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D-Pol Reviews

By: Purus Labs


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Growth Enhancers > Natural Testosterone Boosters

D-Pol is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Purus Labs. It helps optimize your natural testostorone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

Amino acid that may boost testosterone levels in men in addition to increasing levels of Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle-stimulating Hormone.

(Amount not disclosed)

Patented form of bonded nitrate used to increase nitric oxide production, improve glucose uptake of muscles and increase endurance.



Rep: +785
Trust: 100%
  November 7, 2015

Whats up SR another review here. I first heard of SR when I was getting into buying supplements back five to six years ago. I was coming off of an injury and decided to add a test boosting regimen to regain whatever strength I did lose while I was out. I mainly concentrate on powerlifting and the big three. (squat, dead, and bench with no arch :]). I was in my third week of Sheiko 29 when I got injured and than was unable to deadlift or squat for close to two months.

My stack consisted of
Month 1
Kre Alkalyn EFX
Metabolic Nutrition ESP

Month 2
Kre Alkalyn EFX

I made a supplement log on here under the title "Road To Redemption". I have done multiple PH cycles but wanted to hold off on anything too anabolic until I was back where I wanted to be at strength wise. I chose to add D pol because I saw that it has been ranked number one for a long time under the Natty Test boosting category and knew it didn't get there by chance. I realize the MK677 doesn't test boost but I know it aids in increased recovery for which I am prepping for a mock charity meet in December that I want to PR in all 3 lifts and than cruise on Sheiko program until I actually compete in either a USAPL, USPA, or RPS meet.

Ingredient Profile= A-

This ingredient profile is straight to the point. Vitamins D3, B6,B9,B12, sodium, D Aspartic Acid, and Sodium Nitrate. I could go on and on about how DAA has been proven to show increase in free testosterone production. Here's a link with an in depth article that I read before purchasing this(it does DAA more justice than I would be able to): They have 3.12 grams of DAA for the test boost and 480 mgs of Sodium Nitrate for pumps with the name they trademarked Nitratene. There is no undisclosed amount of an ingredient in here. There's nothing in this that made me think it didn't sound like something I would want to put in my body. The only reason I gave it an A-(9/10) is for the simple fact they could have added more D-aspartic acid to really kick in the test boosting. They did put in just enough for the test boosting to happen so its not a big deal at all.

Taste/Mixability/Dosing= A

The dosing on this was pretty simple; 3 pills with a multi pre workout with some food or on your off days with the first biggest meal of your day. It also says on the label "Optionally, take 1 serving with your preworkout drink to maximize exercise efficientcy alongside testosterone elevation." This pretty much gave me the green light to keep training fasted or close to and take this with a multi and pre workout. A lot of people seem to complain about the size of the pills but its really not a big deal. They are chalky. Although since there isn't a crazy amount of chemicals in this product the taste is simply just salty and a hint of citrus. I don't know why but when I had them in my mouth I let them sit for a little bit and that was the only flavor that I could come up with. I didn't see any of this as an inconveince so thats why I gave the high score. I would have liked to only take one pill per day but we don't live in a perfect world so this was perfectly fine.

Effectiveness= A-

Ok so here's the nuts and bolts of the product. Going into this I saw one review on here compare this product to an actual Prohormone cycle and another say it was completely useless. I went into this with the thinking that hopefully it won't be completely useless and I'll notice SOMETHING(although if I had PH like gains that would be unreal but I wasn't banking on that). I have taken a few natty test boosters before and I never felt like they did much. This was a completely different story. I needed a little boost to get where I was pre injury and this did what it was supposed to and than some. When I would take this with my pre workout I could feel the nitrates and caffeine in my chest making me feel like I was going into the gym to unleash all my anger on the weights. This definitely helped me get an Alpha feeling even if I didn't feel like it was going to be a good workout.

Week 1

I didn't notice much of anything the first week. This is normal from what I hear. The pumps come and they didn't. The only problem with the pumps was I was doing volume and on my back days mixed in with the other factors(of not really EVER doing volume, not being able to lift for two months) It may have hindered my performance on deads and squats. The pump from this product did seem to last all day.

Week 2

I actually PR'd in strict OHP this week. I also started to notice a slight libido boost. I didn't realize I even somewhat needed this. I knew since I had been injured I put on some weight and my body wasn't the same but the libido really came thru weeks 2.5-4.My body did seem to start to change. I began to get a slightly drier look and my muscles seemed to be getting harder. This could have been from the ad3 or the Dpol. I'm going to attribute the strength gains to the Dpol. I also had multiple rep PR's in accessory movements.

