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Extreme Energy is an energy supplement made by Herbal Nitro. It is designed to give you long-lasting energy, increase physical endurance and fight fatigue.

The supplement contains six ingredients. Caffeine is a stimulant which is said to increase energy, focus, strength and motivation. Eleuthero root (Siberian ginseng) could reduce fatigue and increase cognition, as could American ginseng and Panax ginseng.

Yohimbe bark extract is said has stimulant properties and may help boost energy levels. It is also thought to reduce cortisol and help reduce stress.

Extreme Energy uses an all-natural formula.


3 reviews for Extreme Energy

  1. sven

    I wouldn’t say I was bouncing off the walls, but I definitely had some excess energy
    While working some late nights and early mornings I decided to grab this offered product, that I thank SP and Herbal Nitro for providing. I figured it would help me function better at work after a series of sleep deprived nights.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    The ingredient list contained mostly extracts including, siberian, american, and panax ginseng, kola nut and yohimbe bark. With of course on top of these extracts was a sufficient amount of caffeine. The amount of caffeine was enough to wake me up when I was tired but didn’t give me the jitters which was the perfect balance. The yohimbe bark extract is known for a few things, the energy it provides and its fat burning and testosterone boosting capabilities. The two that I found were active in this product were definitely its energy and test boosting attributes. All in all it was a pretty solid and interesting ingredient profile.

    Taste + Mixability: Capsules

    Dosing: I would take one serving in the morning and depending on the day I would take a second one mid afternoon

    When I first started taking this I don’t know what I was expecting, it could’ve been anything from a dud to sending me off the walls, but herbal nitro made a succesul product that found the happy medium. The energy wasn’t a sudden boost of energy but more of a slow oncoming energy that I began to notice that I had obtained and increased my rate of function both in and out of work. Granted if a dose was taken to close to a preworkout dose, which I began to take less of while on this, I would become overloaded with stimulants, get the jitters and have a heavy crash or be up all night. As far as its test boosting attributes, I didn’t notice a change in anything until after the first week of the product. I began to notice some extra growth as well as more motivation in the bedroom. To wrap it up, this product is no saving grace to keeping you up after an all nighter, but if you’re struggling to stat awake at work due to a lack of sleep day after day, this is the energy supp for you.

    I found this at $16.00 for 30 capsules or $0.53/serving

    —-Side Effects—-
    Insomnia if taken too late or with other caffeine sources

    Like I said before, it’s no saving grace, but it will get the job done if used for its intended purpose of giving energy to those who can’t always find the energy in everyday life.

  2. DaSlaya

    Energy Pill or Cup of Coffee? That is your choice here!
    37 years old and I lift 5 days a week. I have not tried an energy pill since the days of taking the Yellow Jackets caffeine pills. I manage a course at work so the course was starting up and I knew i would need a pick me up without all the sugar and extra calories as the hours get long and the times vary, so I jumped on the opportunity to try out Extreme Energy.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    This contains one big prop blend of 6 ingredients coming in at 515mg combined. I personally am not a fan of the prop blends, especially when it comes to energy type products, as I like to know how much caffeine and other booster ingredients I am putting in my body. So lets break down each ingredient.

    Eleuthero Root (Siberien Ginseng) – This is an adaptogen in the Ginseng family and has been part of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. According to Examine.com this gives minor boosting effects in fat oxidation, fatigue resistance, and immunity. The current standard dose is 300 – 1200mg, but 2-4g range is recommended. Its a shame we do not know how much is in here.

    Caffeine – According to the other review here, @bzyczek reached out to the company and found this has 100mg of Caffeine. This is good to know, so we can surmise there is 415mg left over to divvy out in the 5 other ingredients.

    Yohimbe Bark Extract – Contains a chemical inside it called Yohimbine, and typically used in Erectile Disfunction meds. It can also lower anxiety and blood pressure, but there is insufficient evidence at this time for that proof. That is obviously the reasoning for the inclusion, prob not the ED benefits. This is one of the ingredients that WE NEED to see the dosage in. 15-30mg is recommended dose for ED, however dosing of 100mg of Yohimbine daily have been used and can result in some pretty negative side effects such as death (obviously a significant problem). I can guess the dose is not that high, as I took this daily and did not die. According to WebMD Yohimbe is possibly unsafe taken by mouth, and can also lead to a heart attack, kidney failures, or a seizure. Really in my opinion, this ingredient can be removed entirely.

    American Ginseng Root – This is possibly effective for lowering blood sugar with patients with type 2 diabetes, and respiratory tract infections. There is insufficient evidence to show that this aids in mental performance at this time. Its pretty common to see Ginseng in energy related products, so not a big deal here, but not sure its doing much, but like most ingredients in supplements there just are not enough studies to know for sure. So it may work for some!

    Panax Ginseng Root – Commonly referred to as the “True Ginseng” and is effective for mood, immunity and cognition increases. Around 400mg dosage appears to offer the most cognitive benefit, so if that is the case this ingredient is likely under dosed here.

