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  1. rlund25

    Did what is said
    I was looking for that magic pill to help lose fat and keep muscle.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    The main ingredient is Epiandrosterone, which is derived from DHEA

    Dosing i did a 10 week cycle at 500mg a day not recommended for beginners only advance users

    It did what it said, i lost the fat maintain all strength and muscle.

    I think the price is a little high and it didnt help i needed 2 bottles. I understand there is cost to make it but can some savings be passed onto us average joes.

    —-Side Effects—-
    Increased libdo but that did wear off at week 6

    Great product helped me shave off 20 pounds and maintain muscle mass and increase strength but only a marginal amount but what can you expect being on a caloric deficiency.

  2. User

    Didn’t do diddle
    I was hoping this product had to be pretty good but it didn’t do nothing for me and I do strength train and give my 100% every time I work out.. Really disappointed. IDK if someone switched the pills or what but it didn’t do nothing seriously . How it got 5 stars got me ?

  3. User

    Nothing at all I worked out just about every day no results at all difficult to fall asleep even after taking 8 hours before bed time only thing it did to me. I will not be taking this anymore, most of the reviews on nessus fake mice I found out the hard way but after finding out other people have the same results like I did nothing did I feel better knowing that it wasn’t just me that felt that way

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