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This product has been reported as discontinued.


  By: MuscleTech

Cell-Tech is a Creatine Blend manufactured by MuscleTech. It features multiple forms of creatines to take advantage of the various features of the different creatines. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass. This product has been reported as discontinued.

What should I take with Cell-Tech?
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  August 9, 2012

The marketing claims on celltech are ridiculous.

This is literally just a bunch of monohydrate some proprietary blended bcaa, and A TON OF SUGAR!! I would rather buy cheap monohydrate and eat a bunch of low fat ice cream to recover better.

Muscle tech people are marketing machines to sell so much of this.

I got SOOOO bloated and gassy every time I would take preworkout. I put on some weight while taking it but it was all water.

Overall, makes me too gasy and bloated
  • Increase Strength
  • Bad Taste
  • Too Much Sugar And Fillers
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