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Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer

Super Mass Gainer Body Fortress User Rating: (3 Reviews)

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Super Mass Gainer Reviews:
  • Builds Muscle (3)
  • Good Value (3)
  • Great Taste (2)
  • Extremely High Amount Of Carbs (1)
  • Bloating (1)
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March 25, 2011
Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 10


Reviews: 31

Age: 23

March 25, 2011
 I'm usually real skeptical when it comes to purchasing anything at Walmart but after reading the nutritional content of this supplement I figured why not give Super Mass Gainer a chance. In a four scoop serving you get 600 calories, and insane 98g of carbs and 48g of a pretty decent protein blend. On top of that there's a good amino content in here with glutamine as well as 6g of fiber. I personal do between 2 1/2 or 3 scoop serving because the four scoops gives me severe indigestion and bloating but other than that I didn't find to much wrong with this product. Now if you read as couple of my other recent reviews you would know that I've been taking this protein with a high calorie carb and Protein Diet as well as some other supplements and after 2 tubs of this stuff (among my diet, weight trainin g, and other supplements) i sky rocketed almost ten pounds while maintaning the same BF %. The fat content happens to be a little high but since I am trying to gain a little wait I didn't mind it much. I'm trying to cover all basics here so forgive me if I'm jumping around a little bit. The mixability of this product was pretty big however if mixed completely with milk it can tend to be kind of thick so I did 8 oz of milk and the rest water. The taste was friggin' fantastic I compare it to the taste of Monster Milk which happens to be my favorite tasting protein powder. Since the results I've gotten were pretty good and since the amount per serving is awesomely cheap this is all around one of if not the best weight gainer protein I have ever purchased and it will be in my diet from now on. I feel like I'm forgetting something so if I am please forgive me and any questions just ask.
  • Extremely High Amount Of Carbs
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Great Taste
  • Bloating
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Joined: 1/2011
Reviews: 15
Reputation: +59
one word:

February 15, 2011
Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 8


Reviews: 3

Age: 17

February 15, 2011
 this was my first Body Fortress product and for the money I thought it was a very decent mass gainer! i got a tub for about 15 bucks at my local walmart which is a decent price seeing as theres 12 servings (6 for me because i used the 4 scoop serving.. puts the value down a little bit but still about as much as the competing mass gainers) which is a little more than 1 dollar per serving. first of all about 600 calories in one serving is pretty good most mass gainers are around that area but the 10g's of BCAAs are what really made up my mind in buying this.

effectiveness- I honestly cant put a true opinion of it on here because the tub only lasted me about 8-9 days which i dont think is enough to get the full effect of a product but in that week or so it seemed like i put a little bit of muscle on which was pretty nice but it also came with a tad bit of fat which I was expecting seeing as its a mass gainer. Due to the BCAAs and high amount of whey im assuming.. I felt a lot less sore after my workouts on the next day.

taste- OMG four scoops of this stuff in about 20 oz of milk tasted heavenly!!!!!!!! I can honestly say that there isnt one protein powder that i have tried that even came close to tasting as good and this did it also mixed very good about 10 seconds in the shaker and it had no clumps what so ever. usually while drinking a protein shake with milk or water i get a dry feeling on my lips and none the less I still got that with this one too except not as bad.
  • Great Taste
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
    February 10, 2010
    Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 9


    Reviews: 3

    Age: 21

    February 10, 2010
     I took one tub of Bf mass gainer per week for 2 months(about 8 tubs) 2 scoops in the morning and 2 post-workout, i also stacked BF 100% Glutamine Powder and BF Super NOS Pump ,a high calorie diet and hard training. My beginin weigth was 137lbs. At the end of the two months i was 149lbs. No fat around the belly just bigger arms and chest:) this stuff realy works if you train hard! Not the best tasting, but really works:)
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value

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