The people behind Beldt Labs describe the brand as a “leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of premium quality performance supplements”. It launched in September 2013 and is based in Los Angeles, California.

Beldt Labs is not company – it’s a division of SkyHook Nutrition, LLC. According to SkyHook president, J Atkins’ LinkedIn profile, Beldt Labs is the parent company’s “flagship” brand. SkyHook Nutrition was formed in 2011.

So what is Beldt Labs’ main focus? According to a PRWeb press release dated May 1, 2017, Beldt Labs makes and sells “premium quality performance supplements” for only the “most discerning high-intensity athletes”. To highlight this, Beldt’s list of endorsers include – or have included – Stephan Bonnar (UFC Hall-of-Famer and Bellator Pro), George Castro (MMA Personal Trainer) and Danny “The Gremlin” Martinez (UFC Pro).

All Beldt Labs products a manufactured at GMP-certified facilities in the USA. The facility is “fully temperature controlled” for safety, purity and accuracy of all ingredients at every stage of the production and packaging process.

In addition, all products are passed to third parties for impartial analysis. According to the FAQ page on, the brand uses the “most technologically advanced” production and packaging equipment available.

Online, customers may buy Beldt Labs products through the brand website, or through third-party sites like Amazon. However, the website encourages customers to buy direct to ensure “more trust”, more security and a “fresher product”, as well as free shipping and discount coupons for future purchases.

In 2017, Beldt Labs announced a partnership with Midwest Logistics, which allowed the supplement brand to offer its whole product line to customers across the globe.

Beldt Labs products include fat burners (capsules and powder), muscle builders/maintainers, vitamins, vasodilators, creatines, cognitive enhancers, and sleep aids. The brand’s best seller is Skald – described on the website as “the world’s first fat burner with respiratory support”.

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