Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Reviews

Opti-Men Reviews
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About Opti-Men

Opti-Men is a multivitamin made by Optimum Nutrition. It is designed to support “immunity”, “metabolic function”, “cognitive function” and “mental performance”.

The Opti-Men formula contains several vitamins among its 39 active ingredients. For example, vitamin C is said to help support immune function, while vitamin E may help the body fight infection.

Nutrients thought to support metabolism include vitamin B12, biotin (vitamin B7) and niacin – all of which are in Opti-Men’s list of ingredients.

The multivitamin also features folic acid, lutein, vitamin K and some green vegetable extracts which may support cognitive performance.

There are 180 tablets (60 servings) in each bottle of Opti-Men.