Gaspari Nutrition

Gaspari Nutrition, a US sports supplements company was founded by ex-professional bodybuilder, Rich Gaspari in 1998.

Right from day one, the company’s mission has been “to produce the highest-quality, science-based sports nutrition supplements in the world”.

An ambitious aim that continues to be at the core of the business ever since it was first launched from Gaspari’s New Jersey garage.

Gaspari’s life as a professional bodybuilder started in the early 80’s. Following a nearly two-decade long career as a pro, he didn’t want his legacy to end on the stage.

Two years after his retirement from professional competitions, Rich made the decision to build on his experience in the industry and develop his own line of sports supplements.

Since its humble beginnings, Gaspari Nutrition kept evolving and although it has out grown the garage, it remains true to its roots with the company’s headquarters based in New Jersey, USA.

Gaspari Nutrition has designed its supplements to suit both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts wanting to improve their performance and physique.

The brand has a range of recovery, muscle building, pre-workout and amino acid supplements to cater for different goals, be that increasing performance results, building lean muscle mass or improving recovery. The company also designed a couple of multivitamin products as well as launching their own brand of apparel.

Continuous product development is key to success in any industry and by Rich’s own admission, Gaspari Nutrition “never gets complacent in terms of making improvements to all of their products” as well as “looking to come out with the next big, innovative supplement”.

Gaspari Nutrition supplements are available from the company’s websites as well as through domestic retailers and international sports supplement distributors in over 40 countries around the globe.

Rich may have retired as a pro bodybuilder, but Gaspari Nutrition is still very much a part of professional bodybuilding through sponsoring pro athletes and designing products to help them achieve their goals.

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