Week 3&4

I PR'd in Strict OHP again. Before this stack I was able to get 185 up for one rep. This week I was able to get 185x3. Also on Bench I got 310x3 for another rep Pr. My libido really seemed to be thru the roof these last two weeks. I won't say that I felt like I was going thru puberty but there was a noticable change. Also I was able to get 460 for a solid one rep and only up to my knees for a second rep. Considering this is 97% of my PR in deads and I was able to do this my third week back I believe this stack helped out tremendously. My visceral fat seemed to have gone away. Not saying this is a direct result but with this stack, back to working, my workout routine, and eating habits, my V is very more pronounced and my muscles are harder with more visible vascularity. I am back on my sheiko 30 routine(started at beginning of week 4) and my strength is as if I didn't skip a beat.

From their website they say

Intense strength and lean muscle accrual through increased circulating Free Testosterone levels-9/10 I can't say factually that my test levels went up. The strength was there and the signs of increased testosterone were there(aggression, acne, endurance etc.). I didn't get blood work so I can't say that it did even though I felt a huge change.

Prolonged exercise endurance due to greater mitochondrial efficiency and enhanced oxygen-carrying blood flow-7/10 I definitely felt a pump. I haven't tried other pump products tho so I have nothing to compare it to. I felt it took awhile for the pump to kick in and when it did it was too strong. My opinion take it for what its worth.

Superior nutrient delivery due to heightened and sustained vasodilation.
Extremely increased virility (i.e. sex-drive)-8/10 This definitely kicked in but I wouldn't use the adjective "Extremely". I am 25 years old so this could have played a huge factor for this.

Value= B+

I bought this from Vitamin Shoppe for $33. "But Patrick they have it on this website for $22!" I figured since I was already buying protein from them and if I bought the dpol from another retailer and payed $8-9 for shipping(completely overpriced since it costs less than $4 to ship this weight USPS, but I understand people need to make their money whereever possible. So for a one month 30 serving "cycle"(NATURAL test boosting CYCLE with a supplement name DPOL o the irony) it came out to $1.11 per serving. For this category its pretty awesome considering some are on their way to $2 and not as well peer reviewed. I still feel that this could have been priced better but that is on the actual retailer not SRV.

Side Effects=A

I guess I got more aggression from this. When I say I guess its due to the fact that I am known to be an abrasive person. This aggression came and it wasn't too intense but I did notice an increase in confidence. (Especially when I was doing a job interview for a shop and letting the plant manager know my views on the union. Even though I am slightly a jerk I wouldn't normally be talking in a way like that.) The acne came also but it wasn't so Gnarly that I had to see a dermotologist or find a research site that had accutane bahahah. No sides from this was a big deal and barely noticeable.


My conclusion on this product is that it is a solid test booster. It did what it was supposed to for me which was help aid in me gaining my strength back. Personally I will pass on this for a little bit. While this did do its job I'll be venturing into other avenues in which I decided would be better suited for me to spend my money on. I would recommend this product to friends, family, and strangers alike. If I see this for the right price on a site that I am already buying other products on I'll pick it up. So back up top I said on review said it did nothing while the other one raved about it being as close to a PH as possible. I feel that this cycle for me leaned a little bit past halfway towards the latter. It definitely did more than barely noticable results. NO I didn't just compare this to a PH just saying there's two extremes on here and I feel this test booster is at the top of its class for a reason. POPS OUT!
  • Increased Muscle Hardness
  • Not Many Side Effects
  • Simple But Effective Profile
  • Awsome Results
  • Strong Test Booster
  • Increased Endurance
  • Great Pump
  • Good Value
  • Cheap
  • Fantastic Pumps
  • Increased Strength/endurance
  • Improved Libido
  • Large Tablets
  • Acne On Shoulders
Rep: +464
Trust: 100%
  September 7, 2015

Notice: I am a 58 year old male. Your results may vary.

