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    Amix Nutrition Testo Fuel Review: Innovative formula, constant libido boost and side effects

    —-Quick Summary—-
    An interesting and innovative test booster that produced solid results in libido and gym aggression. However, it came with side effects and it is not easily available.
    Whats up SR? Its time for another test booster review. I recently reviewed a preworkout from Amix Nutrition and today I will share my experience with their test booster, Testo Fuel, with you guys. This was bought in Prague by my brother while on a short vacation trip there. Many people would consider test boosters as scam supplements, designed to fool aging men and body builders to give in their hard earned dollars with lofty promises about a hard sculptured body, fat loss, off the charts libido and all this with the help of flashy labels and intriguing marketing. Yet others would swear by them. I basically see test boosters as a fun category of supplements, and as a 41 year old body builder, maybe I fall into that category of being a gullible middle aged man? However, my experience so far with these supplements have produced some results so I will continue using them. Let’s find out how this worked.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    The formula definitely is an interesting one. Per 5 tablet serving (100 tablets total in a bottle) you get; D-Aspartic acid 3000 mg L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 1000 mg Tribulus Terrestris (90% steroidal saponins content) 750 mg Maca Root Extract 10:1 (Lepidium Meyenii) 500 mg Testofen (Fenugreek 50% Fenuside) 100 mg Astragin 25 mg Taxadrol (Pinus Silvestris) 50 mg Vitamin B3 (Niacin as Nicotinamide) 16 mg (100% of your daily value) DAA: a very popular test booster nowadays, that relies heavily on some scientifically validated studies that actually shows that DAA increases luteinizing hormone (LH) and serum testosterone if used for more than 12 consecutive days. This has been shown both in humans and rats in clinical trials. In humans testosterone levels were up 42 % and in other cases 33 % and in both humans and rats the studies shows with scientific validation that DAA accumulates in the testes. It is believed that DAA works by stimulating testosterone production in the testes primarily. Generally 3 g is regarded as a clinical dose for receiving these benefits and Testo Fuel contains exactly that. For further information consult the following study; “The Role and Molecular Mechanism of D-Aspartic Acid in the Release and Synthesis of LH and Testosterone in Humans and Rats” by Topo et al, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2009:7:120. AAKG: basically a vasodilator often used in preworkouts to increase blood flow, which could be of use also in treating different male health aspects such as erection problems. AAKG has been shown to interact with human growth hormone, but the dose here of 1 g is a low one. Tribulus: a more or less mythical herbal test boosting ingredient from days past. It has been debunked as such, but it does have libido enhancing properties, which have been scientifically validated. 750 mg is a spot on dose for libido enhancement. The herb has some interesting properties concerning heart health and as an antioxidant. Maca extract: an herb with libido enhancing properties more than real test boosting ones. It has become widely popular these days and it is believed to have many health benefits attached to it, but it is yet to be established scientifically. It does seem to raise libido effectively though. “Clinical dose” would be between 1500-3000 mg so 500 mg here is under dosed. Testofen: another patented brand for Fenugreek, a classic test boosting herb which has been used for centuries for its libido enhancement and virility producing benefits in both men and women. Clinical dose would be around 500-600 mg daily, so 100 mg here is under dosed. Astragin: an ingredient basically used for increasing absorption of the ingredients here within the body in a more effective manner, that is; promoting increased bio availability. 50 mg is the recommended daily dose so we have a clinical dose here. Taxadrol: a patented botanical extract conglomerate which is touted as an innovative test booster. It is based primarily on one scientific study which claims to raise serum testosterone by 180 % in human test subjects. The extract is based on several botanical ingredients which are extracted and isolated by the patent owners All American Pharmaceutical. The study which this is based on is an in house study so there are some problems with that, but it all looks promising. Consult the study here; http://allamericanpharmaceutical.com/Docs/rodent-and-human-trials-of-the-testosterone.pdf Vitamin B3: promotes natural energy and protein synthesis as well as providing a good environment overall for the possibility of raised testosterone levels.
