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Vasogen® Powder has been reported as discontinued.

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Vasogen® Powder Reviews

By: VMI Sports®

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to VMI Sports® for sending it out!
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  September 20, 2017

  • Interesting Flavor
  • Works With VMI K-XR
  • Innovative Formula
  • Nice Name
  • Low Benefits
  • Low Vascularity
  • Low Pump
  • Prop Blend
  • Under Dosed Ingredients
  • Expensive At Two Scoop Dosages
  • Too Expensive


What's up SupplementReviews. It's time to review Vasogen powder version from the brand VMI Sports Nutrition. Thanks to them for participating in the SR TROOP program and to SupplementReviews for making this connection possible. Thank you for the samples added. My weight right now is 200 pounds, I'm bulking right now and my body fat is moderately high. But I still get to have Pumps and Vascularity, I don't expect great results on those two areas (especially Vascularity) because of what I mentioned but I expect some good results. My lifts are usually aimed for increased strength (which is why I'm bulking) but I also train for the other areas (endurance, high reps, supersets, etc). Training 5 days a week for +2 hours allows me to try several methods separately or together.

I didn't use VMI Vasogen powder everyday, which is why I took a bit longer to finish this. It's very strange that a product here at Supplement Reviews reaches a 9 and even less a 10. And when it does, we are all eager to try it. Vasogen powder received a 10 of effectiveness and 9.5 overall by a respectable user here so I guess we all wanted to see what the hype was all about. Btw, VMI Vasogen will not only be judged by the Pump and Vascularity. Like I said in my Insane Veinz review, "judging the Pump and Vascularity would be an INCOMPLETE way of judging products like this. It's all about getting most of the benefits Nitric Oxide can give us and they are way more than just getting Pump and Vascularity". Knowing this, let's see how it worked...


Lot of users before me have already explained the ingredients one by one so I won't do it again. I like that VMI went to a different path to try and deliver results. They didn't go with the typical Citrulline, Hydromax, Arginine, Nitrates, etc formula. They used several herbs, Agmapure, Theobromine and Taurine. They did something similar with their preworkout (VMI K-XR) where they used Beta-Alanine, Theobromine and Taurine as their ingredients for Pump. It was dissapointing (like expected). But here they used better ingredients IMO because of the Agmatine. This is probably the main ingredient in this formula so it was important for me to know how much Agmatine I'm taking, unfortunately they decided to hide it in a Proprietary Blend (unlike Insane Veinz).

Overall, even with the Proprietary Blend, I was expecting good results, I trusted this formula before requesting the product. Let's see if it worked...


Stop being so anxious, you will have to wait a bit for the Effectiveness section. I requested the "Pineapple Passion Fruit" flavor but I received the Hawaiian Pump flavor. No problem with that. The taste of the powder without water was amazing. I thought with water it would become perfect but I was dissapointed. The taste with water went from "amazing" to "okay". Sometimes I wanted to take it without water lol, I think next time I will, maybe it will increase the effectiveness that way hahaha!

Mixability was okay, considering the herbs used, you will feel some of the powder.

DOSING: I took 1 scoop and combined it with my preworkout (UXO Preworkout V2). I tried it several ways. Sometimes I would take my preworkout first and then 10 minutes before starting I would take Vasogen. And sometimes I would just mix both powders together. Both ways provided the same results. Reading other reviews, I see almost all the users had to use 2 scoops to see the results they wanted. I never took 2 scoops because I was combining it with my preworkout so I didn't see any need to use 2 scoops. I was already taking 6g Citrulline Malate, 3g Arginine HCL, 2g Betaine + 1 scoop of Vasogen.

Damn, I told myself before starting the review that I was going to try to make this short but I'm failing lol.


