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D-Pol Reviews

By: Purus Labs


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Growth Enhancers > Natural Testosterone Boosters

D-Pol is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Purus Labs. It helps optimize your natural testostorone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

Amino acid that may boost testosterone levels in men in addition to increasing levels of Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle-stimulating Hormone.

(Amount not disclosed)

Compound derived from nitrates produced in the body that increases oxygen and blood flow throughout the body while reducing the oxygen "cost" of exercise.



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  November 1, 2011

Four words: My new favorite supplement.

And I'm amazed that somehow I'm the first to review this hidden gem of a product!

Purus Labs makes many claims as to what this product does, and I can confirm its two main points, which are increasing test levels, and enhanced N.O. production.

There's numerous DAA products out there, but what separates this from the rest is that it's nitrate-bound DAA. The latest trend in supplements is putting them in nitrate form (i.e. NO3BC and Yok3d having arginine in nitrate form, the creatine nitrate in C4, etc) and this is by far the most effective one I've used.


It simply works. I ran one bottle of this and within the 30 day period I can honestly say I enjoyed this "cycle" more than my Protomax/P-stanz cycle. I realize that that's a very bold statement and I'm standing behind it.

The thing I've noticed the most is a huge increase in my muscle hardness. It's like I'm pumped all the time which is just fantastic. And when I'm lifting, the pump this gives me is by far better than any "pump" product I've taken, even better than Nitrox II (stacking D-pol and Nitrox II is sick).

My strength has definite increases as well, but I've noticed more endurance than strength. I've had a newly found level "intensity" in the gym since I started taking it, and I attribute it to this product.

I rate the effectiveness as a 10.


I bought 2 bottles for $19.99 a piece. Each will last you 30 days (if you dose it like I did). That's damn cheap.



I took it everyday, and on workout days I took it around 45mins preworkout. It suggests to take it with a small meal and with a vitamin preferably, which I never did do on workout days lol. On off days, I tried to take it with a meal and vitamin. 3 pills a day, 90 pills in the bottle = 30 day supply.


I'm going to order more of this very soon. I've still got a bottle on hand but as much as I enjoyed this product I will be buying again without a doubt. I'm a skeptic when it comes to supplements... I'm always the guy who assumes supplements are a way to rob you of your hard earned money. Not this time.

  • Increased Muscle Hardness
  • Increased Strength/endurance
  • Fantastic Pumps
  • Cheap
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    Trust: 100%
      January 27, 2012

    I wanted to make my first review as an official "Expert Reviewer" a good one, so I decided to pay homage to one of my new favorite supplements- Purus Labs D-POL.

    I'd already started taking SNS DAA Powder without much in the way of results when I read Semenface's D-POL review. Surprisingly I actually trust Semenface's opinion... stupid I know... but after reading about his experiences I knew I had to give D-POL a try. I ran the tub as directed – 3 tabs per day, roughly 60 minutes pre-workout with a liquid meal. I also tried to dose D-POL alongside my multi (Anavite) as was recommended by the manufacturer.

    Obviously these factors are nonexistent for a tablet supplement. I will say that the tabs are relatively big and have a rough texture that makes them challenging to swallow. If you're not a fan of pills you might struggle with these. I actually prefer pills for the most part and even I had to take these one at a time.

    Please note that I did not have my testosterone levels professionally checked before or after running D-POL, so I can only report on my own personal feelings and interpretations.

    Prior to D-POL I'd had decent experiences with Pink Magic, Animal Stak, and a handful of other natural test-boosters. Being only 27, I usually don't find these sorts of supplements to have all that great an effect on me. Not so with D-POL. From around the middle of week one through the end of the tub, I felt amazing. Every lifting session was stellar. My libido was sky high. I felt strong, energized, and just all around GOOD. I am generally a relaxed and positive person, but I did find myself hitting the gym with extra aggression and having a much greater "alpha-male" energy that I normally do.

    It's important to note that I may have benefited from preloading regular DAA powder prior to starting D-POL – I don't actually know.

    PUMP & ENDURANCE: 9.5/10
    While I was impressed by the test-boosting properties of D-POL, I was blown away by its pump production and endurance improvements. As I said, every workout was stellar while on D-POL. Not only was I energized and motivated, but I also got an excellent pump on all upper-body workout days. The pump was honestly comparable to both Nitrox II and Epistane, which I did not expect. I was absolutely blasting through my workouts with energy to spare.