So I actually ran this as part of a stack for 8 weeks:

D-pol - 3 tabs each morning (3hrs before workout)
Compound 20 2 x 3 caps/day
Pyroxamine 3 caps/day (first 4 weeks only)
PWO - alternated between LG Fully Loaded AMPed edition and Nutrabio PRE
Optimum ZMA - 3 caps at bedtime
MusclePharm 3:1:2 BCAA 10g before workout

Over the 8 weeks I ended up dropping BF from15-16% to 11% (calipers) and adding about 3lbs muscle. More details, with before and after pics can be found here:

I then waited about 10 days before posting this because I wanted to confirm its effects (i.e. see what strength/muscle i lost after stopping it). (see later)

As with any stack it can be difficult to know what actually worked, but I am still using all the above except for D-Pol and C20. I am sure the D-Pol was responsible for the strength gains, muscle gain (while losing 9lbs of BF, which I am putting down to the Pyroxamine and C20), and massive pumps.

----Ingredient Profile----
D-Pol contains 3.12g of DAA, Nitratine (for pump) and vitamins D and B. DAA powder may work just as well, but the Nitratine gave awesome pumps which worked very well with the strength and muscle gains that came from the DAA.

3 largish tablets per day. Get em down and no whining. I always took them early morning. Next time i may try moving them closer to my workout at 11.30am.

This stuff is amazing and kicked in from day 1 and was just as potent all the way through to the end of the 8 week run. Maybe its because of my age, but I certainly did not feel any tail off in its effects. I was posting PBs for outright weight or reps every single time I went in the gym. I do 4x10 reps for everything and I added 40-50lbs to all my major lifts through the run. I also felt like I could workout all day. Since coming off D-Pol, I am using a PWO but its a struggle to finish my workout. With D-Pol I felt like I could have trained for hours, and recovery in-between sets was faster.

Pump was awesome throughout too - especially shoulders and arms. My left shoulder would pump up so much it was a little painful at the end of a shoulder workout. I have never used a standalone pump supplement so can't compare, but I couldn't really handle any more than I got out of D-Pol. Good vascularity too during the workout which is also a great motivator.

About the age factor: I have been lifting continuously since I was 25 and have never been able to lift as heavy, for as many reps as i could on D-Pol. So my natural testosterone levels, when i was in my 20's, did not enable me to match for the performance I got from D-Pol. I dont think only works for older guys.

The ingredients are not expensive. As a result, D-Pol is cheap and amazing value for the results you get. $21.95 for a months supply from Lockout.

----Side Effects----
On big zit on my chest and couple of odd looking dark spots on my chin were pretty much all the sides I had. they cleared up quickly though. I had maybe a very slight alpha male feeling but I am pretty laid back anyway so no big deal.

About 10 days since i stopped taking D-Pol and since the day after I stopped, not a single PB in the gym. Thats the worst part - losing the strength gains you had while on it. I have not put much fat back on but I have lost a little muscle since stopping it.

I think though the fact that I was able to actually add about 2lbs muscle while losing 10lbs of fat speaks for itself. I will put the fat loss partly down to the pyroxamine and C20, but I do also think the fact that I was lifting much heavier and working out much harder, due to D-Pol, also contributed to fat loss.

If anyone has any recommendations on cycling this I would like to hear it. I would like to do 2 months on and 1 off. Next time I will drop the C20 (still not 100% convinced about that) and may add AD-3 instead of ZMA, but to be honest, this last cycle gave me great strength and muscle gains.

Like many others have said, this stuff is an absolute winner.
  • Increased Muscle Hardness
  • Increased Strength/endurance
  • Fantastic Pumps
  • Cheap
  • Good Value
  • Strong Test Booster
  • Awsome Results
  • Feeling Weak When You Come Off It
Rep: +792
Trust: 100%
  May 21, 2015

This is my first review so I will address the mandatory questions as part of the introduction. Don't take it easy on me - please be critical...

First off I am a 36 year old dude - haven't really been to the gym/lifted weights for a while (~18 years?). I started out with Insanity MAX:30 for about 75 days to get into good enough shape to start hitting the gym again. I am using the DREW BAYE ( type HIT weight lifting (3 days per week) and doing some HIIT for cardio (30-60 minutes 5-6 times per week). My diet is around 1800-2000 calories per day - 50/30/20 Protein/Carb/Fat...

I started this thing around 260 pounds and I am currently ~225 pounds. Not looking for a weight number to hit - just looking for a "I feel and look good" type of goal...