    These are tablets so no taste issue here. Or? Let me say this; as soon as I put those horse pills size tablets in my mouth I immediately tasted that awful sour, herbal pungent flavor. That in combination with the pills being so large was not something I looked forward to. As soon as you found the right technique in swallowing them with lots of juice or a protein shake it became easier though. Amix states that you should take 5 tablets spread out over the day, preferably between meals. I basically just took 3 tablets after lunch and then 2 more in the evening after dinner. On training days I took them about 1 hour before workout to maximize effects.
    The most important section for most supplements, but especially for test boosters. Did I receive any benefits at all? Let’s take a look; Libido: yes siree Bob! After only two days on this I immediately felt that my libido was going up and doing so strongly! Spontaneous erections and that overall libido enhancement definitely made me convinced of the positive effects in that area of this test booster. The libido increase lasted throughout the 20 day cycle and as such this was a superb product. No need to go further on that subject lol! It worked. Energy/aggression: I definitely felt that my gym aggression increased which provided that extra help in the gym with the weights. However, the irritability continued outside the gym as well, but it subsided after a while so no big deal there. Energy was up a bit, but not overly so. It was noticeable, but to be honest I expected a bit more. However, this was only a 20 day cycle so perhaps I would have to take this for a longer period to accurately assess energy in a fair way. It provided me with a slight energy boost overall. Lean mass/hardening: I didn’t see anything in this category unfortunately. Again, this was only a 20 day cycle, so the time span was way too short to evaluate these desired effects in a fair way. I didn’t see anything in fat loss, but I’m bulking so this was not something I wanted either. Had I taken this another 20 days maybe effects would have been noticeable here.
    My brother paid approximately 20 US dollars for 100 tablets (20 day cycle) and this is a pretty good price. However, this isn’t easily available online as he bought it in Prague on site. I found it on Amazon for 25.10 which is approximately $ 35, not a bad deal for a test booster. However, only 20 days limits the value. You can also get it from Amix Nutrition’s own web store, where 100 tablets costs 30.90, which is approximately 43 U.S dollars. However, if you shop for over 50 you get free shipping so that could perhaps be something to think about. Even so, the price for online purchase is steep and there are cheaper test boosters around which are also more easily available.
    —-Side Effects—-
    This is the section that I hoped I wouldn’t have to write in. There were several side effects with Testo Fuel and this brings down the overall experience with it. After approximately 2 days on this I felt some head ache coming on. It came and went periodically for 2 days and then disappeared totally. The worst side effect was the lethargy which came on day 3. I have never felt this way and it was bizarre! I basically had to drag myself to the gym and everything felt hard and difficult, even lifting my usual maintenance weights. Im not joking here guys, a couple of times I had to take a nap on the couch, because I was so tired! This lethargy, which could be induced by hormonal imbalance or possibly by increased estrogen levels initially subsided after a few days and never came back. Alongside this I also felt a bit depressed actually. My mood was down and this could of course also be induced by the lethargy. I already have some joint pain in my back and wrists due to years of lifting, but I felt an increase in this joint pain as well with this test booster. Again, as with the other side effects it eventually subsided within the first week, but it was uncomfortable enough.
    So, due to side effects with this one, I have to give it a meh status. Sure, the side effects subsided and the rest of the cycle was good, but overall the negatives were many initially. Now, this is just me, maybe someone else wouldn’t get these side effects. Supplements are strange in that way, they work very individually in the end. But on the positive note; the side effects could be due to rapidly increasing testosterone levels. This is not impossible at all. If you find it for a good price, I would say go for it. The formula definitely was an interesting one. The libido boost was significant and constant so that could be a reason for trying it if you are so inclined. As a male health supplement it definitely takes the cake. I wont give it an “angry face” since it had some positive effects, but the side effects brings the overall rating down.

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