    During the four weeks on D-POL I saw minor increases in most of my lifts. I've been hovering around 205lbs. since November, and had started cutting back on my caloric intake to tighten up. I was shocked when I stepped on the scale three weeks into D-POL and saw that I was still at 205. I'd certainly slimmed down significantly; my clothes fit better and I was back to my normal shape, and yet I hadn't actually lost any weight. In truth, D-POL turned my cut cycle into a recomp cycle without me even realizing it.

    VALUE: 10/10
    I snagged this from M& for just over $20. Normally D-POL will run you around $26; however M&S has a coupon that will save you 20%. I believe you can find a similar price/deal at Lockout Supplements.
    Granted, straight DAA powder is relatively cheap, but the fact that D-POL loads you up with DAA, additional test-boosting ingredients, AND nitrous heighteners make this product an absolute steal at $20. It's hard to really compare this to any other supplement on the market at the moment, but I really doubt there is anyway another product will come out that will make a D-POL's pricing looking overpriced.

    OVERALL: 9/10
    Legit, pick this up. I can see D-POL being an excellent supplement for just about anyone regardless of age, fitness level, current goals, current stack, etc. It's completely safe, affordable, and provides both pump and test-boosting. I often find that too many supplements claiming to provide "skin-tearing pump" or "insane free test production increase" very rarely do so. D-POL is the exception.

    I am going to throw this out there as well – if you're underage and debating on trying a PH, try this first. Honestly the effects and improvements I made very similar to when ran Epi. Save your liver (and a huge chuck of cash) and take D-POL instead.
    • Good Value
    • Great Pump
    • Increased Endurance
    • Strong Test Booster
    • Large Tablets
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    Trust: 100%
      March 21, 2012

    Hey everyone. The D-Pol reviews on this site have been rolling in right and left, some long winded and some short and concise. The overwhelming theme, however, is that D-Pol is a supplement worth taking. I Want to thank Grambo and Purus Labs for providing me with the opportunity to log and review this as well as Muscle Marinade. This review will contain a lot of the same themes as some of the other great reviews on this product, but if its worth taking, it bears repeating. Sit back, relax, adjust your reading spectacles, and consider this review another reason to be confident in your decision to try this product.

    -----------Ingredients/Dosing (9/10)---------

    This is fairly easy to dose. 3 caps per day, preferably about an hour before workout with a multivitamin. I did this very often, but would take it in the morning on days that
    I thought I wasn't going to hit the gym.

    Effective timing for this product is not an issue like it is for many with the pump product yok3d, which only works if you take it with water while standing on one foot and hopping around singing the national anthem in the eastern time zone. I could not really tell a difference between taking D-Pol a half hour, hour, or two hours before working out, the effects stayed the same and it worked every time.


    Vitamin D3 4000IU 1000%
    Vitamin B6 2mg 100%
    Vitamin B9 400mcg 100%
    Vitamin B12 6mcg 100%
    Sodium 130mg 5%

    LH/Free Testosterone/ATP Amplifying Vasodiolatory Oxygen Sparing Matrix

    D-Aspartic Acid (3,120mg), Nitratine (std. for 73% nitrates), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) (4,000IU) 3600.1mg

    This is a fairly straightforward profile. D-Aspartic acid is dosed pretty much exactly at the dose where scientific studies show:

    The nitratine is a very nice addition to the D-Aspartic acid. Admittedly, its harder to "feel" an increase in test by 42% but you can definitely feel the pump from the nitrates
    from the first dose to the last.

    ------------Effectiveness (8.5/10)-----------

    9/10 (Pump) I really enjoyed the pump with this product. Many pump products I have tried will give me skin-splitting pumps in my forearms only and practically no pump elsewhere. This product didn't give the very most intense pumps, but they were there, they were spread evenly through the muscle groups I was working, and they weren't painful.
    I gave this slightly less than perfect because I am sure there is a better supplement for pump out there, but D-Pol is up in the ranks among the best.

    8/10 (Test Boosting) Like I stated before, a test boosting product is hard to gauge in effectiveness, especially early on. While taking D-Pol I noticed strength increasing consistently throughout the time I took it. A leaning and hardening effect that can be partially attributed to D-Pol, moderately increased libido, but also an increase in acne and oily skin, which may
    be side effects attributable to D-POL.