1. How did you find out about SR? I was looking for a site that was pretty comprehensive and had a wide array of products - most sites only have reviews on products they sell (go figure). A few years ago I used this site as a reference for a few supplements and found that the results I had were somewhat consistent with that review - so that validated the quality of this site to me...

2. What prompted you to write this review? I wanted to share my experience and provide feedback on this supplement.

3. What are your fitness goals? My fitness goals are to get into better shape, increase strength, look better, and feel better...

4. What other products are you planning to review? While I used DPOL I used the following products and will provide reviews on some or all of them: Jack3d, Pumped RAW, ON 100% Whey, Compete, Glutamine, Opti-Men, and Inhibit-E...

(Background info on yourself, diet, experience, goals, first thoughts on the product and how you discovered SR)

----Ingredient Profile----
There are other better Ingredient Profile dissertations on here - I would recommend checking them out.

10/10 - 3 pills... Not too tough to swallow...

I took them mainly in the morning at first then tried to take them an hour before I would work out. This seemed to work pretty good as well... The results were the same, I think, during both time periods...


9/10 - I feel like DPOL did have a positive effect on me. I noticed that I was pretty sharp both mentally and physically. I noticed an uptick in libido and that was pretty terrific. Considering I used this for 4 weeks instead of 8 it could have been placebo but I don't think it was since I have noticed some intensity drop since not using it. I did notice more muscle hardness during the four weeks - and the leaning effect from the Inhibit-E may have made this more prevalent...

In the 2-3 weeks since not using it I have noticed a difference in libido and some of the muscle hardness so it leads me to believe that DPOL did have an effect on me...


9/10 - I grabbed this for $19 - and I am kicking myself for not grabbing more at that price. It is a solid value for sure.

----Side Effects----

7/10 - Not sure if it was the Inhibit-E or the DPOL or both but I was/am kind of irritable and get pretty angry over dumb stuff. I am aware of it thought so I can shut it down pretty quick. Didn't see any acne or anything like that...


I think it was pretty terrific for me. I plan on grabbing a couple more bottles and will take it while I am off the Inhibit-E and see how things go running it alone.
  • Increased Strength/endurance
  • Good Value
  • Increased Muscle Hardness
  • Cheap
  • Awsome Results
  • Increased Endurance
  • Agression
Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  March 30, 2014

what made me to write about this because this product made me confident

I am 26 years old and highly sexually active and few months back I used P6 extreme from Cellucor because I wanted to stack some muscle and reviews were amazing . I was halfway with the bottle and suddenly I lost my boner , I am being honest , My GF started to feel insecure as I wouldnt get hard anymore .I started feeling embarrased as I have a high sex drive .I stopped taking it , I threw the bottle away . I got some sex drive back but it wasnt the same anymore and on top of that , I didnt gain anything .

Effectiveness(10/10) :
I took D-pol after reading about it on here . All I can say I am thankful . My sex drive returned and I became a beast in Bed . I know this has nothing to do with bodybuilding but I am really grateful . I was not tired and I would go into the gym and try to give my best everytime .I had labrada supercharge in my system too . I was more defined and I had more noticeable vascularity . People wanted to workout with me in GYM .

Taste :
Three tablets , no problem . I have taken 11 pills from animal pak so 3 is no big deal .

Side effects : None

Dosage : The box says you can take 3 tablets 60 minute prior to workout but I saw some people took it 30 minutes before and I did the same .

Price/value :
Its not expensive . Depending on where you buy it .

I have no complains and I highly recommend it as its natural too .

P.S -- sorry for the story but I wanted to share .
Rep: +38
Trust: 27%
  October 29, 2013

Hi guys, this is my first review on SR so I would like to take a moment to introduce myself.

Profile: I'm 22, natural lifter, 205lbs, 12% BF. I train in a powerbodybuilding style.

I have taken different testosterone supplements in the past (and I don't really know why, as a 22-year-old, I have raging testosterone as it is). I guess as a natural lifter, I have always been looking for an "edge" that doesn't go the steroid or Pro-hormone route.

I ran two tubs of D-pol, both in pill form and in powder form. I will review both below.

I stacked D-pol with Musclem Marinade and OrganShield by Purus Labs, Erase Pro by PES, and regular amounts of fish/flax oil, BCAAs, Pro Complex protein, and lots of vitamin D3 tabs.


The reason I started taking this was because I had been having some lame workouts since graduating college. I lost my workout buddy, I was no longer competing in powerlifting competitions, and all my solo workouts lacked any intensity. My strength was regressing.

