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Instant Oats Reviews
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About Instant Oats

Instant Oats is a carbohydrate product manufactured by MyProtein.

The product is intended to provide complex carbohydrates, which could be used to help users wake up in the morning, serve as a midday snack, or supply fuel for long workouts. Oats are also a source of protein, which is believed to promote muscle growth.

Each 100g serving (2 1/3 scoops) provides 68g of total carbohydrates, 0.5g of sugars, 10g of dietary fiber, 8g of total fat and 13g of protein.  

Instant Oats is – or has been - available in three flavors: “Chocolate”, “Strawberry Cream” and “Vanilla”. It is sold in 2.2lb resealable pouches.