    --------------Price (10/10)------------------

    There are a lot of appealing aspects of this product, but the price is by far the most. Lockout supplements sells the 30 serving container for 19.99. That's 0.66 cents a day! Most pump product by themselves will cost about 25-30 bucks for a 30 day supply and most test boosters cost about the same or more for a 30 day supply. This is both a pump product and a test booster so as you can
    see the value is unbeatable for such an impressive product.

    --------------Overall (9.25/10---------------

    Again, first of all I would like to thank Grambo and Purus Labs for allowing a few of us at SR to put their products to the test. I have reviewed a number of products for companies and not all of them have gotten positive feedback and none have gotten as good feedback from me as this product. To put it simply, this is a cheap product that works. You get a good, quality pump from it and it is an effective natural test booster. This can also be stacked with almost anything, as long as the user is aware of the nitrate levels of other products they
    stack it with.

    I will definitely be buying this product for myself from time to time, I'll probably use it close to 6 months out of the year altogether. A bunch of guys on a supplement site can't all be wrong, so trust me and do the smart thing, when you are looking into your next natty test cycle or just want a good pump product with other benefits, give D-Pol a shot for a month, it won't be the last time you buy it.

    • Increased Muscle Hardness
    • Increased Strength/endurance
    • Cheap
    • Great Pump
    • Large Tablets
    • Little Bit Of Acne Very Little.
    Rep: +4,305
    Trust: 100%

      April 19, 2012

    Ok guys first Off I would like to thank Grambo and purus labs for the chance to Log such an amazing product!. Its good to see a good brand and a great rep in

    Ok So A while back I signed up to get a chance to try this D-pol and I got it but I was not expecting what I got, not only did I get one bottle but two and a Muscle marinade too, Now Im not sure if this was a mess up or not But Im not complaining!

    Ok so what is this?
    I think everyone knows that by now but its a Natural testboosting agent. Basicailly its DAA in a pill form . It also has some nitrates in it also. Im not going to spell everything out for you, so If you want ultra details.. GOOGLE!.

    Now I did some reading on this and it said that it worked best if took within a hr before workouts and possibly with some extra vit D supplement. So that is what I did. On my off days I took it early morning. I noticed no difference if I took with food or in a fasted state.
    As with any test booster its hard to gage what and how much it works, It will be different for everyone and Also only that person may be able to judge just how well it is working by several factors. Skin, sleep, libido, strength, Muscle mass and leaning out, and so on.

    Taste: 9
    Ok its a pill so not really a taste but they are not coated and are rather large pills. They are kinda hard to swallow , but if you just let them sit in your mouth for a sec or two they will be coated with saliva and swallow a lot easier.

    Gonna break this up into two parts

    Pump 10
    Ok like I said it has nitrates in it so It helps with the pump. But I had no idea how much. If you take nitrox II you will not be needing it while on this. I have had some of the best pumps while on this product ever. Arm day was actaully fun because of the swelling I got out of it. It lasted a long time too.

    Testboosting. 9
    Ok Like I said also this will be different for each person.
    But for me I know it worked. I leaned out tremendously in my upper chest and shoulders. I lost some inchs in my waist and as most know Im not too good at my diet so that is a huge sign it works. I sleep a lot better on this. My workouts always improved week to week. Libido was WAY WAY up also. I did get some acne on my back from time to time nothing huge but it should be noted. I think this stuff peaks out at around day 15- 40 after that I didnt seem to feel it as much. Maybe my body was starting to produce more estrogen or something but after about 4 weeks on it I was loosing that alpha feeling I had at first. All in all this was the best test booster I have ran to date. I will note that im now 36 year old and I feel that this will be great for anyone around my age.

    Value 10
    Ok you can get this on the net for around 23 bucks all day. Just do some searching. You are gettting a two in one pill too, Pump and test boosting So that is a great deal .

    Overall 10
    I think this is really dialed in as good as it can get. Great product and I think if someone had a clean diet or at least cleaner than mine, and had a good stack with a estrogen suppressor this would yeld some incredible results!. I never lost weight per say on this but I did lean out and gain quite a bit on several lifts while on this. And that without creatine .