At my peak, I was squatting 605, benching 405, and deadlifting 555 raw--all on an athletic 4.6 forty-yard dash frame and 205lb bodyweight.

But after graduating college and starting working life, things began to deteriorate. I had a hard time benching 315 for reps, squats were tougher, and I couldn't even get 500 off the ground on a deadlift. I didn't know what was wrong with me.

So I looked into a testosterone supplement. In the past I had tried BatteFuel, EBolic, and other brands that had little to no affect besides morning libido issues.

D-pol, however, was much different than the others. I noticed no difference--no difference until about the third week. The third week of D-Pol was the best one-week workout I have ever had in my entire life. I think the power of the stack, coupled with my diet, just completely transferred my waning fitness lifestyle.

That Monday, I walked into the gym to do chest (international bench day, I know). The week prior, I had a tough time doing 5x5 with 315. On my first set that day, I did 315 x 12. Blinking, I looked around and said to myself "Woah..." So I added more weight.

Long story short, I did an 8-set pyramid up to 405lbs, and made the lift.

I followed the next day by ripping 505lb deadlifts for 7 sets of 4, which I've never done before.

Squats were a similar story: 7 x 4 with 545.

I couldn't believe the results I was getting, so I came back on this site and read more reviews about this stuff. I noticed a lot of people suggesting that the user run 2 tubs of D-pol in a row. I didn't hesitate--I bought a second tub (powder).

TASTE 7/10

The pills obviously don't have a taste, but those things are horse pills. I wonder about solubility with those, seeing how big they are. I always took them with oatmeal and tuna fish, so I think they absorbed pretty well, but I wouldn't suggest taking them without food unless you grind them up.

The powder flavor was Custard Creme. Not bad, but not great. It doesn't mix that great. I always had particles left over at the bottom, which taste extremely sour when they hit your tongue. Not a fan of that.


When I took some other test supplements this past summer, I noticed that I was getting extra fat on my nipples. It wasn't the beginning of gyno or anything, it just seemed like my nipples were sagging. I thought to myself "WTF is that?"

After a little research, I learned that increasing testosterone production also increases estrogen, so you can get an increase of tissue around your nipples. I immediately bought a bottle of ERASE by PES and that completely changed the body composition of my chest. My nipples sucked back in tight and hard to the muscle.

IF YOU RUN D-POL, PLEASE RUN AN AROMOTASE INHIBITOR. Don't freak yourself out like I did.

I don't get acne or pimples, so I can't comment there. My facial hair grew a little faster.

PRICE 10/10

I got this cheap ($22) from I used to be a huge fan of, but they are getting greedy with their prices. Check out SizeUpsupplements guys. I know they're limited in their selection, but you can get some good deals.



Now that I've finished my second tub, I am cycling off of Muscle Marinade, D-Pol, and Erase. This was the best stack I have ever done in my ten years of lifting. I was so impressed, I just had to make an account and share with you guys.

All the best,

J. O'Donnell
Get swole
  • Increased Muscle Hardness
  • Increased Strength/endurance
  • Cheap
  • Good Value
  • Strong Test Booster
  • Awsome Results
  • Large Tablets
Rep: +40
Trust: 42%
  October 2, 2013

OK so a review of popular test/N.O. booster D-Pol.I have done several cycles of D-Pol and have never been let down. I'll keep this one relatively short and sweet since I don't like to delve into each chemical contained in it (and can't pronounce half of them) since others have done so before.

OVERALL: D-pol is a DAA based testosterone booster and has nitrates in it to promote nitric oxide production for the holy pump. As far as the test boosting values I would attest that it definitely gave me a bump. I used this in my early twenties so it would of course be more effective for an older person but still, I felt the power. I can't provide before and after blood test results but I can say I got a tiny bit of acne on my back, tiny bit more aggression which was mostly in the gym. Not as much aggression to me as a tribulus based booster gives me.

I could also feel my muscles hardening up and become dryer. I have ran DPol while bulking, cutting and during strength routines and it is at home during all of them. (for maximum boost I like to stack DPol with Animal Stak and Erase and Ad3-PCT but that is another story... I have used this alone and it performs great.) My favorite effect of DPol is the alpha male-zen like well being it gives you. It just makes you feel like you should is the only way I can explain it.

