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Hydra-Charge is an energy supplement made by Kaged Muscle. It is designed to keep you hydrated “before, during and after” intense exercise.

The product contains taurine and coconut water powder – both of which are said to support hydration. Taurine is also widely said to increase exercise capacity and reduce muscle soreness.

The product’s SPECTRA™ Total ORAC Blend – a mix of vegetable, fruit and herbal extracts for what the manufacturer calls “antioxidant support”. These extracts include broccoli sprout concentrate, acerola extract, camu camu concentrate, blueberry and more.

Hydra-Charge has been tested by Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice and is certified free from banned substances.


3 reviews for Hydra-Charge

  1. workoutguru

    Hydra-Charge helping your body stay better hydrated and make you feel better health wise.

    I want to start off by thanking Kaged Muscle for letting me have the chance to give another one of their products a try. I was really unsure what to think of this product when I first heard about it. I did a little research on what this product was and what it does and after finding out a little more about this I had to give it a try. This is a little different than most products you would normally take. I really like the idea behind a product like this. Do I feel this is something you should be using all the time no but it is a pretty good product for what it does. Ingredients: I feel the overall profile for this is pretty solid. This is made up of three main areas. You get your taurine which is an organic osmolyte involved in cell volume regulation, and provides a substrate for the formation of bile salts. Because of this, taurine helps regulate water levels in blood. Next is your Coconut water powder. Coconut water is something that I have been seeing used a lot more in products. Coconut water helps to re-hydrate your body. Then finally you get your spectra total orac blend. This last part is made up of a prop blend that consists of your fruits, vegetables and herbs which helps fight against free radicals that could damage your body. It’s nice having the taurine and coconut water in here because they help not only with the hydration part but also with liver detoxification, glucose control, and cardiovascular support. Also from what you can see on the ingredient profile they add a few other ingredients to this which are nice to have. I feel the ingredients they use are high quality because of how well they worked for me. Here are some of the other ingredients they use that are not listed on the ingredient profile I posted but are on the label of the container. Citric acid, natural flavors, sodium citrate, potassium phosphate, calcium citrate, silicon dioxide, magnesium citrate, beet root (color), stevia, sucralose, calcium silicate. Value: The cheapest I could find this was on dpsnutrition.net They want $22.95 for 60 servings. I think that is a pretty good price for this product. This comes out to around .38 cents a servings if your doing one scoop and .76 cents if your doing two scoops. I think this is more than worth the value especially for what all this does. Taste: This comes in one flavor only fruit punch (which I hope changes and they make more). I like that they go with natural flavors. I was not to excited when I saw fruit punch was their only flavor. I was like here we go again another fruit punch flavor. I was rather surprised how well this tasted. It seemed to have just the right fruit punch flavor to it. Some fruit punch flavors I have had are either to sweet or taste to watered down like. It was not to overly sweet or tart. You can tell that they use stevia and sucralose because of the little bit of after taste you get from this but it’s not to bad. It was kind of refreshing to drink but after awhile you do start to get a little tired of it because it starts to get a little bland on taste. Mixing/Dosing: Mixing was never a problem at all for me. Mixed very well and no issues with that. When mixed it does have a nice pinkish red color to it and that is from the beet root they use for coloring. Dosing can be done a few different ways with this. When I used this I mainly used it in the mornings before I would go to work. You could also add this to any of your pre-workouts or Intra-workout products which I did a few times. There were a few times I took this later in the day just to help keep me more hydrated. When I would use this I would only do one scoop at a time. Also I have heard that you can load this up into a big jug and sip on it through out the day which I think would work get to do. Effectiveness: This product is a little different than your pre, intra, or post-workout product you are normally take. This is used mainly to help with support of hydration and the body’s natural defenses before, during and after intense training. This was a little harder of a product to fully judge on how it worked. If your looking to add strength, size and better focus from this it’s not going to help a real lot in those area’s but that does not mean it was a bad product at all. This was not designed to helped in those areas much. I think this helps other products more so you will see more strength, size and better focus but this product by itself wont help much with those things. Like I said above I used this mainly in the mornings to help get me more recharged and feel better hydrated. I think this helped me a lot at feeling more hydrated. I know after taking this in the morning it felt like it always gave me a little bit more energy which was nice. I noticed after using this for awhile my overall health and well being started to feel a lot better. This kind of acted like a little bit of a multi-vitamin for me. I know for awhile after I started this I was deal with some acne issues and I think this helped a bit at clearing some of those issues up which was nice. There were a few times I added this to my pre-workout and I think it really helped more. I know when I took this with my pre-workout it really made me want to drink a lot more water. I know when I was taking my aminos during my workout it really made fill my shaker bottle up with water a lot more so than I normally do. Getting the extra water in take was nice to help keep my body more flushed out. One thing I liked about this is that because it makes you more hydrated it helps make your muscles look a lot more full. I really like that more full look it gave me in my muscles. I feel this helped me a lot more on my endurance and recovery better. I felt better on my lifts and could really keep going more. I think this would be a product I could see myself using a lot more because of what all it does for you. A lot of the things this does is not real noticeable that will stand out right away but after you have been on this for awhile you will start to notice those little things you did not notice before that I really liked about this product. Side Effects: Nothing I noticed. Overall: At first I was not really sure what to think of this but after using it I found it to be a pretty solid product for what all it does for you. Do I feel this is something you should be using all the time no but it is pretty nice to have when you can use it. After using this now I would really like to be able to keep this in my supplement stack for awhile. I would highly recommend checking this product out. It’s not going to be something overly expensive to buy that will break you. I think you will be rather surprised once you start using this how good this product really is. I would like to see another flavor or two come out in this. If your someone that will keep using this all the time having another flavor to switch up on would be nice so you don’t get so tired of the same flavor all the time. Again I want to thank Kaged Muscle for letting me try this product and I want thank them for coming up with a great product like this.