    Again I would like to thank grambo on this product and the chance to review it.
    • Increased Muscle Hardness
    • Increased Strength/endurance
    • Fantastic Pumps
    • Simple But Effective Profile
    • Large Tablets
    Rep: +2,505
    Trust: 100%

      March 13, 2012

    I have to start this review by truely thanking Grambo and Purus Labs for allowing me to log and review this product. It was a great oppourtunity and a great experience, with a great product to match. It is my pleasure to share this with our community on their behalf.
    I had decided to run D-pol based upon my own great experience with straight DAA, and upon the recomendation of several of our well respected members. Upon deciding to run this product I also recieved an excellent oppourtunity to log this for Purus Labs, the timing could not have been better. I opted to run D-pol for 6 weeks, stacked side by side with Animal Stack. My intentions were aimed for a slight recomp, starting at 195Lb, and standing at a 13.8% BF. I finished at 192.7, but feeling larger, stronger, and a bit leaned out. Hoping to have reached a flat 13%BF, I will find out wed. and log the results.

    Dosing: 3 pills a day, 60 min with pre work out meal, along side my multi and other slew of daily vitamins. Off days, take with breakfast.

    Taste: NA This is in pill form so taste isn't a factor unless you allow the pills to sit too long in your mouth. Then it tastes just like straight DAA. The pills are large and un-coated. I didn't have a problem, but if you have trouble with pills you will want to have a drink handy.

    Profile: Vitamin D 4000 IU, Vitamin B6 2mg, B9 (Folic Acid) 400mcg, B12 6mcg. If you are not aware of the benefits of all of these, I stronlgy suggest you research the above three B vitamins. DAA 3,120 mg, Nitratine.
    There have been many debates as to if d-pol is underdosedat only 3.12g of DAA. I do not belive this to be the case. I may experiment with supplementing an additional 3g of DAA a day along with d-pol. But until I see an additional controlled study at 6g a day, I belive that 3g would suffice.

    Effectiveness: 9 This product delivers. The pupmps in which I recieved after my first work out were enough to make me belive in the nitrate addition. I don't respond particularly well to most pump products.
    d-pol offered a concisitant pump each work out. It also left my muscles hard and full wards and even on off days. In the gym, I felt more endurance, energy, stamina, and strength. Heading into week 2 I began to "feel" more aggression and that Alpha feeling that we all love. I noticed this quicker than I had with straight DAA, which took about 3-4 weeks to kick in. Weeks 4-6 on this cycle were simply amazing. I found myself pacing and stalking each station, just waiting to pounce. I put up a few PRs and found that I could reach higher reps with lighter weight as well. Motivating achievements left me hungry for more, I had a hard time leaving the gym at times and I found mt self impatiently waiting to get back in. Out of the gym I felt an overall good and positive feeling most days. Confident and energetic, high libido and an ever increasing appetite. I had energy at times when I most likely shouldn't. Working long shifts in a stressful environment, raising two baby boys, planning a wedding in 3 months, and still killing it in the gym. I also slept and recovered very well, allowing me to wake and feel ready for the next day. There was some slight agression, but that is to be expected and can and should be put to good use in the gym.

    Value: 9 Although you may be able to obtain larger quantaties of DAA for roughly the same amount, d-pol has a lot more to offer. I believe the DAA to be pure and the pump alone rivals Nitrox II IMO. Making the price worth the pump alone. Throw in the extra Viamins which host a tremendous amount of benefits and synergestic capabilities with any other supplements in which you may stack and you have a very unique supplement. I would only suggest that Purus make a larger conainer with more than a 30 day supply.

    Overall 9 Fantastic product and experience. I will be encorperating d-pol in many of my future cycles. It has tremendous stacking capabilities, and the combinations are endless. If you have tried DAA or are a first time user, you can not go wrong with Purus Labs d-pol.
    • Increased Muscle Hardness
    • Increased Strength/endurance
    • Good Value
    • Great Pump
    • Large Tablets
    Rep: +2,318
    Trust: 100%

      May 27, 2012

    Some men just want to watch the world burn. I'm not one of them but I WILL denounce the almighty d-pol as being nothing more than a mediocre testosterone booster for my case.

    D-pol is a d-aspartic acid supplement containing the clinically proven effective dose of 3120mg per dose.
    D-pol also contains vitamins D3, B6, B9, B12, and 130mg sodium. The "pump" from D-pol is most likely from its Nitratine which is part of its Vasodilatory matrix.

    DAA is shown to boost testosterone in healthy males by as much as 42%. Since I did not get bloodwork done, ill never know for sure how it affected me from a clinical viewpoint.

