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Syngex Reviews


  May 23, 2013

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Cheap And Lasts Long
  • Better Products Out There
  • Runs For The First Few Days
I've been hovering around the site for the past few weeks now reading up on the many products I may want to dabble in, but seeing that I have the chance to give you guys some feedback in turn here's what I got.

"New" Syngex what appealed to me most was the cost,
I was able to obtain a 5lb tub for about 44 bucks.
90 servings, 20 gram of protein per scoop 100 calorie per scoop.1.5g fat 2g carbs , 1g sugar

Label boast SRO technology, reverse osmosis filtration. Syngex is protein concentrate, much like Syntha-6 which I have tried and actually preferred over this.

Flavor: 6
My 5lb tub was vanilla, and I just gotta say, where's the taste? I've been using this mainly with my small meals (PB sandwich) to bring out some taste, but after 3 weeks, I don't really know which brings out more flavor, the PB sandwich or the hinting taste of vanilla Syngex offered.

Effectiveness: 7
Hard to tell with protein powder sometimes but in conjunction with my refined diet I've felt Fuller in muscle density, though I contribute this more to my diet than the powder, still as often as I've been using this i cannot leave it completely out.

Sides: 5
I may be a little modest with this rating but i will explain.
For the first week on this stuff half hour or so after ingesting I had the "runs". A rep told me the reason for this was due to the amino profile they packed in the protein, the truth of this i cannot confirmed, but it took a while for my body to adjust to this stuff.

Like previously stated I actually got a hold of this tub for around 44 bucks and at 90 servings I can't really complain. (.50 cents a serving)

To be fair I have heard that the chocolate flavor is better than this, and the "runs" it gave me was just 3 times a day, so i partly see it as just being regular with my bowel movement.

Much like other before me said, I think there's better stuff out there.

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