    Kola Nut – If you are allergic to tree nuts stay away from this product, since there are Kola Nuts included. The warning is also found on the label. Kola Nuts promote good digestion and help counteract the possible ill effects of tainted water. These nuts also contain 1.5-2% of caffeine, plus theobromine, which will provide you with some more energy.

    All in all, I understand why companies do Prop Blends, but some ingredients such as Yohimbe Bark Extract make me unhappy, and should either be removed or labeled with the dosage. We now do know how much caffeine is in here, but I am always a fan of having it listed out, at least at my age, as my body is not as forgiving as it used to be.


    Taste/Mixability – No taste as they are pills and did not have a weird taste or anything on the tongue. They went down fine with some water. They are Gelatin Capsules, so real easy to swallow.

    Dosing – This is going to be based on what you need. The directions call to take one pill mid morning and one mid afternoon for optimal results. Probably fine if you do not have much other Caffeine intake throughout the day. I tried it for a couple days taking two a day, and it was just too much for me. I typically took this around 2 or 3 in the afternoon for my afternoon pick me up and it worked fine.

    Now for the good stuff! Overall one dose (one pill) would give me about 3 hours of energy, which was not bad in my opinion. It was not too overbearing where if I took it at 3pm, I would be up all night. I tend to be asleep by 9pm and up at 430am, so this did not mess with my sleep schedule at all which was fine by me. Obviously your experience may vary depending on how sensitive you are to caffeine and other energy boosting ingredients. The energy it did give me was very low key, and built up slowly, and I did feel a slight boost in focus. I was honestly expecting this to be like caffeine pills in the past where it would give me the jitters and make me feel all jacked up for a few minutes, but that was not the case at all. I liked the low key energy boost and overall I just felt more awake and made finishing my days at work a lot easier.

    The website of the product claims to be “A Natural Energy Booster That Really Works!”, “Energy to keep up with your busy life”, “For long lasting stamina boost, harness the power of herbs in Extreme Energy” i can say that these claims are very accurate and it does give you the energy you need to get through your daily chores in life. It does feel fairly natural and clean. In the end, I found this to be just as effective as drinking a regular cup of coffee for me. Gave me the same kind of boost, so in the end it became a choice a Cup O Joe or a Pill. Nice thing with this is there are no extra calories or sugar being put in your body, and you are netting the same energy results.

    Really the value here is all about how you dose this product. For me I mainly took one dose a day, so it gave me almost a full month. For 30 pills it will run you $16 from the company website, I cannot seem to find the product anywhere else at this time. So your talking 53 cents a day which is a pretty good deal, since coffee is much more expensive than that. If you were to take the recommended 2 doses a day, then this would only last you 15 days and you would be paying around $1.06 a day. That can feel expensive only because it lasts you two weeks. In reality a product like this should only be taken when needed, and one bottle would last me a lot longer if I did not take this daily just for the review! So value, overall pretty great for me.

    —-Side Effects—-
    I did end up having some minor GI issues with this. Almost to the mark, 1 hour after taking this I would have to take a bathroom break. That is likely the amount of time it took to ingest the ingredients into my body, and Once i take any source of caffeine this is my issue (whether its in a PWO, coffee, or energy pill). So not really the products fault, more my genes, but juts keep this in mind if you are like me when it comes to caffeine. Not a big deal, but if you are taking this on a long drive to stay awake or something, then you will want to plan for a rest stop.

    I would like to thank Herbal Nitro and the TROOPer program for giving me the opportunity to test this product out. As my title says, this is as effective as a cup of coffee for me without the calories and extra sugar. I did find a slight boost in focus as well as energy. Energy pills are not something I have added to my supplement stack normally, but I think having a bottle of this in the cabinet for those long days is not a bad thing either. I will likely pick up a bottle of this at some point and keep it for those days I have to work late nights. Not a bad product, and if you are looking for a simple pill to give you some nice clean jitter free energy, I definitely recommend Extreme Energy.

  3. Isuma

    I can see noises!!!
    First and foremost, thank you Herbal Nitro for letting me try this!

    May I start my review by saying it does exactly what it says it’s supposed to and it does it incredibly well! For me, and the reason I stopped at 28 Days instead of the full 30, is it does it at great cost. The side effects of taking this were too uncomfortable and potentially unhealthy to deal with. At day 28 I figured it they weren’t getting better by then they were not going to.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    What is in this you say? It’s a Proprietary Blend. That is the first and only ingredient other than those used to make the shell of the capsule. The proprietary blend consists of 515mg of various herbs of which I’ll go into better detail but unfortunately the dosing of these herbs is somewhat of a mystery.