    Effectiveness: 5
    Not a 10 and not a 0. It worked as far as testosterone boosting in a mild respect since I did develop some minor acne on my face and chest. My lifts in the gym however were essentially stagnant and I failed to achieve "fantastic pumps" as some users have put it. I had some increased anaerobic endurance but it paled in comparison to "Anabolic Freak" made by Pharma Freak which is their DAA supplement.
    My bodyfat % as well as bodyweight, as well as all my lifts stayed the same for my 1 month cycle of D-pol.
    I didnt give the product a zero since I did get side effects which despite them sucking... ARE effects nonetheless. D-pol worked in some way in my body, just not in the beneficial way.
    Alot of people have had undisputed fantastic results with D-pol and I do indeed believe it worked for them since this product does have clinical studies backing its efficacy. **D-Pol just did NOT work for ME.**

    Value: 8
    If it works as well as some users say it does, then it might as well be a 10 for value. Since its only $25, no harm no foul in regards to my results. Its a good price coming from a reputable company such as Purus Labs for a DAA supplement.

    Taste: 7
    Three chalky white and fairly large tablets comprise one daily dose. Make sure you have something to drink to throw them back. They taste fairly sour but ALOT better than trying to down a tablespoon of pure DAA powder which tastes like ant killer.

    Overall: 5
    D-pol didn't work for me but chances are it will work for you. I hesitated even writing this review since it goes against the majority's views but now when someone else has mediocre results with D-pol they'll know they aren't alone.
    • Clinically Proven
    • Chalky Tablets
    • Poor Effectiveness
    Rep: +4,096
    Trust: 100%

      March 14, 2012

    My my my today we are going to drop a review on d-pol one of the newest and hottest supplement on the market to date. This is a DAA product with a N.O boosting ability to it as well. After reading some of the reviews on it and completing my own research on it I had to have it in my pct. This is not my first test boosting supplement but it is my first test booster that stacks an N.O product with it. My first thoughts were 42% natural testosterone boost in 12 days in all controlled scientific studies well subjects used DAA this sounds real nice since im coming of a 15week cycle of synthetic testosterones. Now to add to that a pump producing product for that perfect swole look after every workout for an amazing price can you beat it NOPE! This is a must have for anyone looking for a solid proven test booster that will also accommodate the superficial gym rat like me with a solid pump every time. Let's now get into the rating system for Purus Labs D-Pol.

    ---------------------Taste/ Pill Size 7/10---
    The reason I gave D-pol a 7 here is the pill is rather large. It had no taste even when it rapidly dissolved in my mouth while trying to muscle it down my throat. Taste was a non-factor since it didn't even produce those wonderful natural supplements after burps nor have any flavor while sitting on my tongue. This category really doesn't affect my overall view of this product at all it's just a basic observation that I made while using this product.

    ---Effectiveness/Dose protocol 9.5/10--------

    WOW this product came through on a pct I can't wait to see what it can do on a normal 8week run! My gains kept coming even after a synthetic cycle the water weight dropped off and my shoulders, biceps, quads, calves and chest kept getting harder and harder my strength dropped a bit but you can't really compare synthetic to a natural test booster, but this was very impressive none the less. The pump was consistent through the whole 4week pct cycle for me I noticed that if I dosed it 70min pre with a protein shake and an apple I had the same results every time it was money. Veins looked like road maps, arms were sore after every workout from the pump I received on D-pol, solid win right here. .

    Dose Protocol was simple 3 pills either empty stomach or with light meal depending on you and your body type 60-90minutes pre-workout. On off days three pills anytime of day, I took mine first thing upon waking with green mag. Very simple to remember since the pills are like torture to get down. Again there is nothing crazy here like other supplements I have used, very straight forward for us meat heads.

    This product was a keep it simple stupid product not a lot of extravagant blends not a lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo just a straight forward approach on this one.
    Vitamin D3-4000IU
    Vitamin B6-2mg
    Vitamin B9-400mcg
    Vitamin B12-6mcg

    D-apartic acid(DAA)-3,120mg

    Very straight forward here just be careful what you mix with d-pol since it does contain a pretty good amount of nitrates.

    -------------------Value 10/10---------------
    You have to give it up to Purus labs here folks. For under $25.00 with shipping you get a solid product that will deliver every time you take it. Results+price=value and this should get damn near an 11 it was that good. There is nothing like it on the market as of yet and I hope they keep the price the same so many more people can add it to their stacks.

    Overall Purus Labs has made one of the best products to date right here with D-pol. I really enjoyed it and it has helped me keep my hard earned gains where they should be. This product is stamped with a hulk's seal of approval! Now go pick some up today!

