1st Phorm

Founded in 2008, 1st Phorm (or 1st Phorm International) is based in Saint Louis, Missouri.

The company’s founder is Andy Frisella. Described by Forbes as a “health and fitness mogul”, Frisella is also the founder of Paradise Distribution and Supplement Superstores.

He is even the host of the MFCEO Project – a popular podcast on which shares blunt advice to teach fledgling entrepreneurs what it takes to be “truly successful”. The founder has featured on BBC Top Gear, in NASDAQ, Inc., Influencive, Entrepreneur, The Drum and more.

According to Forbes, Frisella’s three companies bring in a combined $100 million per year, while he achieved this “personal health empire” by building a following through social media.

With 1st Phorm, the founder says the company is built on “quality”. This means getting back to the reason why people take supplements – to help them “perform better” and to get the “results” they want.

In pursuit of quality, 1st Phorm says it uses “pure, raw ingredients” and ensures consistency through regulation inspections.

While the supplement industry isn’t regulated by the FDA, Frisella adds that 1st Phorm chooses to “manufacture [its] supplements in an “FDA SQF Level-3 inspected facility” – which he calls the “gold standard of quality control”.

With this in mind, 1st Phorm’s main man says that customers can be sure that “every time [they] buy one of the brand’s products, it is what [they] paid for”. In addition, the facility in which all 1st Phorm products are made is huge – 225,000 sq. ft, to be precise.

Frisella and his team appear very confident that their customers will be satisfied by their products. To highlight this, the brand offers a 110% money-back guarantee with “no questions asked”. What’s more, they do this with the aim of keeping their customers “for life”.

The 1st Phorm product line includes protein powders, meal replacements, pre-/intra-workouts, fat burners, multivitamins and more

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