FitMiss is the female arm of MusclePharm – a global supplement company. FitMiss products first hit the market in 2013.

The brand began with six products in its range. By 2018, the range had expanded to eight products and it continues to grow in size.

The people behind the brand state that it’s designed to help “busy women” stay fit. The FitMiss website is unusual in that all links (other than the homepage) take users directly to the MusclePharm website.

As a result, it’s safe to assume that FitMiss shares MusclePharm’s ethos: To create “the safest, most effective and rigorously tested nutritional and sports supplementation products possible”. MusclePharm’s “science-driven” website states the company splits its research process into six stages.

This starts with the initial vision for the product, moves on to formulation and analysis of scientific studies, before each one is tested on the brand’s stable of athletes to help it tweak and perfect the formula.

The two final stages in the process are “quality assurance” and “banned substance certifications”. Quality assurance safeguards “customer safety” through third-party verification, which also ensures the ingredients listed on every label are accurate. All FitMiss products have been tested for banned substances by Informed-Choice in “a world-class anti-doping lab”. As a result, FitMiss products are now certified “trusted by sport”.

As in the case of MusclePharm, FitMiss products are available to buy directly from the website, or through third-party sellers like, and GNC.

The FitMiss range includes night-time weight-loss pills, a pre-workout, protein bars and shakes, a fat burner and a BCAA recovery supplement. One of its most popular products is Delight – a “women’s complete protein shake” designed as a snack or meal replacement.

Another well-known FitMiss supplement is Ignite – a pre-workout and energy booster that’s also designed to “ignite fat loss”.

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