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Train hard + rest well + eat right = muscle growth. 'Nuff said.

I am becoming jaded to the gullibility of the average lifter and the willingness of the supplement industry to take advantage of that. As a result my own focus is reverting back to old school training and nutrition. No more gimmicks. No more super supps that promise to overcome any laziness I may have. Want to build muscle? Supplement with squats. Then repeat. End of story.

To that end I love that I can use SR to sift through the drek and find one or two supps that truly can augment my training efforts. But like anything else, sometimes you've got to take a few for the team before you get to nail the prom queen.

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"Luck is the last dying chance of those that wish to believe that winning can happen by accident.  Sweat, on the other hand, are for those who know it's a choice."  Author Unknown

"You can't re-rack life."  Dom Mazetti

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