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ISO Reviews

By: Yummy Sport

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ISO is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by Yummy Sport. It is a dairy based protein that supports lean muscle gain by suppling additional protein to recovering muscles, which can also improve fat loss.
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  November 15, 2018

  • Great Taste
  • Good Value

    Quick Summary

    Hello SR fam. I dont know if its with age but my stomach is deciding to become less and less tolerant with certain foods, Dairy being one of them, so i've had to move over the the more pricey Isolates or Vegan Proteins. Introduce Yummy Sports


    The name of the company accurately depicts the branding and flavors across the entire line of products. Everything from candies, Cereals, Snacks and chocolate bar based flavors will be found with Yummysports. The name of the company is very intentional, wanting to change the game with their fun flavor packed products.
    Now Isolates are expected to be clean, processed, low calorie profiles. Yummy Sports Iso has gone beyond that to levels I have never seen before as you will realize by reading on

    Ingredient Profile

    As with most proteins you will get a 1% variance in Macros depending on the flavor.
    Serving size 30g ( 1 Scoop) coming in a 2.18lb bag or 33 servings
    Fat - 0 grams
    Carbohydrates - 0 grams
    Protein - 27 grams

    Whey Protein Isolate, Natural and artificial flavors, Colorant, Stevia.

    At 27 grams of just Whey protein Isolate Yummy Sports Iso is 90% protein by weight which is ridiculously good. Anything less then 15-20% of colors, fillers, thickeners etc is an exceptionally clean profile. Yummy Sports is 10%


    Taste - If you are really into sweet flavors then you will love almost all offered. Some are definitely sweeter then others but all have that sweet candy flavored hit that will help curb almost any craving. I have not tried them all but to date PopTartz, Coffee Crizp and Nutellaz have been amazing, Yummy Charmz and Reezez were okay but not as good

    Mixability - Its an Isolate and from the Ingredient profile above you see there are absolutely no thickening agents or gums added. So you can expect the drink to have a more watery profile. If you are looking for that thick, belly filling drink then you will be disappointed. With the thin watery consistency you have no issues with mixability, very minimal clumping if at all.

    Dosing - Perfect, 27g of protein in a 30g scoop with Zeros across the rest of the profile is exactly what you want in an Isolate


    Okay, here is where people need to get realistic. This is a protein Powder, this will not Accelerate Muscle growth or Fat loss. It is used as a Fast Digesting protein to be added to a Total Daily protein requirement. Hitting your Macros, Hitting your Calories and maintaining the intensity in your workouts will determine your body composition, Yummy Sports just helps to get that protein in, which in the grand scheme are the building blocks of muscle growth.
    I will say that if you struggle with a sweet tooth then this works very well because of the unique flavoring.


    For an Isolate I have found this to be very fairly priced. Isolates being inherently more expensive do not compare it to a concentrate or blend.
    In Canada the Average price throughout has been $45.99 - $54.99 for a 2.18lb bag making it $1.39 - $1.66 per serving. Very fair compared to the market

    Side Effects

    Nothing to really report. It is very sweet which some people cant handle. I will say that the Protein comes in a bag and not a tub. I have found this to be annoying because every time I go in for a scoop I come out with some residue on my hands from the insides of the bag.


    Its Lean, Its thin and it tastes amazing. Fills in your protein needs and gives you a Candy/chocolate indulgence without the guilt. If you are in the market for an Isolate whether it be for digestion issues or Calorie/macro adherence, give Yummy a try
    • Nutellaz: 9/10
    • Reezez: 8/10
    • Yummy Charmz: 7/10
    • Coffee Crizp: 10/10
    • PopTartz: 10/10

    COMMENTS (2)

    • dmf8625
      Rep: +2,021
      November 15, 2018

      Is this product only available at brick and mortar stores in Canada or online as well? Information like that should be included in the value section so a potential buyer knows where to start looking first.

    • S3Y74Q
      Rep: +132
      November 20, 2018

      To date they are only available on Online sites throughout Canada. At least in the region im in. There may be some retailers selling them in other parts of the country

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