Keep it short, keep it short! Effectiveness was "Meh". I was very dissapointed with the results. Pump and Vascularity were moderate/low. I thought Vasogen was going to make UXO Preworkout V2 become a beast on the Pump/Vascularity area but nope, it failed, not completely but still failed. I don't know if it's because my preworkout had Citrulline and Arginine and the Agmatine might be incompatible with them. After the first days of failure, I thought it would then improve the other areas to judge: Improved endurance, reduced fatigue, faster recovery between sets, etc. But it also failed because I didn't feel any additional benefit, the benefits were coming from my preworkout, NOT the Vasogen.

I decided to give it a 5.5 because I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and consider that one of the reasons it failed was because of the combination between Citrulline, Arginine and Agmatine. I've tried Citrulline + Agmatine before and it has worked but not Citrulline, Arginine and Agmatine. I gave a serving to 2 friends to see if it worked on them and the results were not positive. No increased Pump/Vascularity, maybe slightly but that might have been placebo.

The interesting part is that VMI sent me a few samples of VMI K-XR (like 3 or 4 samples). I already tried that preworkout so I stayed with 1 sample (the flavor I didn't try before) and gave the other samples to my friends. Btw, the best flavor of K-XR is definitely Blueberry Raz. When we combined VMI K-XR with VMI Vasogen, the results were improved. Nothing extraordinary but we could see some moderate and solid Pump/Vascularity, something like a 7 of effectiveness. But we could only try it once because we had only 1 sample each so take that into account. Another user here reported benefits of taking K-XR and Vasogen together so apparently they work well together. This is also another reason I increased Effectiveness to 5.5.


Amazon has this for $29.99, Suppz for $32.95, M&S for $38.99, AllStarHealth from $32 and up (There's only 1 that expires in November for $12.40), TigerFitness for $41, A1Supplements for $37.95, DPSNutrition for $36.99, their own website for $39.99. Based on the ingredients and effectiveness, it's too expensive. Based on effectiveness, I would only pay $20 for this. And if I want to think about its fair value, then $25. I wouldn't pay more than that for this. If they increase the Agmatine and get this to work with 1 scoop, then $29.99 would be fair.




Interesting formula but with low results. I decided to give it a 6 overall because I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, maybe the combination between Agmatine and Citrulline + Arginine was bad. I usually respond well to Agmatine but this was the exception. Low pump, low vascularity, low endurance, low everything. But considering how interesting the formula is, I want to give this another chance. If I can get it for $20, I'll give it another chance because I still can't believe it didn't work like I expected. If you can get it for $20-25, then try it, that's my suggestion.

Btw, the samples I tried of VMI Aminogex Ultra were great, the tropical Mango and Sweet Iced Tea. Nice formula and tasty flavor!


1. Increase the Agmatine amount and when you do, I would like to know how much Agmatine you're putting. I respect proprietary blends, the thing is I would like to know how much you're putting of the MAIN ingredient. You will have to do something about it because most reviews here say that with 1 scoop, it was "meh", they had to increase it to 2 scoops to feel something and that's already 15 servings. Nobody is going to pay that price for 15 servings of an "ok" product.
2. I don't know why the product is so expensive. With the price VMI Vasogen has, I can buy an elite preworkout that gives me elite energy, pump, vascularity, endurance, fatigue delay, etc, all in 1 product. So you will have to do something about it, maybe not use patented Agmatine and use a regular one so you can increase the dose without affecting the cost for you. Maybe reduce the Taurine to 1.5g and that way you will be able to increase the Agmatine without affecting the cost for you. There must be an alternative.
  • Hawaiian Pump : 7/10


  • Brotein
    Rep: +1,467
    September 20, 2017

    So did you ever try this on its own rather than combined with a pre workout? And if not, do you think that's really giving this product a fair chance to make a difference over baseline?

  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,532
    September 27, 2017

    Oops, sorry I forgot to answer you. I only tried it once alone... That's one of the reasons I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I'm going to give it another chance sometime. I also didn't take it everyday which is another reason I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. I was still dissapointed though, I think the formula is alright but it needs more dose of Agmatine.

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