Crazy Mass

Also known as Crazy Mass, CrazyMass is a “legal steroid” company. It is based in Michigan in the United States, but ships across the globe.

Despite some confusion, CrazyMass has no connection with CrazyBulk (another supplement brand).

The company was founded by Gary David in 2006. According to an interview with the CrazyMass founder on, David started the company to make effective use of “natural ingredients that help build muscle and increase […] weight”.

As a former bodybuilder, David and his gym buddies sometimes struggled to make gains in the weight room. And he says that at the time, the only supplements available were “full of synthetic stuff”. He continues that frustration led him to create a “safe” and “natural” supplements that didn’t cause unpleasant side effects.

The CrazyMass product range include protein powders and “natural anabolics” designed for bulking and cutting, as well as those designed to boost strength and stamina. Despite the use of the phrase “legal steroids” in some the brand’s marketing, the FAQ page stresses that CrazyMass products are natural alternatives to steroids. In fact, most of its supplements are a “special blend” of “amino acids”, “herbs” and other nutrients.

As a result, users do not need post cycle therapy (PCT) or “organ support supplements” alongside CrazyMass products.

All the brand’s products are made in cGMP-approved and FDA-approved manufacturing facilities. The brand website also promises that each CrazyMass supplement uses “high-quality ingredients”, with no corners cut in the pursuit of “real results”.

The company founder says that each product is “thoroughly batch tested” on annual basis – a process which involves “mandatory lab work” and “seemingly endless trial periods” to ensure none of the products contain anything “hazardous”.

CrazyMass also boasts several positive reviews on the brand website and on social media. On YouTube, one happy customer tells how he was “blown away” by the results he achieved after using one of the company’s products for just “five or six days”.

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