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Syngex Reviews


  September 8, 2013

  • Mixes
  • Good Value
  • Cheap And Lasts Long
    Just finished my five pound tub of VPX Syngex. I have had this for quite awhile, I started to think I would never finish it. I take two servings a day after I workout which is why it lasted so long the tub has 91 servings in it.

    91 servings
    20g protein
    100 calories
    1.5g fat
    2g carbs
    1g Sugar

    One serving of this may not have as much protein as others like to take in but having 91 servings still pretty great deal taking two servings at a time.

    Taste: 6.5/10 I had vanilla dream. When mixing with water the taste was kinda bland and boring, nothing too great. Mixed with skim milk made it much better. But either way the taste was pretty decent and definitely easy to drink.

    Mixibility: 9/10 A lot of protein shakes when using a shaker cup, blender bottle, or whatever it is you use clump up in the cup. I had absolutely no trouble with this protein powder clumping up at all. The powder itself is almost grainy instead of a powder and mixes really well.

    Value: 9/10 The value of this is great. A good low calorie, low fat, low carb protein with a lot of servings. I also got it for $35.00 which for so many servings is super cheap.

    Overall: 8/10 I really liked this protein. I would almost compare it to myofusion except I like myofusion (myofusion is one of my favorites) much better because its taste is far better. But, on a budget needing a good, lean, and cheap protein I would recommend you to try this one out.

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