One container is good for 4 weeks and like many have said before it is best when ran for 8 weeks. It may take up to two weeks to kick in so don't get discouraged and go ahead and invest in 2 containers and finish them before you judge it because only 4 weeks will not do it justice.

Like I said earlier it has nitrates that promote N.O. production for greater pumps and let me tell ya. The pumps can be insane! A lot of Bro science experts say there is not research to support a way to promote an N.O. increase but whatever they can debate all they want, this thing will blow you up period.

Con: That is right just one kinda bad con. The tablets are pretty large and the edges are well, edges not rounded so it can literally scrape your throat when they go down.

Price: And that leads me to the next point, price. You can grab this for around 18 bucks online which is cheap for any supplement but for one that provides not just test but N.O. boosts as well...that price point is AWESOME! Big props to Purus labs for a great product that isn't hard on the wallet as well!

Miscellany: Ok so someone will accuse me of being a Purus rep because of this rant but Just wanted to say I love the design and graphics on the containers of these things. The size of the containers is small which caught me off guard at first but I came to love it. And the graphics and logo design Purus chose reminds me of a cool Vegas night club lolol well done Purus.

Definitely worth a shot!
  • Increased Muscle Hardness
  • Increased Strength/endurance
  • Fantastic Pumps
  • Cheap
  • Good Value
  • Great Pump
  • Large Tablets
Rep: +4
Trust: 0%
  March 21, 2013

ok guys, I know and everybody should know that when you take a test booster, DO NOT expect to get huge and shredded and all that. Talking about myself, I like test boosters because they give me this little push in gym as well as some increased energy and strength. I ran d-pol for two months and I thought it was the best test booster I've tried Ok, let me break it down for you:

I thought price was really good for a test booster/pump product meaning that you are getting 2 in 1 for the price of 20$ or so, no complains here!

for a test booster, man I am telling you I have tried quit a few but this one was the best. it gave me that little edge in the gym in terms of increased energy and strength. it defiantly made me look leaner and I also realized that my muscles were fuller and I had a great pump every time I worked out. when it comes to how fast it worked I would say give it about 2 weeks until you really notice that your taking something. oh I also looved the increased libido while on this thing. I was horney all the time n my girlfriend was like, r u kidding me whats wrong with u!!

I defiantly saw some little pimples on my shoulders and the side of my arms, nothing serious tho. I actually liked that cuz it made me realize that its working. other than that everything was fine, no aggression or what so ever.

All in all, this product is a really good one in terms of price and what you get out of it. would I buy it again? defiantly, im actually thinking of doing another cycle soon after I finish my MASS HGH which I ordered yesterday and im excited to give it a try! I will let you guys know how that goes too.

Take care ya'll
  • Increased Muscle Hardness
  • Increased Strength/endurance
  • Cheap
  • Good Value
  • Acne On Shoulders
Rep: -1
Trust: 0%
  March 17, 2013

Possibly the most hyped product that doesnt deliver since deer antler spray. First off, DAA has not been proven to do anything regarding boosting test. It did well in one single study in its short tenure and the long term effects are very blurry as of right now. Having said that I bought this product because of all of the fabulous reviews associated with it.

Lets start out by breaking this product down chemically, Dpol is made up of 4 vitamins B6, B12, D3,and B9. This may be the only essential part of this product. these vitamins play a small part in providing energy and building muscle. moving down, we get to DAA and Nitraline. I've already ranted about DAA, as for nitraline Nitrates can be very dangerous and cause drops in bp and all kinds of heart palpitations, as it did for me. One has to be sure you do not stack nitrates with pre workouts as that can be very dangerous.

One will experience a burst of energy undoubtedly. the combination of massive amounts of IUs and nitrates in any product will cause energy, however dont think this will translate into some kind of pump. you might as well drink some redbull, itd probably be healthier too. I suppose in the energy respect it is somewhat effective other than that, its a joke. As aforementioned above DAA is ineefective as a test booster, please do not waste your money on an unproven t booster. In 10 years it will be off the market because the studies are so all over the place.

I paid 26 dollars even on this product, so it could have been worse, however I'd get more use out of a turd than this product which makes 26 dollars seem like a lot. This product is simply ineffective, I know its hard to ignore but move right past this product in your search for a test booster.
  • Energy
  • Ineffective
Rep: +73
Trust: 100%
  January 30, 2013

I was really excited to run two containers of D-pol with other supplements but maybe my testosterone is still high or it just didn't work for me.