    • Increased Muscle Hardness
    • Increased Strength/endurance
    • Fantastic Pumps
    • Cheap
    • Good Value
    • Strong Test Booster
    • Large Tablets
    • Little Bit Of Acne Very Little.
    Rep: +4,147
    Trust: 100%

      April 8, 2012

    Once again, I would like to thank the Purus Labs board reps, specifically Grambo for the opportunity to try out two of their more popular products.

    I've had my eye on D-Pol for awhile, ever since the DAA bug hit the supplement world really. Though at its heart it is still DAA, the other added aspects make this quite a valuable supplement to have in one's stack.

    As stated earlier, D-Pol at its core is a DAA supplement. However, in addition to that it offers some nitrates for a nice pump as well as Vitamin D3. The later I haven't seen in any other DAA supplement profile, so that alone sets it apart IMO.
    Most DAA products I've looked at have 3000mg of DAA; D-Pol has slightly more than that at 3120mg. Not that much more, but it is more.
    Rounding out the profile is some sodium, & Vitamins B6, B9, B12, & D3. I'm partial to the addition of Vitamin D3, as it does aid in muscle health in addition to other benefits. 4000IUs of D3 is about double of what individual D3 supplements provide anyhow, so that's always a plus I guess.
    Vitamins, nitrates for pump, & more DAA than most (if not all) other DAA supplements provide.

    As a whole the product performed admirably, I must say. It's kind of hard to gage how well testosterone boosters work IMO, but when one does work you can usually tell. In addition, the pump aspect of D-Pol was something IMO. I took D-Pol as recommended, 3 tablets about 60min or so pre-workout. I've tried both with food & on an empty stomach, & found both ways worked well enough for me. I always took D-Pol with 1 multi-vitamin, a Calcium + D3 supplement, a D3 supplement, and about 3000mcg of B12. It usually coincided with my pre-workout drink (Muscle Marinade).
    I always had a good pump going, despite the fact my workouts didn't really lean towards producing a pump. Short rep ranges & longer rest periods characterized my workouts most days, but I could still get in a good pump (especially in conjunction with Muscle Marinade). On its own, it performed quite well, on bench (chest) days I could always get a nice yoke pump going.
    As a testosterone booster, I would have to say it did work rather well. I leaned out well enough despite no major changes to my diet or workout, and saw increases to my maxes on bench press and military press. In addition I saw strength increases to all other lifts, usually within the 10-15lb range. Granted, these are usually assistance lifts & I usually don't go for broke in terms of massive weight, but I did find myself lifting more for them. Also, I started to develop some acne towards the end of the tub. Considering the weather had been somewhat dry, I don't have anything else to attribute the acne too lol.

    VALUE: A+
    Granted, I got this for fee (in terms of money); I still feel that D-Pol is one helluva value.
    Some prices for comparison: $26.95 $24.95 $22.95 $22.45
    Vitamin Shoppe: $31.99
    I feel it is important to keep in mind, that D-Pol is 2 products in one: a pump supplement & testosterone booster (DAA). So, right off the bat value is going to score high.
    At about $25, depending where you go, I feel it's a good deal. There are about 30 servings, roughly 6 weeks worth on a 5-day workout split. On average, I workout 5 days a week, so this lasted me a little over 6 weeks in total. On average it's going to run just under $1 in most situations. Considering I've paid considerably more for considerably less, I'd say it's a good deal.

    I really liked D-Pol, and only wish I had another tub. I really like it as a testosterone booster, & the pump you get most definitely does not hurt things. The profile is solid top to bottom IMO, and certain little additions to the profile set it apart from the competition. I got good-great pumps from D-Pol, & feel it worked real well as a testosterone booster. The fact it's2 products in one, set sit apart from a lot of supplements in terms of value IMO.
    D-Pol is quite popular, & I feel for good reason. If you haven't already, suggest giving it a go. Hell, you'll be killing 2 birds with one stone.
    • Increased Strength/endurance
    • Good Value
    • Simple But Effective Profile
    • Good To Great Pumps
    • 2 Products In One
      Rep: +1,864
      Trust: 100%
        April 1, 2012

      So there have been a lot of reviews coming in on D-Pol lately and I thought I would throw mine out there as well. Big thanks to Grambo from Purus Labs for the opportunity to review this product and as usual thanks to the expert reviewer program.


