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Why is SR different than other review sites?

Hi, I’m Tommy, founder of I started SR back in 2006 when my college roommate squandered $60 on a new product that had him running to the bathroom during his workouts.

This was unacceptable. There was no reliable source for supplement users to share their honest feedback, so I decided to start SR. Click here to read more about our humble beginnings.

After running SR for over 10 years, I’ve seen A LOT of shady stuff. My insider experience is what has allowed me to build SR to what it is today - an honest platform that is free from the marketing hype and blatant bias that runs rampant in this industry.

Even Today, the Supplement World is Still the Wild West.

We see new products hit the market all the time, claiming to be a “revolutionary new breakthrough” - even though most are just the same ingredients repackaged into new containers with flashy marketing terms like “patented formula” and “scientifically proven ingredients”.

With no regulations, there isn't anyone there to stop them. Yes, the FTC and FDA go after egregious violators, but that’s only after they’ve already committed their atrocities.

These well-funded marketing machines are able to generate what might seem like a lot of positive reviews on their products. They mainly do this in two ways:

  1. Flooding free-for-all, popularity-contest style review sites like Amazon and with low-quality or fake reviews.

  2. Paying out a massive commission on referred sales so every wannabe blogger or youtuber makes a post recommending the product just to cash in on the 40% (or higher) cut of the sale.

So what ends up happening?

You search Google for “[Product X] Reviews”, but 90% of the results are just fake bloggers or brand shills who regurgitate the brand’s marketing message so that you’ll click through and buy the product.

"But this is just a conspiracy! It can't be that bad! Can it?"

This is no conspiracy theory. The evidence is piling up. Here’s what happens when you Google a popular scam supplement called Crazy Mass:

As you can see, if we hadn’t called out Crazy Mass, the entire first page of Google results would be dominated by nothing but shills writing positive reviews so they can cash in on the 45% commission. And it's not just this product; there are hundreds out there that follow the same exact business model.

Here’s just a sample of more hard evidence we’ve collected:

So how is different?

You might be finding it hard to trust ANYONE at this point - I don’t blame you. However, SR has been set up in a fundamentally different way. Here is how we ensure our information stays honest:

  1. Our reviewers do NOT earn commission. Our reviewers never see a penny of ad revenue, so they aren’t motivated by commission or marketing. This ensures that the rating criteria is based only on price and actual product performance.

  1. We have the highest review standard. If you read a few reviews on here, you’ll notice that a lot more goes into each one than just saying "works great, five stars". Our reviewers are required to justify their opinion by sharing their experiences and discussing the ingredients. See our Review Authorship Editorial Guidelines.

  1. All new reviews must be manually approved. In order to enforce our super-high standards, all new reviews must first be approved by top members of our community. Most new reviews are actually rejected for lack of details or sounding too much like an advert. Read more about our Approval Process.

  1. We focus on Member Trust. At SR, we value long-term reviewers, not one-hit-wonders. New members start at 0% trust and won't have their reviews counted until they prove themselves. More about Member Trust .

  1. Brand Reps are NEVER allowed to post reviews. Brand reps are encouraged to join our site, however their accounts are automatically blocked from posting reviews.

  1. We actively seek out and ban undercover reps. I’ve been known to have some pretty impressive detective skills. Check out our headcount in the SR Hall of Shame.

The bottom line is this: we aren’t trying to sell you anything. Our goal at SR is not to get you to buy something, but to help educate and inform you so that you’re able to make your own decision.

So now what?

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