    [b]Eleuthero Root[/b] – Commonly known and Siberian Ginseng do to it’s similar effects to Panax Ginseng this guy is a herbal powerhouse.
    -Reduce Fatigue: Check
    -Improves Blood Flow: Check
    -Because it improves blood flow it also improves brain function, heart function and reduces neurological problems?: Check
    -Stress Reliever: Check (this one is quite interesting. It doesn’t REDUCE stress, what it does is improves the body’s ability to adapt to stimuli. This, in
    turn, gives the illusion that one is less stressed)
    -Anti-Inflammatory: Check

    [b]Yohimbe Bark[/b] – This guy’s main benefit boils down to it’s ability to dilate blood vessels improving blood flow. The big issue with this? There’s no way to regulate dosage on it. The effectiveness of this herb depends entirely on what part of the tree it’s taken from and how it is handled from there, the extract itself varies greatly. The good doctor says a vague “between 5.4 to 10mg up to three times daily”.

    [b]Caffeine[/b] – so this has been studied and studied again and to list it’s benefits has literally taken up books. So I’ll boil it down to a few key players…
    -This is a methylxanthine class Central Nervous System stimulant.
    -The average american consumes about 200mg of this stuff a day (1-4 cups of coffee). The reason is it caffeine binds to the brains adenosine receptors
    which blocks adenosine from binding (adenosine common binding affect is making us feel tired). AKA – you feel more awake.
    -It reduces our chances of getting about 8 kazillion diseases. Seriously, from Fatty Liver disease to eyelid spasm. From Erectile Dysfunction to suicide.
    Lower risk of colon cancer, better memory development, protection from cataracts and prevention of weight gain. This is a heavy class supplement.
    -This stimulates our nervous system to work harder and faster. This in turn translates to better cognitive function, increase strength and improved
    reaction time.

    [b]American Ginseng Root[/b] – Not to cop out of a description, but seriously the effects are almost identical to in Eleuthero Root and Panax. The two key DIFFERENCES are
    1) Hardly ANY modern studies have been performed on this and of those studies none were conclusive.
    2) The side effect list is certainly longer. More on this later.

    [b]Panax Ginseng Root[/b] – Seriously guys…I’m not sure if there is a study that I cannot find that says using these three ginseng together exacerbates the effects but their benefits and dosing are all pretty similar. Unfortunately so our their side effects. The real differences is Ginseng come from HOW they are processed, not the tree they come from. Herbal Nitro does not disclose how their various ginseng’s are processed.

    [b]Kola Nut[/b] – Metabolic booster. This guy stimulates the heart and increases circulation. It has also been shown to increase nutrition uptake and decrease gastrointestinal issues. I’m assuming they put this guy in here to help balance out the three ginseng’s.

    Overall the products used look solid, the problem is that at 515mg in the blend it is likely that quite a few of these are under dosed.
    Take one pill with water. Don’t let it sit in your mouth though, the capsule is quite bitter tasting!

    It does EXACTLY what it says it does. I tried it at three different times of the day for 10 (well almost on the last run) days each.
    -First thing when I wake up: Alarm goes off at 5am, took this pill and went back to sleep. Alarm goes off at 5:30am and I am READY to take on the
    grizzly bear! Was a (almost) great way to wake up in the morning!
    -12pm – Noon time at work, right when I’m getting sleepy and unfocused. Pop one of these pills and I will conquer the rest of my day!
    *note that during this time I would drink a half cup of moderate coffee in the morning.
    -5:30pm – If this came down to energy this would rule the pre-workout world. Problem is the side effects at this time of day. More on that later.

    $15.99 for 30 days. That’s .53 cents a serving. Not bad at all.

    —-Side Effects—-
    Alight my fellow lifters. So with all this promise, for it performing exactly as it said it should why would I “Meh” this supplement. Because it’s benefits came at great cost my friends…at great cost *pause for dramatic effect*

    1) Guys, seriously there were times I swore I could hear colors. When taken any time of the day other than first thing in the morning this supplement was almost anxiety inducing. I was a ball of energy and I got my work done in probably two-thirds of the time but the whole time it was happening I hearing every pin drop and seeing every light variation there was. It became difficult at times to talk to customers because I was so easily distracted. I was LITERALLY uncomfortably energetic.

    2) All the benefits you get you get after an uncomfortable run to the bathroom. The gastrointestinal issues were bad enough that I almost stopped taking this at about day 9. Upset stomach, cramps and diarrhea were commonplace the ENTIRE time I was taking this. I held out hoping that maybe the body just needed to get used to it. Never did and at medically speaking I probably should have stopped before I did. Almost ironic though since when you go to Herbal Nitro’s website the first thing that comes up is a colon cleanser.

    This supplement delivers everything it said it would but I myself could not handle the side effects. Other reviews I’ve read on it (both on and off this site) have mentioned GI issues from minor to major so I’m hoping that maybe it is just me that reacts [b]THIS[/b] poorly to this. Overall, if you can escape the side effects this could be a GREAT supplement. Me, myself and I however are unfortunately unable to justify enduring what we did to get the benefits. Again I thank Herbal Nitro for this opportunity and hope the rest of you willing to give this product a try gain my benefits without my problems!

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