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Whey Protein Spread Reviews

By: Weider

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Whey Protein Spread is an Alternative Protein Supplement manufactured by Weider. It provides additional dietary proteins that can increase lean muscle tissue and increase fat loss.
(Out of 10, after 1 review)


  May 17, 2018

  • Awesome Taste
  • Good Value
  • Convenient
  • Versatile
  • Addictive
  • Low Protein Contents
  • Palm Oil
  • Runs Out Quickly
  • Perhaps Not Easily Available For Some

Quick Summary

An protein spread by Weider Nutrition that has an amazing and addictive taste. But in the end the very protein contents is very low in comparison with many other similar brands and their spreads. Still a good value overall.


Hey SR. Coming at you with a bit of an unusual review today, namely a review of a protein spread. This one is from Weider Nutrition, an old and well established company. Protein is, hands down, the most important macro nutrient for body builders and luckily enough we can find a wide variety of protein sources today to meet our needs. Spreads could be seen as such a source of protein. There is also a kind of general awareness today of the health benefits of a good protein intake, so many people that are not into body building per se, are still looking for good protein sources for their diet. Spreads can be an interesting option and it is also a nice variation or even addition to protein shakes and bars. Since protein is one of our best muscle building macros, all sources of it are worthy of being reviewed.

Ingredient Profile

Per 15 g serving you get;

Energy 81 calories
Fat 6.1 g (of which saturates 1.4 g)
Carbohydrates 5.2 g (of which sugars 0.3 g, of which polyols 4.9 g)
Protein 3.3 g (whey protein concentrate)
Salt 0.02 g

It contains maltitol, rapeseed oil, palm oil and soy lecithins. It contains milk and lacose, but it is also gluten free. Each tub contains 250 g total and 16 servings of spread. Okay, so there are some things here that I don't like. First, I don't like palm oil, and second; the protein contents is poor to say the least. 3.3 g of protein per serving is skimpy and many other spreads contains up to 10-12 g of protein per serving. 81 calories on the other hand is pretty good, especially for people cutting. Polyols I don't mind much, but some people don't like them so that can be a deal breaker. There is no added sugar, only the natural sugar from the whey itself.


For a protein spread taste is incredibly important. Otherwise, why buy it and use it right? I had the White Chocolate flavor and to put it simply; the taste is awesome! Weider really nailed it here; I would go so far as to say that the taste is addictive. You got that lovely white chocolate flavor with a really enjoyable after taste to boot. It tastes like fine, smooth white chocolate really, and that can be expensive, so kudos for the taste. It is also available in a chocolate/hazelnut flavor, which I haven't tried yet. No mixability since this is a spread, but the spread is easy enough to put on a sandwich or in your pancakes. Each serving is 15 g, which is like a table spoon or so in size.


This is incredibly effective; I gained 5 lbs of lean mass using this Hahaha, sorry guys, couldn't resist trying to be funny here! Well, how to rate effectiveness when it comes to a protein spread? Obviously, you really can't. Protein is protein, and its effects aren't really that noticeable, not least in a short term perspective. But we can rate effectiveness seen from the protein contents and the very purpose of the supplement. Since this is a "protein spread" its purpose should be to provide you with "protein", right? Now, 3.3 g per serving is very skimpy and that's a big negative for me. Sure, you can double up on servings, but still, 6.6 g is a small amount as well. If you triple the servings, then it becomes a bit better, but then you will empty that tub real quickly. So, from a macro nutrient perspective, this isn't all that effective in providing you with a solid amount of protein. Too bad really, had this spread contained 10-12 g per serving it would definitely have been one of the top spreads around. But if you triple the servings you will get a decent amount of protein


Value is overall good. I pay around $ 5 per tub and that is definitely not expensive for a protein spread. Granted, the skimpy protein contents shouldn't demand a higher price either. You can find this in your supermarkets and supplement stores. I searched on the American Weider site but couldn't find the product there. But Im sure it's around in the U.S as well. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any good sites where to buy it. I guess this is more locally available.

Side Effects



A really nice protein spread which is also very low on protein. But taste wise, it is absolutely amazing and addictive. Value is nice as well. I will continue to buy it, so I better up the servings then! Lacks a bit concerning its core purpose, but with that addictive taste it is still well worth buying. But I have to give it a meh rating since the very core usage is to provide protein, and it is a low protein contents.
  • White Chocolate: 10/10

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