Creatine + Glutamine with Beta-Alanine


Creatine & Glutamine with Beta-Alanine is a creatine/amino acid product. It is designed to increase muscle strength, boost endurance and delay fatigue.

The product features three ingredients: creatine monohydrate (5000mg), L-glutamine (3000mg) and beta-alanine (1600mg).

The product description states that creatine could increase “strength and performance” during intense exercise, while L-glutamine may help support muscle growth and recovery. In addition, beta-alanine (as CarnoSyn®) is a modified amino acid that is thought to enhance “overall athletic performance”.

Creatine & Glutamine with Beta-Alanine is – or has been – available in seven flavors: “Strawberry Lemonade”, “Grape”, “Pineapple”, “Blue Ice Pop”, “Fruit Punch”, “Sweet Tea” and “Watermelon”.



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