Herbal Nitro

Founded in 1999, Herbal Nitro is a company dedicated to providing “supplements that you’ll rave about”. It is based in Oceanside, California. It is registered as Herbal Nitro Inc.

According to the brand website, Herbal Nitro was set up because the people behind it “take great joy in [their] craft”. From the start, the company’s single aim was – and still is – to make products that its employees would be happy giving their “friends and family”. Herbal Nitro’s CEO is Dante Spano, who has been with the company since 2000.

The company also maintains a commitment to making and selling “high quality products” at a price consumers can afford. To achieve the goal of producing premium supplements at affordable prices, it asserts a hands-on approach to production.

In other words, company employees source the ingredients themselves, rather than relying on any third party. According to the company website, this helps maintain consistency – so Herbal Nitro products “feel the same every time you take them”.

The website also says the brand is not just concerned with choosing ingredients that provide results – they must also be safe. With this in mind, every Herbal Nitro product uses 100% natural ingredients.

In addition, all Herbal Nitro products are made in facilities which “hold to the statutes of the Federal Drug Administration” (FDA). And as part of its desire for “integrity”, the brand says it is “100% compliant” with the law, even when it doesn’t “agree with [those laws] all the time”.

Herbal Nitro products include – or have included – “Extreme Energy” (energy booster), “My Gentle Detox” (colon health), “My Gentle Cleanse” (anti-bloating formula), and “Allura Trim” (appetite suppressant).

To back up their claim to “believe in [their] products”, the people at Herbal Nitro offer a “risk-free”, 30-day guarantee on all their products. This means any customers who are unsatisfied by Herbal Nitro products can return them for a refund within a month of the purchase date.

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