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Orgono is a “sports regeneration” supplement company. It is based in Tarragona, Spain and was founded in June 2009.

The company started life as a division of Silicum Espana Laboratorios SL. It is now a separate company – Orgono Products Sociedad Limitada. Orgono was set up to make and improve the silica-based formula developed by Loic Le Ribault to ease joint problems among athletes of all abilities. The name of this formula is Organic Silicum G5 – still one of the company’s flagship products.

Orgono is now dedicated to making and selling nutritional supplements and cosmetics for sports enthusiasts of all levels. The brand’s product line now includes products for sports regeneration, nutritional supplements, natural cosmetics and body treatments.

The brand’s “philosophy” is to develop holistic forms of treatment based on the “norms of natural medicine”. It also follows the doctrines of bioregulatory medicine and homotoxicology – both of which “believe in the body’s ability to recuperate and heal itself”.

The Orgono website lists four brand values: “Passion”, “Honesty”, “Quality”, “Compliance” and “Safety”. As part of its commitment to passion, it takes every possible step to create supplements that help athletes recuperate.

In terms of honesty, it refuses to take advantage of “passing fads” for profit. Instead, it says that its in-house scientists search high and low for proven ingredients that help customers get the results they’re looking for.

The website also says Orgono’s devotion to the “pursuit of excellence” means that it works hard to improve the quality of supplements available in the world of sport.

As part of the brand’s insistence on “compliance”, employees work hard to provide excellent customer service. With this in mind, it aims to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible. Finally, Orgono says it ensures all its products are safe through the use of 100% natural ingredients that are unlikely to cause users any harm or induce side effects.

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