  2. gervs11

    A great tasting way to stay hydrated and energized!

    (About yourself, 1-3 sentences maximum) as someone who is in the gym twice a day and often has difficulty downing the recommended amount of water recommended to remain hydrated, I find that hydra-charge is a great tasting alternative to way that helps me stay hydrated. And It also tastes great, which means that I no only forget to drink, but I look forward to it.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Looking at the ingredient profile, it is easy to see that this isn’t your typical coconut water, hydration drink. With 1g of taurine, it sets your body up for optimal water and salt regulation in your blood, which helps with muscle strength and force in the gym. There is a good balance of electrolytes, which are critical when looking into a hydration type of supplement, with 37mgeach of phosphorus and calcium, magnesium as 15mg, sodium at 105mg and potassium at 45mg. These will surely help to maintain the balance that will be lost through vigorous exercise, which is always good to have. The benefits of coconut water range from providing extra hydration to the body, helping to promote healthy weight loss, regulating blood sugar, to relieving migrains, lowering blood pressure and slowing down ageing, amount others. Hydra-charge containers 500mg of coconut water. The 100mg Spectra blend contains a combination of fruit, vegetable, and herb extracts and concentrates is included to help spike oxygen consumption throughout the day. This is an extra bonus in this hydration supplement, and in my opinion is the highlight of this product and what makes it stand out from its competitors. All of these ingredients, being included and coming from Kaged Muscle and Chris Gethin, you can be guaranteed of the quality of everything added. Gethin is really big on quality and it really shows in his supplements. You can be guaranteed that if he is promoting the product, the ingredients are safe, natural and effective.
    The taste of this product is really exceptional. It is one of the best tasting products that I have taking, in any category, and that is saying a lot. The flavour is fruit punch, and it is really spot on. I really cannot wait to drink this stuff. It mixes really well, and easily with no foaming, which is a testament to the quality of the ingredients. The tub comes with 6o servings, and if you use the scoop properly (no heaping), there are the full 60 scoops. The taste is pretty strong, which I enjoy, because I can then add quite a it of water, which means, it not only lasts longer, but I can use more water with it, so I am more hydrated. In terms of dosing, you could use this at any time of day. I usually use it as an intra workout and again at night. The nice thing is that it is formatted to work with Kaged Muscle’s other unflavoured supplements to create your own pre or intra workout supplement if you prefer to go that route. The only negative that I would say, if you could call it that, is that at the moment, Hydra-charge only comes in the one flavour that I know of. Therefore, there is no variety. But it is excellent!
    I will that Hydra-Charge is pretty effective. It keeps me hydrated and energized throughout my workouts and keeps me going. It helps give me the energy I need to push through my workouts and keeps my hydrated throughout the day so I could be ready to hit my second session in the evening. I find that on the days that I don’t use it, intra workout, I seem to get tired a lot faster and my muscles get sore more than usual. This may be a placebo effect, but either way, it makes me feel better when I take it, so that is something.
    In terms of value, I usually find this product around the $33 mark (Canadian). This is for 60 servings. If you compare that to other means of hydration, like straight coconut water, it is a pretty good price per serving. I have no problem paying this price for 60 servings of Hydra-Charge.
    —-Side Effects—-
    I have not noticed any side effects what so ever using this product. Like I said earlier, the ingredients are safe, natural, and high quality. I can’t see any reasons why someone would have side effects from this product.
    I believe that Hydra-charge is a really high quality product, that does what it is promoted to do. It is a staple in my supplement line up and will continue to be fo as long as I can see. If anyone is looking to add hydration to their stack, I don’t think they could do any better than Hydra-Charge. In my opinion, it is the best out there.