I took D-pol with Universals Animal Stak, fish oil, multi, protein, PWOs, creatine, a couple BCAA supplements, and USPlabs Super cissus/Universials Animal flex. Running the D-pol and Animal Stak combo I felt confident that my lifts would get a little bigger as I felt I was hitting a plateau. Seemed as everyone else was seeing good results with this so I gave it try.

Value- 9 : D-pol is pretty good value for 20$ a container. Each container will last someone a month supply. Running two of these, it'll cost someone 66 cents a day, which is cheap compared to some other DAA products.

Effectiveness- 7 : Like i previously stated, I'm not sure if D-pol didn't work for me, my testosterone levels are already high, or maybe I should've stacked it with an anti estrogen. I did get the increase of acne on my back and some on my face but nothing to severe. The pumps from the D-pol alone weren't bad but nothing to crazy for me. I ran the D-pol for two weeks without a PWO to see how good the pumps were, but they weren't anything I would rave about. After the two weeks, I then added the Animal Stak and a PWO (bc i just got the ON platinum pre) and the pumps were probably some of the best I've ever had. The pumps would last quite a long time if I kept on lifting good. Towards the last two weeks of running D-pol and Animal stak, I did feel as my arms and my legs were getting harder. I did take my multis shortly before taking D-pol as it suggested.

Overall- 7 : I only gave this overall a 7 because D-pol apparently didn't want to work for me, but I did see little acne. I never broke through my plateau in any of my lifts as I seemed to with Isa test. Some people complained about the pill sizes but its nothing when your taking Animals multi, Stak and flex, with fish oils. I would consider giving this another run a year later (if its still around) however I'd add in a anti estrogen. During nutraplanets year end sale, I purchased some Lecheek's HGH and MAN's prometheus rising that I'm going to stack with Driven's triazole. I'll hopefully see better results with this stack than I did with the D-pol and Stak.
  • Increased Muscle Hardness
  • Good Value
  • Good Pump
  • Little Bit Of Acne Very Little.
Rep: +212
Trust: 100%
  January 25, 2013

What's up SR bros! I have been meaning to write this for about a week now so I apologize for the tardiness but I really had to sit and think how I was going to go about assessing this product and here it is. (Side note: I ran this for 4 weeks after already running AD-3 for 4 weeks.)

Taste/Dosing(9): First off there is no taste because it is a pill, so no real score there. As far as dosing it is very simple, 3 pills pre-workout. Not hard. Though the pills were on the large side, but lets be honest if you have taken Animal Pak then 3 pills is nothing.

Ingredients(9): I am not going to spell everything out because this product is not new and the ERs have already done that but for those of you who don't know this is a DAA based supplement with some extra vitamins and nitrates. Simple, easy and proven.

Effectiveness(7.5): Ok so just so we get this out of the way yes I am only 21 years old so my test is already high, and no I did not get blood work done so this is all based on my own personal opinion.

Strength: No major increases in the strength department which I was a little disappointed about. A few pounds were added to my squat and deadlift at the end of my 4 week cycle but really that is about it. I really should have done a full 8 weeks.

Pump: MASSIVE PUMPS!!!! nough said.

Aggression: A lot of people claim to get very aggressive on DAA but I have to say I did not see a change in my disposition at all.

Acne: Not really, I think the acne that I did have was from my AD-3 because it not really increase from the addition of D-Pol.

Weight: I did take this on a bulk and I managed to put on a few extra pounds with its addition to my stack. Though a lot of that should be attributed to diet because I was eating everything.

So with all of that added up I saw some strength gains towards the end of the cycle as well as putting on a few pounds. But outside of that I cannot say how much D-Pol did for me. But again with that said you have to keep in mind I did not get blood work done and I am only 21 years old.

Value(8): You can get a month supply for around $22-$23 and with this day and age we live in that is a good price for just about any supplement especially for something that has as much science behind it as DAA.

Overall(8): I did enjoy my run with D-Pol and I will probably give it another shot when I am a little older if it is still available for a full 8 week cycle.

  • Increased Strength/endurance
  • Good Value
  • Great Pump
  • Simple But Effective Profile
  • Large Tablets
  • Chalky Tablets
  • Only Saw Real Results At The End Of The Cycle

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