Revolution Nutrition

Revolution Nutrition is a supplement company based in Canada.

On the brand’s Facebook page, those behind it say they’re “driven by constant innovation” and that their “quality products” provide results “without compromise”. The brand’s tagline is “The Power of Innovation”.

The company hinges its business model on four tenets: “flavor technology”, “innovation”, “science”, and “verified quality”.

As part of its dedication to “flavor technology”, Revolution Nutrition doesn’t just provide, but “guarantees”, products that come together to make up the “best-tasting supplement line”.

According to the Revolution Nutrition website, its Research and Development team works tirelessly to enhance its products’ “incredible mouth-watering flavors”.

In line with its commitment to “innovation” and “science”, Revolution Nutrition promises the most original and effective sports nutrition products on the market. The company also says it searches high and low for the “latest ingredients” from across the globe.

In addition, all Revolution Nutrition products are manufactured at the brand’s own facility, which is certified to meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The company states that its Quality Assurance department tests “each and every of lot” to ensure Revolution Nutrition products are of the highest quality. All batches are also tested by a third party to help the company maintain its exacting quality control.

Products created under the Revolution Nutrition brand name include protein powders, amino acids, pre-workouts, intra-workouts, recovery supplements. It also sells products in the “lactose-free”, “gluten-free”, and “vegetarian” categories.

Revolution Nutrition lists five products among its best-sellers: BCAA Splash (amino acids), Bull Dose Rush (pre-workout), Isolate Splash (whey protein isolate), TNT (pre-workout), and Whey Dessert (“most delicious protein formula”).

The people behind the brand call their Whey Dessert the “1st ever real dessert experience”, which they say tastes “exactly like your favorite desserts”.

Customers may buy Revolution Nutrition products from the official website, or through third party retailers like Popeye’s, Muscle & Strength, Supplements Canada, and GNC.

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