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Shred JYM is a fat burner made by JYM Supplement Science. It is designed to “support the release of fat from your fat cells” and speed up the metabolism.

This fat burner contains six ingredients. These include acetyl-L-carnitine HCI, which (according to the manufacturer) may help the body “transport fat across the mitochondria cells”.

The people behind Shred JYM say green tea contains catechins offer thermogenic effects, while caffeine may increase alertness and raise energy expenditure. Furthermore, cayenne pepper (as Capsimax®) is also thought to increase the metabolic rate.

There are 240 vegetarian capsules in every bottle of Shred JYM.


1 review for Shred JYM

  1. Jenko

    Didn’t stop me snacking
    I’m a pretty active person but more often than not I struggle to shift that extra bit of weight.

    I workout regularly and eat pretty well but thought I’d give Shred Jym ago after reading some reviews and googling some of the ingredients.

    It’s a decent price for a fat burner but I think some other fat burners have similar ingredients but there’s more in em.

    One thing that’s always stopped me losing more weight is wanting a snack when I’m bored at work. That’s where this product let me down slightly, I was hoping it could help suppress my appetite but I didn’t feel that benefit at all.

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