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Source Naturals was founded in 1982. It is based in Scotts Valley, California and its registered name is Source Naturals, Inc.

The company’s founder is Ira Goldberg, who set out to make products that helped users maintain their well-being and enhance their lives. While many companies focus make wellness supplements these days, the Source Naturals website asserts that such products simply didn’t exist in the early 1980s.

Today, the company considers its products to be “at the leading edge of today’s Wellness Revolution”. It says that it maintains this position due to five guiding principles: “Consumers”, “Nature and Science”, “Quality”, “Advocacy”, and “Innovation”.

As part of its commitment to consumers, the company considers its users its “highest priority”. For this reason, it strives to offer “safe, superior quality products” that enhance its customers’ lives.

With regard to nature and science, Source Naturals seeks to create formulas which use “scientifically optimal” nutrients, while also respecting “nature’s intelligence”. The brand website refers to these balanced formulas as “bio-aligned” and describes how they work in tandem with the human body’s innate “intelligence”.

To achieve quality, Source Naturals sources botanical powders/extracts, organic and non-GMO ingredients wherever possible. The company also manufactures all products in-house. According to the brand website, this gives it “complete control” over everything from the sourcing of raw materials, to blending and quality testing.

Source Naturals also says it fosters innovation by constantly seeking new compounds that help “advance the Wellness Revolution”.

Using a mix of modern and traditional techniques, the Source Naturals production team performs several different tests to ensure “identity”, “purity” and “potency”. These techniques include microscopy, morphology, botany, and “high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

The Source Naturals range includes amino acids, antioxidants, “brain nutrition”, “bone support”, vitamins and minerals, as well as supplements to support a healthy liver and enhance the male sex drive.

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