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Trust: 17%

mkwan's CLA Review

December 16, 2010

Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 8

Optimum CLA, CLA is scientifically proven to trim those unwanted fats into muscles, before this I was at it with Hydroxycut Advanced to boost my motabolism and it kinda work, it was costly so decided to change to CLA;

Taste: N/A - No taste, but the softgel is almost half your thumb, so Im not sure...

Trust: 0%

switch115's CLA Review

August 1, 2011

Overall: 10 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 10

okay this is the first review i write

This product is awesome . It worked immediatly i took a full bottle along side OEP and i dropped 10 pounds and 2 inches off my waist in 30 days most ppl say it takes 2 months for this product to work but i saw results in 30 days ..ofcourse i was busting my ass...

Trust: 0%

This product helped me to decrease my fat percentage

November 1, 2012

Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 5

This product helped me to decrease my fat percentage (about 2.5%) in one month and sustained my muscles.
It is effective when trying to cut.
It is a bit pricey regarding it's function.

Trust: 0%

AndreBanzai's CLA Review

February 24, 2011

Overall: 3 | Effectiveness: 3 | Value: 2

Alright, this a tough one to review because I have been taking them for a week and half only. But I am discontinuing the use of this product. I have no idea if it works or not to help you lose fat, I haven't been taking it long enough for me to know this. This review is to warn other about a side-effect...