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BCAA Reviews
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About BCAA

Fitmiss BCAA is advertised as a way to increase “lean muscle growth” and reduce “muscle breakdown”. As part of the Fitmiss brand, it is designed with women in mind.

Like many supplements in this category, Fitmiss BCAA contains just three active ingredients: L-leucine (1500mg), L-valine (1000mg) and L-isoleucine (500mg).

These ingredients are jointly known as branched-chain amin acids (BCAA) and are said to “optimize recovery while reducing unwanted body fat”.

Other (non-active ingredients) include sucralose, soy lecithin and spirulina.

Fitmiss BCAA is sold – or has been sold – in two flavors: “Blue Raspberry” and “Strawberry Margarita”.

There are 30 servings in every 210g bottle.