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Instant Oats is a carbohydrate product manufactured by MyProtein.

The product is intended to provide complex carbohydrates, which could be used to help users wake up in the morning, serve as a midday snack, or supply fuel for long workouts. Oats are also a source of protein, which is believed to promote muscle growth.

Each 100g serving (2 1/3 scoops) provides 68g of total carbohydrates, 0.5g of sugars, 10g of dietary fiber, 8g of total fat and 13g of protein.

Instant Oats is – or has been – available in three flavors: “Chocolate”, “Strawberry Cream” and “Vanilla”. It is sold in 2.2lb resealable pouches.


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  1. BlakePullen

    What is going on guys? I’ve got a thick, hearty review for you today and it’s Oatmeal. I’ve eaten oatmeal on a daily basis for years so I thought why not give MyProtein’s take on the classic meal a try.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    It’s a really simple ingredient list: Ground Oats, and Flavoring Sweetener (Sucralose, flavored options only). I got the vanilla flavor so the added ingredient would be some sort of vanilla sweetener. The macronutrients are,in my opinion, what sets this product apart from your everyday oatmeal. Serving Size: 2 and 1/3 large scoops (100g) A 5.5 pound bag has 25 servings in it. As you can imagine these are HEARTY servings. Calories: 390 Fat: 8g Carbs: 68g Fiber: 10g Sugar: .5g Protein: 13g If you are doing any sort of bulking then these are dreamy macros to see. A lot of people say they can’t gain weight and that’s usually due to not eating enough. Start your day off with 68g of carbs with only HALF a gram of that being sugar!! It’s a very easy carb source with a good amount of fiber and a little protein in it as well. If you are cutting I think you could make it work I just know that for me personally in like to save most of my carbs for later in the day when I’m reallllly getting hungry. This is a pretty straight forward product being ‘instant oats’ and the ingredient label matches that.
    Taste: Vanilla, On its own, this product is pretty bland. I didn’t really get much of a vanilla taste at all just the familiar taste of plain oats. It’s probably a 5/10 in the taste department for me. Now, when you add in some sugar-free syrup or honey and mix it all up this stuff tastes great but the product by itself does not bring much in the flavor department. Mixibility: For the purpose of this review I tried mixing one serving in a blender bottle. All i can say is don’t try it lol. It obviously barely mixed at all (oatmeal doesn’t really mix like a pre-workout) and I would highly recommend using a blender to add it to smoothies. The blender mixes everything up with no problems whatsoever. Dosage: I would mix 1 serving every morning with a bowl of fruit, water and some honey in the microwave or I would add it to a protein shake in the blender with some whey and milk. If you like your shakes a little runny add more milk as needed, but if you like it thicker then pace yourself and start off with just a little milk.
    Regardless how I consumed the product, I was full for at least 2 hours every time. This stuff is heavy and it will stick around in your system. This was great for me because on days where I had to go into the office early I didn’t have to bust open a protein bar an hour after my ‘breakfast’ because I was hungry again like I usually would. Instant oats are like any other food though, I’m consuming it for the macronutrient benefits. It gave me easy carbs to start off everyday and helped me get a jumpstart on my daily fiber intake.
    You can only get this through the MyProtein website to my knowledge and for some weird reason, you can only purchase the 2.2 pound bag right now for $13. That’s $13 for 10 servings. For me personally, I’m going to give this value a 6 because you can buy regular oats in bulk for far cheaper, however, you’d have to use multiple servings in order to achieve the same macronutrient benefits as this product offers. So I can see why it could be justified in some cases, but just not in my case lol.
    —-Side Effects—-
    If you’re on a bulk and need easy carbs then this is a great way to start off your day. (If you like oatmeal) but even if you don’t you could try mixing them into a shake. the value knocks down the overall rating just a little, but hopefully they’ll restock the bigger sizes so you can get more bang for your buck.

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