      So basically what you have is a DAA based product in pill form with the added benefits of B Vitamins, Vitamin D3 and Nitrates. I like that it is a simple profile of ingredients present in their effective doses. So many companies use the kitchen sink method and hide amounts behind a prop blend. I have come to respect that Purus always seems to disclose what is in their products and that the ingredients are always present in the correct dosage.


      No taste to speak of since they are pills but I will say that the one downside to this product is the fact that the pills are freakin huge. But if you have ever taken Animal Paks these should pose no challenge to you. As far as the dosing protocol goes it is pretty simple. Three pills an hour before workout on training days and three pills first thing in the morning on off days.


      So this go around I used D-Pol as a part of my PCT from a Trenazone/Ultradrol cycle. D-Pol was actually all I used as a pre-workout supplement my entire PCT. I would normally have stacked in a PWO but my cycle really raised my BP and I wanted to get all my vitals back in check ASAP. So I decided to leave stimulants out of the equation for a while.(it was back to perfect in three weeks) I was actually pleasantly surprised at the effects of D-Pol as a standalone PWO. It did produce some slightly better than average pumps and I generally felt pretty good through my entire workout as far as energy levels go.

      Obviously this was only one part of my PCT so I am not giving this credit as a miracle supplement but it definitely played its part in what I would consider my most successful and well executed PCT of all time. I actually had almost no strength and weight loss which is just unheard of for me.

      Compared to a basic DAA supplement D-Pol stands out for sure. You get the benefits of DAA with a few added bonuses combined with the convenience of pill form at a reasonable cost. What more do you want?


      Great in the Value department as well! For right around twenty bucks you can grab a month supply of D-Pol. There are cheaper options available as far as DAA goes but as I said you get some added benefits with D-Pol and the convenience of pills over powder. For me it is worth the extra few bucks that you would spend over a traditional DAA supplement. If your in the market for a natural test booster and you've got twenty bucks to spend then this is your best bet.

      --Final Thoughts--

      I have said all that I can and need to say about this product. If you need a solid test booster for any purpose I highly recommend that you give D-Pol a try!

      • Good Value
      • Great Pump
      • Simple But Effective Profile
      • Large Tablets
      Rep: +2,502
      Trust: 100%

        March 30, 2012

      Alright, Alright, Alright... you gon' learn today.

      So I have a review for the incredible D-Pol, I know that everybody is sick of reading them, but it is impossible to deny how good this product is. It is simply one of the best test boosters/pump supp I have ever used. It delivered pumps since the first dosage and the effects just kept improving.

      Effectiveness(10/10): I simply loved it. Since the first time I used it, I noticed a tremendous pump and vascularity in my arms, forearms, shoulder and lower abs. The pumps were painful in my arms, and my shoulders and traps felt stiff after every workout. Another thing I loved about it is that I looked very vascular throughout the entire day.

      On the test boosting properties, they are hard to measure because there is no bloodwork, but I saw signs of increased level of testosterone. Awful Acne on my back, increased sex drive, aggressiveness in the gym, better performance and felt much stronger; I could do an extra set of heavy weights.

      Taste/Dosage (8/10): I do like that is only 3 tablets that you have to take, but they are HUGE! another problem with them is that they are very dry and chalky which makes it more difficult to swallow and you either have to cover them with saliva or drink them with juice to pass them down. I found it a little inconvenient that you have to eat a small meal with this; I workout early in the morning and I don't like waking extra early for a supplement, however, the necessity of a small meal is almost null. You can take this with a slice of bread and almond butter and milk, something with fat for the vitamin D in it.

      Value(10/10): You get 2 in 1 supp with D-Pol. A test booster and a pump supplement and at a affordable price. The average price is $26 for a full month supply which comes to A $1.15 per serving if my math is correct lol.

      Cons: Big chalky and dry tablets, back acne , but this is not going to stop from buying this again.

      Overall(10/10): This is one of the best supplements I have tried in a long time, at first I thought I was just having a placebo effect with my vascularity and pumps, but as soon as finished it, I noticed the difference in my workouts. I am in love with d-pol and I will use it again because it is worth every penny and besides I love the fact that purus labs discloses the amounts of all the ingredients. If I was you, I would get me one now lol.

      • Increased Strength/endurance
      • Fantastic Pumps
      • Cheap
      • Increased Endurance
      • Large Tablets
      • Little Bit Of Acne Very Little.
      • Pills Are Very Dusty... Its Not Too Bad

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