  3. smashley23

    The Myth is Real: Hydra Charge is Awesome

    —-Quick Summary—-
    I used this product before I ran, intra workout (for my lifting sessions) and sometimes in the afternoon just because it tastes good. It kept me hydrated and performing well. No complaints here.
    I’m a powerlifter and I recently started running, so I need to watch my water intake/electrolytes so I don’t get dehydrated. I saw a buy two get 1 free deal for Hydra-Charge and decided to give it a shot.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    In one scoop (4.7g), we have 10 calories, 2g carbs, 1g taurine, 500mg coconut water powder, 239mg electrolytes (calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, and 100mg of a SPECTRA (a trademarked blend of different fruits and veggies). I like that they have different electrolytes, but I wish there were more of them. Other than that, I like the profile as it is.
    I got one tub of each flavor: fruit punch, orange mango, and apple limeade. All three flavors were good, but orange mango was my favorite (9/10). Mango’s my favorite fruit, so I’m biased in that regard. The apple limeade was my second favorite, 8.5/10. The fruit punch was a bit too sweet for me (8/10), but I just added more water to compensate. The mixability was pretty good. One scoop would dissolve in my shaker. I used about 16 oz of water. I used 1 scoop at a time, and would have 1-2 servings a day.
    I found this product to be pretty effective. They say if you’re thirsty while training then you’re already dehydrated. I’m not sure if that’s actual science or bro science, but when I drink hydra charge in the morning, I’m less thirsty throughout the day. I had less dry mouth/cotton mouth during training, which is another indicator that I was well-hydrated. I also just felt like I could perform better. I’m not sure if that was entirely physical. It could have been the placebo. I also felt better during my lifting sessions and during my runs on days I drank hydra charge vs. days that I didn’t.
    I got 3 tubs for $48, and each tub has 60 servings, so that was about .$27/serving. To me, that’s a pretty solid deal. Electrolyte supplements can run from $.20-$.45, and this is one of the better ones I have used (in terms of performance and flavor). Right now, I can get it for about $20/tub, which is about .33/serving. That’s still acceptable to me.
    —-Side Effects—-
    If you want to stay hydrated and have your water taste good, get Hydra-Charge. It’s worth it.

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