Also known as Maximum Human Performance, MHP was founded in 1997. It’s based in West Caldwell, New Jersey.

The company’s founder is Gerard Dente – a veteran of bodybuilding and the man dubbed “the Mind Behind the Muscle”. Dente started the company with the aim “to drive elite athletic results… from the lab to the playing field”.

The company says that all its supplements are the products of “extensive research” and use “the latest science” to give users the results they want. It also states that it partners with universities to conduct research on whole formulas, rather than individual ingredients. The website goes on to say that this gives MHP a distinct competitive advantage in the market.

MHP is also committed to “advanced technology flavoring”. This involves testing all formulas to ensure each one has the perfect blend of taste, texture and results.

The brand’s products are made in the USA with ingredients from both domestic and international sources. All manufacturing, testing and quality-control processes closely follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

A number of HMP products have all been tested for banned substances by Informed-Choice – an internationally-recognized organization. As a result, select MHP supplements are now certified “trusted by sport”.

Athletes in the MHP stable (endorsers) include – or have included – Chris Bumstead (IFBB Classic Physique Pro), Larry Wheels (powerlifter and bodybuilder), and Mariella Pellegrino (fitness model and bikini competitor).

MHP makes and sells protein powders and mass gainers, pre-workouts, post-workouts, testosterone boosters, recovery supplements, fat burners and weight-loss support products.

XPel – a “weight-management product – is one of the brand’s best sellers. This high-strength “herbal diuretic” is designed to prevent water retention and reduce bloating. Another well-known product is T-Bomb 3Xtreme, a testosterone booster which is said to boost strength and muscle mass.

The MHP range is available for US customers to buy from the brand website and from selected third parties. International customers may only buy MHP supplements from third-party retailers.

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