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Redline Xtreme RTD Reviews



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Redline Xtreme RTD is an Energy Drink manufactured by VPX. It is a stimulant based drink designed to give you a boost of energy and increase mental focus.
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  March 29, 2017

  • Thermo Effect
  • Replaceable Cap
  • Increased Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Pricy


Hey guys. I've been using Redline Xtreme for quite a while now to help out on my overnight shifts. I've been meaning to throw a quick review in for quite a while now. I promise it's just coincidence with all the First Blood review talk lately!! Tonight, while sipping on one, I decided it was time to make it happen. If you have read any of my other reviews, you probably know that I am a bit of a stim junky. I have no problem tolerating high amounts of caffeine. My work schedule can be tough. Two night shifts, a morning shift and then a morning shift and overnight shift on the same day, with an 8 hour break in between them. Needless to say, shift work is tough and I tend to be dragging by the time my overnight shift comes around. I usually stop at the gas station next door on my way in and pick up a Redline to help me get through it.

Ingredient Profile

The profile is made up of an electrolyte Matrix and a Prop Blend. The Electrolyte Matrix contains 2mg calcium, 2.5mg Magnesium and 26mg of potassium. The potassium is a rather low dose, but according to, it's common for supplements to not put more than around 80mg due to side effects. Most of your potassium intake should come from food. But this gives you a nice boost, coming in at 52mg if you drink the entire bottle.

The Proprietary Blend has a long list of ingredients which I have attached to the review. Usually my one pet peave with a prop blend is that they at least include the amount of caffeine. Lucky for us, VPX did just that, disclosing that each serving contains 158mg. There are two servings in each small bottle. For those of us that are stim junkies, I really like this amount in comparison to typical energy drinks like Monster, that usually come in much less. The prop blend is shown to be 657mg per serving, which leaves us 499mg for the other ingredients. And there are a lot of them, but who knows how much of each. Beta-alanine, BCAA (Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine), NALT, Toothed Clubmoss (also known as Huperzine, helps with memory and cognition), yohimbe, N-methyl Tyramine (may help blood pressure?), Yerba Mate, Evodia (fat burner with not much evidence), vinpocetine (improved reaction time, though little evidence) and 5-HTP.

Seems like an OK profile, though I'm sure much of it is underdosed. We may never know!


It comes in a small bottle with a replaceable cap, which is nice if you don't want it all at once. An advantage when compared to the cans. I buy the Watermelon flavor almost every time. In all honesty, it doesn't taste very much like watermelon to me, but I don't mind the taste either. It seems more like a fruit punch with some watermelon in it. Tastes the best when it is nice and cold. Not much of an aftertaste. All around enjoyable. No mixability as it comes RTD. There is a nice warning on the bottle to start at 1 serving, which is half the bottle. They also include a visual marker on the bottle that tells you where one serving is. Do not consume more than 1 whole bottle in a day.

I dosed this around midnight on my overnight shifts. I could see this being a decent PWO drink if you needed something in a jam.


Redline gets the job done for me and helps me stay awake when I use it. Like I have said, I use it exclusively on my overnight shifts. Within 20 minutes of drinking it, I can feel an increase in my sense of well-being, and I once again become motivated to get stuff done. Being that I am a veteran of strong supplements, I usually go after the whole bottle all at once. It has a very mild thermogenic effect. Mostly it just gives me some clean energy and improved focus.

VPX of course puts a bunch of catchphrases on the bottle.
-University Studied
-7.5% Improvement in Reaction Time!
-A potent 13% increase in energy!
-An amazing 15% increase in mental focus.

How they get these percentages, who knows, but the second two seem legit to me. I don't know how to put what I feel into a percentage, but those seem right. As for reaction time, I'll try and google a reaction time test I can run on myself and I'll follow up with you all about that. I probably won't actually do that, but maybe.

I also don't seem to experience much of a crash with Redline either. I usually get to bed around 6am after drinking it around midnight or so and I am able to get to sleep just fine.


Redline takes a little bit of a hit here, coming in at $3.49/bottle. It can be found a bit cheaper if you buy it in a 4-pack or more. It actually reduces the price quite a bit. I always buy mine in singles because I only use it once a week at the most. They carry them at my gym and if I had forgotten my PWO for some reason, I'd be willing to pay for one of these.

Side Effects

Small thermo effect, but nothing bad.


Well I really wanted to get this review up in case there is anyone out there like me with weird work schedules who might be in need of a product like this. I always disliked Monster and Redbull and all those drinks, and I have found that Redline actually does a pretty good job at giving me some good energy and keeping me awake. The large amount of caffeine makes it versatile as well, as you can just put the cap back on and finish the rest of the drink when ever you want to. Go to your local gas station and pick one of these up if you are in need of some quick energy and don't feel like taking one of your fat burners or PWOs!
  • Watermelon: 7/10


  • abailey108
    Rep: +1,585
    March 29, 2017

    The $9.99 price showing on the left for a 24pk from is incorrect. That is the price for a 4pk.

  • Meuth
    Rep: +6,510
    March 29, 2017

    I agree that having a cap to put back on is a bonus compared to cans. It seems so trivial but once you get used to it, it's nice. Of course me, I'm a junkie so I don't need the cap but I do like the option.

  • Wis3guy
    Rep: +3,099
    March 29, 2017

    Nice breakdown. I have used this as a sipping drink while driving as well. That's the nice thing about being able to re-seal the bottle. Have you noticed any tolerance if you use it more often?

  • kalans
    Rep: +5,441
    March 29, 2017

    Yeah me and buddy grab these before road trips, and wow the tastes on some of them is excellent! Yeah this stuff is crazy underdosed, but for an energy drink it is fair. I prefer bangs, but really spikes are the strongest if we aren't talking Preworkout rtds like Outlift etc. Great review brother!

  • abailey108
    Rep: +1,585
    March 29, 2017

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

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