well.

      ---------(Dosing N/A)------------------------
      Took this straight for 60 days doing the following as MP directs on the bottle:
      3 scoops post-workout after lifting.
      3 scoops first thing in the morning on off days.

      I never did a loading phase with this product because MP clearly states on the label that it is not necessary. So I believe that noone should have problems with correctly taking this product. It's really not that hard to do

      ---------(Taste N/A)-------------------------
      I always mixed this with some kind of flavored drink so I never experienced any odd or bad taste from this. Though the people who took this straight with just water tend to report the taste is not that great.

      I never had any problems with clumping or anything of that matter. The only issue I ever had was that it does take awhile to fully dissolve into liquids. Especially if you were mixing it with a cup and spoon.
      For me, this product was better in terms of recovery and maintaining/building strength then Kre-Alkalyn. Which I have used several bottles of both the Scifit and All American EFX versions in the past. However, after cycling off of this product for nearly two weeks. I went through a week long loading phase with a bulk Creapure creatine mono product. I am now into week 3 of using that creatine mono product and I can honestly say that the recovery and strength gains from that are better then this. Considering all the different types of creatine used in this, the fact that I'm experiencing better gains and no side effects from a much cheaper and basic product is upsetting. Which has led me to believe that there is probably like 4 grams of just mono and under 1 gram combined of the other creatines used in this product. Which is probably why it's a prop blend.

      Picked this up from my local Nutrition Zone for about 21$. That's basically the same price you're going to pay anywhere online that I've seen as well. 21$ is not bad at all for 60 servings. However, I payed 8$ for my 100 serving tub of the product that I'm experiencing better gains and benefits from. That's nearly a third of the price as this. For the price I believe MP could have easily thrown in some extra goodies like glutamine and taurine. So in short there are equal or better products out there for a lot less cash. But hey, I guess MP has got to pay all the athletes they sponsor somehow.

      I like the included Cinnulin. That I had better gains from this than Kre-Alkalyn. No loading phase and that I never had any negative side effects such as bloating and water retention. However, the fact that there are more effective products for a lot less cash out there and that each ingredient is not fully listed is what will be stopping me from purchasing this again. I would only ever recommend this if you see it on sale for like 12$.
      • Average Strength & Endurace Increase
      • No Loading
      • No Water Retention/bloating
      • Effects Lack Considering Ingredients Listed
      • Not Dirt Cheap
      Rep: +707
      Trust: 100%
      TROOPer Level: 47
        January 31, 2012

      Intro: Let me start off by saying I got 3 for the price of 2 on This is one of the reasons I tried it and it was something different than the Kre-Alk 1500. I can honestly say that I am not disappointed at all. MusclePharm is stepping their game up. Even thought they've always been solid this product has gotten me to try others.

      Effectiveness: 7/10 It's Creatine so it is very hard to tell if it really works or if it is a mind set. However, that being said, I used to take Creatine before and after my workouts but I just started taking the 5g's afterwards and I can definitely tell a difference so it looks like I am going back to taking before and after.

      Taste: 0/10 This is where the pill form comes in handy. This stuff is a powder and I made the mistake of putting it in my preworkout shaker without putting my preworkout shake in it and took a drink and almost exploded from the taste... It was something undescribible. Yuck. Don't recommend that.

      Mixability: 0/10 I would throw this out the window. Don't expect it to mix well at all. This stuff sits in the bottom of whatever it is that you put it in and mixes like oil and water. Basically be prepared for your last drink of your drink to be filled with the gritiness of Muscle Pharm's Creatine.

      Value: 10/10 because I got a six month supply for $43.00. And because it seems to be working you can't beat it. Plus there's not loading at all.

      Not only do I recommend it to a friend I gave a friend a tub for $10 since he was out of ON's Creatine and now he likes it just as much. So take it for what it's worth.
      • No Loading
      • Dirt Cheap
      • Strength Gains
      • Taste Is Something Awful
      • Grainy If Mixed Wrong
      Rep: 0
      Trust: 0%
        December 16, 2011

      ok this is my first review ever so here it goes. to begin with no loading is a definite plus for me. the creatine blend did wonders for me with out a lot of water weight to hide the cuts that i have to begin with.

      Taste: it wasnt awful being flavorless it left a cinnamony taste but its better than some things i've tasted 6/10

      effectiveness: dam it started kicking off after the first week noticed more strength in my deads i hit the 500 mark finally 9/10

      value: cheap as hell like 27 bucks for 60 servings so its dirt cheap. 10/10

      mix ability: 8/10 mixes perfectly in some red Gatorade lol but if mixed in water make sure to use a big bottle or it'll get grainy

      overall: a better creatine than Ive used in the past so i highly recommend it i sell it a lot at work to so 9/10

      • No Loading
      • Dirt Cheap
      • Grainy If Mixed Wrong
      Rep: +1,186
      Trust: 100%
        November 3, 2011

      i'm kinda surprised this is the first review written on this product, but i'll share my thoughts and opinions with my first Muscle Pharm supplement.

      Ingredients: Creatine Matrix 5000mg - Creapure, Creatine AAB, DiCreatineMalate,Creatine Nitrate, Con-Cret Creatine HCl (100% Concentrated Creatine), Cinnulin PF.

      typical 5g serving which is all you really need, a blend of different creatines that looks to be very impressive.

      Taste/Mixability/Dosage: unflavored so there's no taste really & mixes like most creatines, kinda grainy unless you let it sit for a while for a while or use a warmer liquid; but it really wasn't that big of a deal for it i would just down it with 10-12oz of fluid (5g daily) and no loading.

      Effectivness: strength and endurance was good, lifts going up maybe 4/5lbs. but about 3/4 of the way through it seemed like the effects weren't as good as initially. i'm not really sure why though, i haven't experienced anything like that with a creatine product. didn't really notice any blaoting either, maybe minor if any.

      Value: price was decent, 50 servings for $22 at GNC, which is the same as

      Overall: looking at the ingredients it looks like its the best creatine product out there and it does look very impressive. maybe initially i jumped the gun when first taking this, being excited to try a new product. but to me it fell short of what i expected and was average at best. as of right not Controlled Labs GreenMAG stands as #1 for me. because of the profile on the label i'd say possibly give it a shot, maybe you'll have better results than i did.
      • Average Strength & Endurace Increase
      • No Loading
      • Effects Lack Considering Ingredients Listed

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