Alani Nu

Alani Nu is a supplement brand that first appeared in 2018.

The brand name is short for Alani Nutrition. It is owned by Glow Nutrition LLC, which in turn is owned – and was founded by – Jessica Idleman. The trademark was registered in April 2019 and was given the registration number 5726640.

The company behind the Alani Nu brand is based in Louisville, Kentucky.

According to the Alani Nu website, the brand’s “entire mission is to help you succeed”. Its wide range of female-focused products include a fat burner, a pre-workout , whey protein powder, vegan protein powder, a protein cookie, BCAA, greens, collagen, a digestive aid, energy drinks and a pump product.

To further emphasize its female focus, the brand also makes and sells a Prenatal product for “the special mom-to-be”. In addition, Alani Nu’s Balance is a supplement said to be “strategically designed to support hormonal balance”.

In fact, the brand dedicates an entire page to a description of how Alani Nu could help the body “can help with hormones” and help the body “resume a natural equilibrium”. On this page, the brand states that its product may help remedy the “underlying causes” of imbalanced hormones when paired with the “right diet”.

The people behind the brand say that all products are made in the United States and come with a “product guarantee”. This enables users to try the product for 30 days. If they are not satisfied with their purchase after that time, they can return their purchase and exchange it for another one in the Alani Nu supplement line.

No refunds are available on snacks, drinks and limited edition items or those subject to discounts.

Besides supplements, Alani Nu accessories are also available. These include drink mixers (sea blue or orange), a phone case, a reusable straw, a powder funnel, a hoodie and a “dad hat”.

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