Canada-based Nutrabolics was formed in 2002. Its headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The company was co-founded by Jayson Wyner and Aaron Hefter, who had the “dream” to produce “premium, cutting-edge, science-based supplements”.

The brand had humble beginnings. In fact, the co-founders started by working out of Wyner’s parents’ games room in Richmond, British Columbia. At this early stage in the company’s history, the co-founders the pair “traveled coast to coast” across Canada to convince retailers to stock the products they had in “the trunk of their car”.

The company moved to its current headquarters in 2016, which boasts “state-of-the-art technological facilities”.

As part of its “Quality Assurance” guarantee, Nutrabolics says it closely follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and that its facilities hold certificates as proof of this. The company also states that it tests all raw materials and finished products for “identity, purity and strength”.

As proof of this, Nutrabolics holds site licenses from Health Canada, which also issued each of the brand’s products a Natural Product Number (NPN). This certifies that the Nutrabolics product range is “safe, effective and high quality”.

Nutrabolic’s first-ever products were Clenbutical (performance enhancer), Primo GH Stack (muscle builder), and Insulean (fat burner). The brand now makes and sells protein powders, mass gainers, fat burners, pre-workouts, testosterone boosters and growth-hormone supplements.

It lists its top-selling products as Supernova (pre-workout “amplifier”), Anabolic State (“recovery catalyst”), Carnibolic (non-stimulant fat burner), Hydropure (whey protein), Mass Fusion (mass gainer) and Aggro (“dual action” hormone support).

Nutrabolics also boasts a team of brand athletes (endorsers). These include – or have included – Bobby Lashley (WWE and MMA fighter), Henri-Pierre Ano (IFBB Pro Bodybuilder), Natali Gomez (CrossFit competitor), and Harpreet Pandher (CBBF Pro Bikini Competitor). The website also lists co-founder Wyner as a member of Team Nutrabolics.

Nutrabolics’ preferred retailers are and However, the brand’s products are available through several retailers in North and South America.

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