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Mega Mass 2000 Reviews

By: Weider

Mega Mass 2000 is a Weight Gainer manufactured by Weider. It is a protein based supplement that has additional calories from carbohydrates and fats. It is meant to add additional calories for the body in order to assist with weight and muscle mass gain.

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  April 9, 2013

  • Amazing Strwaberry And Chocolate Tastes
  • Helps You If You Have Stuck In The Weight For A Long Time
  • Good Mixability
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Much Sugar Which Means More Body Fat
  • Gases

Since a long time i wanted to write a product's review but i couldn't remember a product that i hadn't reviewed. Suddenly i remembered that i have not write a review about my first supplement that i ever used! Weider's Mega Mass 2000 was my first protein supplement. In my whole life i couldn't gain weight.. maybe it was me that i wasn't pushing my self too hard.
After almsot a year of workouts i was unable to gain weight so i visited a local supplement store. The seller realised that i was a newbie and suggested to me weider's mega mass to help me gain weight. Immediately after the purchase i went to my home took a scoop of protein and hit the gym.

It was a fact that this was my first workout having taken a supplement and i saw immediately results. I experienced more energy, strength and focus! You may wonder with the focus but yes, i was so happy taking a supplement which was giving me energy and strength that it even influenced my focus! Also all the time i had intense veins in my arms and everyone was noticing this. But the best part of my life was when i finally saw my weight rising to the scale!!! It was true all my life i was 64kgs and after one week the scale was pointing to 65kgs! In 3 weeks of using this i gained 3kgs and ofcourse the most of them was body fat but i hadn't any problem with this then! I knew that the most carbo in every dose was sugar but that was ok for me then. I will rate the effectiveness as if i was reviewing this product before 3 years so i give it an 8/10!

Taste - Mixability: No problem with mixability and taste was insane. I had bought strawberry taste at first and then chocolate and they were just amazing. I wanted all the time to drink protein shakes. 10/10

Side Effects:
Hmm some gases.. i believe that you understand. 7/10

Value: I had purchase 2.3kgs for almost 50 euros i think. Maybe that price could be lower. 7/10

Overall it helped me a lot this supplement because it was my first gaining supplement but i know it wasn't the best quality. There are more remarkable mass gainers out there i think. If you are a newbie and you got stuck in the weight, or if you have serious problems in gaining weight then give it a shot if you find it at a good price.

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