MuscleTech Vapor X5 Ripped Reviews

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Category: Pre-Workout
Sub Category: Stimulant
Vapor X5 Ripped Reviews
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About Vapor X5 Ripped

Vapor X5 Ripped is a hybrid pre-workout and weight-loss product made by MuscleTech. It was formulated to increase energy, raise focus and fuel workout intensity, while also supporting weight loss.

The product’s “Musclebuilding Matrix” contains creatine and betaine. Creatine is said to help supply the muscles with energy, while betaine is thought to play a role in muscle-cell hydration.

Meanwhile, the “Pump Matrix” features arginine inositol silicate (as Nitrosigne®), which could increase blood flow and enhance muscle pumps. Meanwhile, yohimbe extract is said to support fat loss, while caffeine and L-theanine may work together to help users focus better.

The product comes – or has come – in two flavors: “Icy Rocket Freeze” and “Strawberry Limeade”.