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Redline Energy Drink RTD Questions


Rep: +372

Would redline help me through a long cardi session?

October 23, 2011

Would a redline help me out through a long cardio session?


Rep: +518
Posted October 23, 2011

if you drink half of one about 15 minutes before then yes. Make sure to keep your water intake high and don't drink a full one due to 400mg of caffeine per bottle. It's my fav energy drink though.
Rep: +3,129
Posted October 23, 2011

It says inside your profile that your real age is 15, if that's the case, I probably wouldn't take this with the amount of caffeine and yohimbe in it as a pre cardio supp. For a long cardio session I would take beta alanine, citrulline malate, a good carb supplement, or a non stim pre such as Purple Wraath.
Rep: +137
Posted October 23, 2011

hey man, whats up? try Purple Wraath, its caffeine free and its good for energy.
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