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US-based Legion Athletics was founded in 2013. Its headquarters are in Vienna, Virginia.

The company’s founders are Mike Matthews and Jeremy Blumberg.

Matthews is also the founder of Muscleforlife.com and the author of “Bigger Leaner Stronger”. After “selling thousands of copies per month” within a year of his book’s publication, the co-founder wrote several more books, before deciding to create supplements that he, Blumberg and other users could trust.

The company’s aim is to provide “unique” supplements “backed by peer-reviewed scientific research”. According to Matthews, his company makes products that are “scientifically proven to boost strength, muscle growth, endurance, fat loss” and more.

With this mission in mind, the brand promises to provide real results and to protect users’ health and safety. All products are made in an FDA-inspected facility and do not contain any food dyes, artificial sweeteners, or “other unnecessary chemicals, fillers, or junk”.

The brand website adds that not only does the company make safe products; it also uses ingredients that are effective without being too expensive, and that have “a lower potential for misuse”.

Legion Athletics states that it uses a “five-step process”. After choosing each product’s primary ingredients (“Step 1”), it adds more nutrients to begin honing the basic formula (“Step 2”). At “Step 3”, the company starts “customizing” nutrients and doses to “minimize side effects”.

It then makes “practical changes” and “troubleshoots” to reduce costs (“Step 4”), before it releases the product. “Step 5” involves constantly refining the product and releasing new versions in line with the latest science.

To back up the claim that it strives for excellence, Legion Athletics boasts connections to respected institutions. These include the American Journal of Nutrition, the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, and the International Sports Sciences Association.

Products in the Legion Athletics range include pre-workouts, protein powders, fat burners, hybrid pre-workouts/fat burners, and joint support products. Two of its best-selling products are the Pulse pre-workout and Phoenix fat burner.

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