Cellucor C4 Sport Reviews

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C4 Sport Reviews
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About C4 Sport

C4 Sport is a pre-workout supplement made by Cellucor. The manufacturer says it is designed to promote “explosive energy and performance”.

The manufacturer says the product includes caffeine to provide extra energy, while creatine monohydrate could help improve “athletic performance” by increasing muscle energy.

C4 Sport also features CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, which could help delay fatigue. Meanwhile, the brand states arginine AKG may support nitric oxide production to further boost endurance and promote muscle pumps.  In addition, taurine is believed to improve hydration and support recovery.

C4 Sport is available in 10- or 30-serving bottles. The choice of three flavors are “Watermelon”, “Fruit Punch” and “Blue Raspberry”.